.ISO File – Explained


An ISO file, “.iso” or I say an ISO Image, whatever I call all are same and it’s a file extension which is commonly & mostly use to make a disc image of an optical disc like Cd, DVD or a blue-ray disc.

The main reason for creating an ISO Image is to make a soft-copy from a hard-copy or in other words it’s like, making an ISO file is just like taking a backup of your optical disc drive for making an exact duplicate disc image to use in future when it’s needed.

Benefits of an ISO image file are –

  • File made as a single ISO Image.
  • Not able to edit.
  • Supported by almost every CD Burner Software.
  • Supported by almost every Bootable USB Making Software.

Making an ISO file requires software which converts your CD/DVD into an ISO Image by copying every written data sector from the disc.

Some of the available software’s are payable and some are free so, it’s all upon you to decide which one is suitable for you to use.

ISO is commonly used for making image file of a bootable disc like “Bootable Windows OS Disc” or may be a “Bootable Backup & Restore Software” because when an ISO image is generating from the bootable disc, it starts to contain all the data sector by sector from the disc to computer and after that we use that ISO for making an exact copy of that disc or either we can make a bootable USB in future.

If you have an ISO file and you recently wanted to use it then you’ll have two options to choose to do something with your ISO image and those are –

  1. Creating a bootable disc or you can also create a bootable USB if your ISO file is a disc image of a bootable disc and that disc or USB will help you to use that bootable software after your computer’s bios startup.
  2. If you don’t wanna to create a disc or USB or maybe if you having a non-bootable ISO file, then you can also extract that single ISO file to use it as normally. You can use any available software for extracting like “WinRAR” or “UniExtract” etc.

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