Network Error “ Windows Cannot Access Error Fix


Network error

Windows cannot access \\ Computer Name

You do not have permission to access \\ Computer Name contact your network administrator to request access.

If you having this problem with your Local Area Network (LAN)? Does your computer won’t able to open the shared folder, files and drive on the network place? Does it ask for permission?

If, yes!!!

Then, now it’s time to doesn’t worry about it because in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how you can give your computer a permission to read and write the files and folder on the shared drive on your computer’s network place.

Actually, Network Access Denied due to permission problem only occurs when you do the LAN sharing without completes the sharing permission setting.

If you recently have done your LAN networking by yourself or trying to start file sharing or changing the LAN Wire, Modem or some other changes in your LAN setting, then I’ll suggest you to see our “How to setup two computers via LAN in windows ?” Tutorial first to know did you do this networking thing is in a right way or is your network setting is incorrect.

So Let’s See

Now, I’m gonna show you how to give permission to everyone to read and write the particular drive or folder.  If you want to give permission to your entire shared folder and drives then you’ll just need to repeat these steps what I’m shows you and edit the same configuration to another drive’s sharing setting.

Step 1 – Give permission to everyone

  • Right Click on the drive what you wanted to share.
  • Open the “sharing” tab and click on advanced sharing.
  • Mark the tick on the “Share this folder”.
  • Now click on the “Permission”.

  • Now give everyone the full permission.

Step 2 – Add the “Everyone” username in the security to access that shared drive.

  • Go to the security tab and click on edit.
  • Click on “add”.
  • Now click on advanced to find the “everyone”.

  • Click on “find now” to find all the users.
  • Now find the “Everyone” user, select it and click ok.

  • Now you’ve seen the username “Everyone” is shown in the user and group setting. Just click “ok” to add this user.

Step 3 – Allow full permission to “Everyone” user to access the drive sharing completely.

  • Click on “everyone”.
  • Now tick on the full control and then click on “Apply”.

After that you will see the windows security pop-up windows opens up and applying the setting to all your files and folder, just watch it and don’t click on cancel and let it completes.

Now you can able to read and write the files on that drive after this configuration and you can see the difference below:

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  1. Yes, thank you. But I still have the issue of computers asking me for an id and password when I click on a shared folder. What gives? It works and then it doesn’t. I hate windows networking. Is there an app that can do this better?

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