Automatic Repair – Feature in Windows

Startup Repair or Automatic Repair both are the same Windows Recovery Utility tool but named differently according to the Windows Version. So, in Windows Vista and Windows 7 it’s called Startup Repair and in Windows 8 it called Automatic Repair and in Windows 10 it’s again called Startup Repair.

This tutorial is for Windows 10 and Windows 8, if you wanted to see the process for windows 7 or vista then >>Click Here<<

So, now the question what we are normally wondering about is:

What Is This “Startup Repair” Or “Automatic Repair”, By The Way?

As I say both features are same and it’s a very useful and effective Windows Repairing tool and the main work what’s this feature do is to repair your windows when something prevents your Windows from starting or your Operating system having some problem to boot itself.

What Is This “Startup Repair” Or “Automatic Repair” Actually Do In Our Windows?

Startup or Automatic Repair is one and only recovery tools what you’ve windows having to repair windows starting problem quickly because this effective tool is intended to repair only certain glitches like, missing or damaged system files who mainly used to load your windows operating system.

What Is This “Startup Repair” Or “Automatic Repair” Can’t Able To Fix?

The bad thing about this feature is, it can’t show you what’s creating the problem to start your windows. It won’t help you recover your private files and documents. It also can’t detect or fix hardware failures nor does it help against virus attacks and their damages.

So, it’s only gonna fix some certain things or otherwise it will show you, startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically or automatic repair couldn’t repair your PC.

#How To Use “Startup Repair” And “Automatic Repair”?

When you Turned ON your Computer and it shows your BIOS logo screen, quickly press the “Shift” key and repeatedly press the F8 Key again and again.

Sometimes it won’t works for the first time, but keeps trying and when you successfully open it, it will show you the Recovery Mode and you can see the further step listed below after some windows disc booting thing.

If you can’t able to open it by Shift and F8 key then the only option what you have is to open it by Windows Disc or Windows USB Pendrive.

To Open Startup Repair Or Automatic Repair By Windows Disc:

Only and only use your bootable disc or bootable pen drive according to your computer’s current installed operating system like, use Windows 8 setup disc if you having Windows 8 installed in your PC and use Windows 10 setup disk if you’re using Windows 10 in your computer.

  1. First, you’ll need to boot your Windows disk or USB by the boot menu or boot sequence priority. If you don’t know how to do this then these given link below will help you to boot your disk or flash drive.

How to Quick Boot A USB or CD/DVD Directly From the Boot Menu ?

How To Change the Boot Order (Boot Sequence) in BIOS ?

  1. Second after booting click on “press any key to boot from CD or DVD” to boot windows setup disk or USB.
  2. Right after when the booting was done you’ll able the see the setup’s first menu option and in that options you’ll need to Click on Next after that click on “repair your computer” to starts your startup repair function.

After that, it will show you three options and you’ll need to select the second one called “Troubleshoot” and then right under the troubleshoot menu select the third option called “Advanced options”.

Now select start-up repair on Windows 10 or Automatic Repair on Windows 8 to repair your computer.


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