Make And Optimize Windows To Perform Better And Faster

This Tutorial is for Windows 7, XP, 8, 8.1, Vista

“Slow” we all hate this word. No matter how fast and new our computer was, one day it will get slower due to time or usage. I know you are thinking about “why my PC getting slow” the answer is, internet junk what you’ve surfing over a long time, junk software’s what you’ve installed previously and that virus what you got from your friends Pendrive.

That is all like giving a free load to your windows computer. So, in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how you can easily free up the waste workload off to your computer and make it fast as it new.

Whatever the problem is there is always a solution to solve it and in the computers, there are lots of ways to solve the problem.

Here are some tips and tricks below to speed up and optimize your computer like it was before.

I divide this solution into two parts first Basic and the second is the advance.

  • Basic 1-5= Basic is what you must try first.
  • Advance 6-8= If the basic solution doesn’t work for you then follow our advanced options to make your computer fast.

1. Remove Temporary Junk

The first thing is to do is deleting temporary junk. This junk was created by viruses, internet cookies, program installer etc. by deleting these files you can easily give a head start to speed up your computer.

So, now I make thing easier for you, you’ll just need to download the zip file below and double click on it and that will delete all your temporary junk off to your computer.

Click to download >>>>>> Temp files and Junk deleter

Step 1 – Download the “Deleter” from above blue link.

Step 2 – Open the zip folder and double click on the file name “Temp Files and Junk Delete”.

Step 3 – Type “Y” and hit enter if you want to empty your recycle bin too.

2. Remove Programs You Never Use

Junk program can be the reason for your slow computer, by saying “junk” I mean those programs and software you never used before.

Sometimes some programs and adware software can installed automatically and starts decreasing our computers speed. By deleting these files you can easily speed up your computer.

Step 1 – Open the Windows Run Command. You can also open it by pressing (windows key+ R).

Step 2 – Type “appwiz.cpl” and hit enter.

Step 3 – Remove the programs.

Now the window called programs and features is open, in this window you’ll need to select the programs what you’ve never used, so uninstall it.

If you having a problem with uninstalling a program here is a link to show you How To Remove A Program & Software Which Won’t Able To Uninstall ?”

3. Limits Startup Programs

Startup programs are those programs which start automatically when your windows start. You can customize your startup programs and make your windows boots up quickly.

Step 1 – Open run command.

Step 2 – Type “msconfig” and hit enter.

Step 3 – Go to the startup tab and Un-tick those programs what you’ve never want to start with your windows startup.

Don’t unmark the system’s drivers:

4. Windows drive cleanup

It’s easy to perform a disk clean up, by using this you can easily delete the junk files, previous windows file, internet temporary files and etc.

Step 1 – Go to the C:/ drive properties and click on disk cleanup. After that click on “clean up system files” if showing.

Step 2 – Select the files what you wanna to delete and click “ok” to delete it.

5. Viruses checkup

Viruses can be the main reason for a slow computer. Download the antivirus software (recently updated) and full scan your computer.

I’m using Avast Internet Security for myself and also suggest this to everybody who needs an antivirus for their computer as according to my experience.

If you don’t wanna spend your money for some extra features then the Avast Standard version will definitely gonna works perfectly for you.

>Avast Antivirus Up-To 50% Discount Link >>CLICK HERE<<<

Step 1– Download the antivirus and install it.

Step 2 – Now update the antivirus software.

Step 3 – Full scan your computer.

6. Defragment your hard disk

Disk Defragment rearranges fragmented data so your disks and drives can work more efficiently. You can use the windows disk defragment tool or you use the 3rd party defragment tool.

You can open windows Defragment tool by using run command. Here’s a command below to open disk defragment:

Windows XP Run Command — dfrg.msc

Windows 7, 8 Run Command – dfrgui

I recommend you to use the 3rd party software named “Defraggler” because it’s fast and work better.

Here’s a download link bellow to download that software.

Link 1 –

Link 2 –

7. Turn off visual effects

You can customize and disable your windows visual effects to make your windows response faster.

Step 1 – Open your computer’s properties. (Shortcut key WINDOWS KEY+PAUSE/BREAK )

Step 2 – Click  “Advanced System Settings” on the left side and after that click on “setting” under the performance tab.

Now you can customize your windows visual effects and make your computer faster:

8. Reinstall your OS

Sometimes our operating system got corrupted and the best way to repairing it is to reinstall it. Here’s some link is given below which helps you for this reinstallation process.

9. Adding more memory (RAM)

RAM is random access memory. It’s a fast version of a typical hard drive, and it’s used to store temporary information and data currently in use by your system (mainly operating system).

The more RAM you have the better performance your machine gives you. You can think of RAM as tellers in a bank processing customers’ needs in real time. The more tellers you have (RAM), the faster the processing.

Adding a memory is a good up gradation to speed up your computer. Here’s some links are given below which can help’s you regarding your ram upgradation –

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