How To Make Bootable USB – Explained

Boot mean startup and booting mean to start a bootable device which has bootable files installed on it. So, that certifies we’re making our Pendrive bootable to boot that particular drive on our computer system’s startup.

Something about bootable USB:

Bootable USB is a self-made bootable USB storage Pendrive which we can use for booting purpose on our computer system’s startup. In a simple language, it means using a Pendrive in a place of bootable Cd/Dvd discs of operating systems or maybe some other utility software tools disc. If you don’t know about it, using a bootable Pendrive in a place of Cd/Dvd disc is a quickest way to install operating systems on your computer and it doesn’t matter whatever operating system installer setup you wanted to boot from it and beside that you can boot anything bootable from your USB stick if it’s created properly.

So let’s see what type of bootable USB did you wanted for yourself:

As far as I know, nowadays we’re make four types of bootable Pendrive according to our common use and those are –

  1. Bootable USB to install an Operating System.
  2. Bootable USB to boot useful utility software on system’s startup.
  3. Live USB to boot live operating system.
  4. Multibootable USB to run “OS Setup + Utility Software + Live USB” everything from a single Pendrive.

At below in this article you’ve gonna find a word called “iso” or “iso file” at some places in this post or maybe on other and if you don’t know about it, iso is a disk image file of your bootable software or windows disc. To know more about what is an iso file is then Click on the link given below.

What is an “.ISO” file?

Now I’m gonna talk about every bootable USB type one by one and describe how to create them, whatever bootable USB type you’ve chosen for you to make.

1#What is an “OS Installer USB disk” and how to make them?

OS installer USB disk is a type of bootable Pendrive which we can use to install an operation system in our computer from a pen drive, it’s like installing Microsoft Windows on your computer by USB. You can make any Pendrive bootable with any operating system setup stored in it as long as you having the right software for creating that operating system “.iso” image file bootable on your Pendrive. You’ll definitely need some software to make a bootable USB Pendrive of windows or Linux or maybe you can use the cmd command prompt to make USB bootable but that’s limited to some versions of windows only.

Let’s make a bootable Pendrive of an operating system –

  1. Creating a windows bootable Usb Pendrive =) to make a Pendrive of windows 7 or maybe some other version of windows then you’ll need to use some 3rd party software or either you can use the command prompt to make that windows setup bootable on your drive. So, now you have two options to choose for your windows Pendrive creation and you can use 3rd party software like Rufus or WinToFlash or either type some command in cmd, it’s all depending on you and I’ve mentioned some tutorial about those softwares and cmd boot conversion process listed below.

Quick tips

  • Use Rufus only when you’ve having an iso file of your windows version.
  • Use WinToFlash if you want to make bootable USB by a windows Cd/Dvd disc.
  • Cmd only makes your windows vista/7/8/8.1 & 10 bootable in your drive and you can’t use all previous windows versions like windows xp or 95 in this cmd boot conversion process.

How to use “Rufus” to make USB Pendrive bootable?

How to use “WinToFlash” to make USB drive bootable?

Create A Bootable Usb Pendrive By Using Cmd Command Prompt

  1. Creating a Linux or other OS bootable USB Pendrive =) just like the above you’ll need a software to make a bootable drive of Linux or maybe some other operating system and this time cmd won’t works for you so, you can search the web for software which can make your drive usable for ‘Linux/Other OS’ installation. I’ll suggest some software tutorial below which will help’s you out to make a Linux or Other OS installation setup USB drive.

Quick tips

  • You can use Yumi or WinToFlash both for Linux or Other OS USB boot conversion.
  • I prefer Yumi first for Linux because it will provide you more options than WinToFlash but for Other OS then I’ll suggest WinToFlash in my opinion.

How To use “Yumi” to make a Multi bootable Windows or Software Usb Pen drive?

How to use “WinToFlash” to make USB drive bootable?

2#What is a “Useful Utility Software USB Disk” and how to make them?

Useful Utility Software USB Disk is a type of bootable drive which we can use to boot some useful utility software on our computer besides opening an operating system. I mean using a software for backup or restore support, breaking bios or OS password, ram test utility, antivirus, Rescue cd & etc.

It’s all about using a bootable software on our computer’s startup according to our use to do some work, testing or repair. If you want to make your Usb Pendrive bootable for these types of software then here are some bootable maker software tutorial listed below which helps to make your disk bootable.

How To use “Yumi” to make a Multi bootable Windows or Software Usb Pen drive?

How to use “WinToFlash” to make USB drive bootable?

3#What’s a “Live OS USB Disk” and how to make them?

Live OS USB Disk is bootable operating system stored in an Usb Pendrive. I mean running a live operating system from a Pendrive without using any installed OS on our computer, so you can run windows or Linux from your USB drive even your computer don’t have any hard disk attached to it.

Here is the list of live Operating system what you can able to make them bootable on your disk by using some boot conversion software, or you can use yumi or WinToFlash which I’m listed all the tutorials for those software’s above in this post.

>>Click Here To See List Of Live Operating System<<<<<

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