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Founded in July 2014;

Hello, folks my name is Madhur Tj and I’m the creator of this website named deskdecode and if you don’t know about me, I’m 21 years old and living in Delhi (NCR), India since my birth. I’m working as a Serviceman in my computer repair shop for about 2 years from now and you know what, I love my work and that’s why I made this website to share my knowing worldwide.

And that makes me happy: 🙂

Actually, I’m not a professional circuit designer or a computer programmer but maybe I can guide to fix your computer’s problem and you can really count on me for that and you wanna to ask anything about your Computer problem then I’m always here on my Desk’s Technical Support Page.

I’ve written so many articles about knowledgeable things of your computer or some for about how to fix this or that and lots more and the best part is, I loved to write about these things and it’s felt so good when someone says thanks to me and that gives me the energy to write something knowledgeable and helpful for my fans.

You do know something stupid about me: 😛

I know for sure if you’re my article reader that means you definably know about my problem. Yes, I do have a little bit of problem in my English so, sorry for that but I’m still working on it to makes my writing and translation skills better. If you find some mistakes in my article, it will gonna very helpful if you let me know about it.

Thank You !!