Fixing No Audio Output Device Is Installed Problem In Windows

When your windows shows you “No Audio Output Device Is Installed” every time when you scroll your mouse’s pointer to the sound icon, that means your windows might having a problem to identify your computer’s hardware audio drivers or maybe your sound drivers got corrupted.

Normally when you click on your windows sound controller it will open up a ‘Play Back Troubleshooting Program’ to troubleshoot the problem but it won’t able to solve it and just only shows you ‘troubleshooting couldn’t identify the problem’ error or maybe shows you some drivers related problem.

There are only three possible things could be happened with you which is causing this problem on your computer and those are –

  1. Drivers got corrupted (95% possibility).
  2. Windows got corrupted (4% possibility).
  3. Your computer or laptop’s sound jack or motherboard got faulty (1% possibility).

To test which one the above is causing your sound problem you’ll need to troubleshoot this problem by taking this step by step troubleshoot guide given below:

Sound Drivers Test

Most of this problem coming from a corrupted or broken sound drivers of your windows and if you do this drivers problem then repairing it is also such an easy task to do.

First, you’ll need to open the device manager and do an analysis in the “Sound, Video And Game Controller” tab to know does your audio drivers having a yellow sign or disabled signs on it or maybe it doesn’t list on the driver’s list or does it listed as an unidentified driver. One of this problem can be possible with you as you can see on the given image below.

>>>How to open device manager ?<<<<<


If Drivers Disabled (Move To Next If Not) If You Find You Audio Drivers is disabled then you can quickly enable it by right clicking on the sound driver and after that click on enable to make your drivers back in working position.

If Drivers Having Yellow Sign (Move To Next If Not) – If you find your audio drivers having a yellow sign on it, that means your drivers got corrupted and needs to get reinstall.

To reinstall your drivers, first you’ll have to uninstall the previously installed drivers by right clicking on the sound driver and after that click on uninstall to remove your audio hardware drivers and after that install the new once.

How To Find And Download Our Computer, Laptop, Printer & Pc Hardware Drivers?

Must read solution for unidentified drivers, normal drivers or for those who can’t find enabling drivers useful –

If you unable to find your audio drivers in the sound controller tab or maybe you find your drivers is in perfect condition or maybe you’ve recently enabled that driver and you can’t find it useful, then it’s possible your drivers got broken or maybe uninstalled by some viruses or malware software.

To fix this problem you’ll just need to install the latest drivers for your audio hardware device and the link given below will helps you to find and download the latest drivers for your computer.

How To Find And Download Our Computer, Laptop, Printer & Pc Hardware Drivers?

Windows Got Corrupted          

If you can’t find anything useful from the above given solutions, then it’s possible your windows got corrupted and needs to get a repair or maybe a simple restore.

So, here are some possible solutions given below which you can try one by one until you’ve fixed your problem –

  1. Restore windows to the earlier restored point
  2. Repair windows by windows disk
  3. Reinstall your windows

Hardware Got Faulty

If you still having a problem even after trying windows reinstallation then its 100% a hardware fault and its only fix by a computer’s hardware professional and I don’t suggest you to fix it by your own.

Possible suggestion to fix your No Audio Output Device Is Installed problem –

  1. Hire a computer hardware engineer to fix your problem.
  2. Or you can Use a Usb sound card.

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  1. Dear Madhur Taneja,
    My audio was working great. Then I decided to install a new video card. Now I don’t have audio and I get the message when I click on the speaker icon “No Audio Output Device Is Installed” When I go to device manager and click properties for the sound it says it’s working properly. Somehow the new card is interfering with the original audio driver. Please help

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