Privacy policy


This privacy policy has been created to serve better for those who are concerned with how their personal information is being used by our website. Private policy is very important, which helps to creates personal identifying information.

We do respect your right to your privacy, that’s why we don’t share any user’s personal information data except our website admin  but we’re not intended to collect any personal identifying information from any user under age of 10.

We tried to keep our private policy as simple as possible, and we also tried to make you familiar about typical terms like Cookies, IP address, Pixel tag.

At we are very serious about our privacy policies. Any information provided by you including name, email address, website etc. will never be provide to anyone outside

We collect information to provide better service to our users. We collect information in the following ways:-

  1. Information you give us.
  2. Information we get from your use of our services; which includes:
  • Device information
  • Log information
  • Location information
  • Unique application number
  • Local storage
  • Cookies and similar technology

This information we only required to collect when you surf or signed in to our website:

Personal information collection –

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We don’t ask your personal identifying information unless we truly need it. We only require information when you enter information on our site. We subscribe your email address only when you enter your email address in our Subscription page as based on your website experience. We also provide you a proper link about unsubscribing our email Subscription with every mail sent by us. We don’t share your personal information with anyone except deskdecode’s admin Madhur TJ.

Log Data –


Like most website operators, we are tracking your information to create a log file. This log file contains your IP address, type of browser, country, date/time, no. of pages open by you and submitted comment by you. We are collecting this information to get secure our website form hackers. If any user try’s to hack our site’s information, we create some restrictions for that IP address to protect our daily user’s information.

Cookies –

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A “cookie” is a small text file which is placed in your computer to allow us to recognize you the next time when you visit our site.

Yes, we use cookies to collect additional information data to improve our Services. Cookies help’s us to track you down when you visit again to our website and gives you a fastest performance to access our website.

Information gathered through use of cookies used to make offer to you a better access of our site. We also use cookies for purposes such as maintaining continuity during an online session; gathering data about the use of our site; monitoring online promotions; and anti-fraud and information security purposes.

A persistent cookie remains on your computer after you close your browser so that it can be used by your browser on subsequent visits to the Site. However, you may change your website browser settings to reject cookies.

A session cookie is temporary and disappears after you close your browser. You can reset your web browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, some features of our Site may not function properly if the ability to accept cookies is disabled.

 Pixel Tag –

A pixel tag, also known as a clear GIF or web beacon, is an invisible tag placed on certain pages of our website but not on your computer.

“Cookie” is the text file that stores information about the user’s session, weather “Pixel” refers to the code that you place on your website in order to trigger a cookie. Despite its name, the pixel itself is not visible to the user and can only be seen in the HTML Code of Our Website.

IP address –


“IP” refers to “Internet Protocol”. The format of an IP address is a 32-bit numeric address written as four numbers separated by periods. Each number can be zero to 255. An IP address will never change and it is a permanent Internet address. A dynamic IP address is a temporary address that is assigned each time a computer or device accesses the Internet.

You can also use Google search to find your IP address. Type “what is my IP address” as a search query and Google will show the IP address of the computer from which the query was received as the top search result.

 Comments –


Every comment is submitted to our Akismet anti-spam service. Your comment will not approve if you are commenting some spam link or creating backlinks of your website.

In present we are not accepting any comment from any user because of our admin’s permission.

Future Changes In Our Policy –

We reserve the right to modify our website’s privacy policy. We may change our private policy time to time or whenever change is required. The changes will be reflected in this page .

We respect your feedback; for any further questions or concern, you may feel free to contact us at