Fixing Hard Disk Corrupted Boot Volume

It’s possible your boot volume got corrupted by some recently installed Software, Viruses or Windows/Software updates and it’s better to get it repair as soon as possible.

So, now there are one thing you can do to repaired your boot volume and that thing is to repair your hard disk by using cmd commands. So, we are using some cmd command to repair our hard disk boot volume and now you’ll just need to open cmd command prompt to type the command into it.

Actually there are so many different ways to run cmd on your computer’s screen but I only want you to use “Cmd Run By Windows Disc” or “Cmd Run By Hiren’s BootCD”   because all other ways not gonna work for you this time.

To know how to run cmd by windows disc or Hiren’s BootCD you can click on the link below to see the short tutorial about that.

>>4 Different Ways to Run Cmd on Your Computer?<<

After when you’ve opened the cmd successfully on your computer’s screen, then it’s time to repair your hard disk by typing some simple commands in it. just follow these command given below and it will help you out to fix your boot volume.

Command 1# – Diskpart

Command 2# – List volume

Command 3# – Exit

These above-listed commands will help you out to find your windows drive letter, like what is our windows drive letter what we are going to repair.

We do this only on windows installation disc or Hiren’s boot cd because your windows drive letter isn’t “c:” anymore, but sometimes it does so, that’s why need to clarify our windows drive letter first to begin this repair thing. In my case, my windows drive letter is “D” as you can see in the given image above this paragraph.

Now you know what is your drive letter is so you’ll just need to enter your drive letter in the command prompt and repeat the following command given below.

Command 4# – D:  (Your Windows Drive Letter)  

Command 5# – Bootrec /fixmbr

Command 6# – Bootrec /fixboot

Command 7# – Bootrec /rebuildbcd  {Skip this command only for the first time and use it if the above ones won’t works after testing but definitely use the chkdsk command with your first and last try as you can see listed below.}

Command 8# – Chkdsk  /f    (Try chkdsk /f /r If “Chkdsk /f” command Won’t Works)

Command 8# –  Y

After “chkdsk” command completes, just restart your computer and I hope your problem is solved.

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  1. When I try use ( D: ) it say: Data error
    and D: is written on Raw not Ntfs, how can I change it???
    tried with CHKDSK D: /F but didnt work (Failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with ststus 50)

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