Tips To Pick the Best PSU For Your Computer

Are you thinking of buying a new Gaming Rig or a normal Desktop Computer? Then by now, I think you already made the list of best components for your built like, a good Processor, maybe a high-performance GPU, a Motherboard, Some RAMs, HDDs and SSDs, Mechanical Keyboard, etc. and these are also must for all the passionate computer builder or gamers.

And I know you have been gone through the list by hundred times now, and thinking that your list is perfect and your PC will be the best. But wait, you have forgotten the most important thing in your list! Any guess? Let me give you a hint: A component which will power up your PC. Yes, you are right; I am talking about the Power Supply Unit (PSU), which provide the power to your whole computer system.

The main purpose of PSU is to convert the current of your house which is AC (Alternating Current) into DC (Direct Current) because all of our PC components is only works on DC power supply, therefore it is to be done at first. As the heart pump the blood into the whole body in the same way, the PSU is used to provide the current for all your PC’s components.

Buying the right PSU will not only save your precious money but also saves all your components of getting fused. Since safety is better than precaution so I recommend investing some money on a good PSU too.

Unfortunately, this component is overlooked by many people but it actually equally important as compared to all other components. There is a variety of PSUs are available in the market and I know you also might feel little bit confuse right now while buying some best product for your PC. But don’t worry, because with the help of this article I’ll definitely going to help you out to find a perfect and suitable power supply for your computer. So, let’s together have a look at various important key factors which I’m all listed down in this guide.

Let’s Get Started

@All About Wattage Required

The power delivered by all the PSU is measured in Watts (W). The first step involves the calculation of total power consumption of all the components which is installed in your computer system. It seems to be hard but trusts me, it is very simple. All you need to do is to open the Power Calculator. It is available on the internet. Just fill all your components detail and It’s really that much easy.

Here The Links Of Some Power Calculator Which You Can Useful To Find The Recommended Wattage Power System For Your PC:

Make sure you enter all the installed hardware details in the boxes and click on the calculate button and by doing that, the approx. power required for your PC is displayed in front of you. After finding your current power supply requirements, now there are two importing things which I want you to let you know about, before deciding any PSU for your computer system.

Any wattage recommendation can be displayed on the PSU calculate, it’s all depending on how many and how power hardware you’ve attached in your Desktop PC. Suppose that the required power shows you around 390 watts for your PC.

So, here are the two main question what I think everybody wondering after finding their PC’s Wattage requirements and those are:

Question 1. – If Required Power Is 390W, Do I Need To Go For The 400W PSU? 

Answer: Over the passage of time, if your PSU isn’t powerful then it’s quite possible that some unexpected problems happens, like a sudden PC shut down might also occur due to some kind of problem of low power productivity of PSU. It’s all happen because of some long time of hardware use, because most of the electronic components may suffer and start to consume around 5% more power supply due to long use of electronic components.

It happens a lot with all the machines and you can’t stop components aging. So, according to this condition its might possible that the power consumption of your computer system will increase to more than 390W and after buying 400W PSU the only option that you are left with is just regret.

Question 2. – The Required Power Is 390 W; I’ll Have Safe Corner If I Buy 900 W PSU.

Answer: Using the high power PSU is actually safe, but buying a PSU with 2 or 3 times the power will not going to help you in a good way because firstly you would spend more money on them and secondly that PSU will not to be much efficient. You may be wondering why? But it is the truth because heavy PSU consume high power supply which can also make some effects in your home’s or office’s electricity bill too.

Here is the solution, that is: you should always need to buy the PSU’s wattage 15 to 25% more than the required power you calculated earlier. If the required power shows 350 W, then you should need to pick a PSU with almost 100 additional Watts in it. So grab a PSU with 450 W to ensure that your system will function perfect and efficient in the future.

@All About 80 PLUS

If you had a look on the box of every latest PSU, you may notice that there is the logo of 80 PLUS is there. An instant question strikes your mind that: What is 80 PLUS and how it is useful for me? Here the answer for you.

80 PLUS is an autonomous certification program promised to promote efficient energy use in PSU. It assures that the product’s efficiency is more than 80% when the load is at 20%, 50%, and 100%. The remaining 20% energy is wasted as heat.

Since that, later ones are more efficient, that means less electricity used and more money can be saved on the electric bills. So choose wisely before buying it.

@All About Different Types Of PSU

NON-Modular: In this, the cables come pre-attached to the PSU and cannot be removed from them. The advantage of using it is that you do not require more cables for it and also available at low price tag.

Semi Modular: In this, some of the cables are pre-attached and others can be removed if you wished. The cables are less jumbled into one another and it is more expensive than non-modular mainly used for SLI and Crossfire.

Fully Modular: In this, all the cables can be removed including power cable. You only attached any cables which you need.

#Some Tips:

  • If you are building a basic PC (Single GPU with a Dual Core Processor), then Non-modular PSU is okay for you as the provided cables and connectors are sufficient.
  • If you are building an advanced PC (Dual GPU with a Quad Core Processor), then the Semi Modular Version of PSU will beneficial for you because Semi Modular PSU has more connectors and cables that help you to run both the GPU and other extra hardware components simultaneously.
  • If you are building a hardcore PC (Multi-GPU with Hexa/Octa Core Processor and Multi HDDs or SSDs), then the fully modular PSU will suit your internal computer structure as you get the more options of connectors and cables. Since your setup is huge, then you don’t need to worry about the length of cables as your PSU can connect to various components easily using long cables. Since with these numbers of options provided, obviously, it is more expensive.

@All About Peak Power And Continuous Power Supply

Peak Power is maximum power that a PSU can provide to the system. On the other hand, Continuous Power is that power which the PSU consistently produce.

If the continuous power is mentioned on the box, that’s good. If the continuous power and peak power both are specified, it’s even better but if only peak power is mentioned then don’t even think about to buy it because the peak power may stay for a year, a month, some days or might second; who knows? So don’t fall into this trap.

#At Last, Special Mentions

Different regions provide different voltage to their people for example Indian electricity department provides 220 volts where the US electricity department provides 110 volts. So we need to check out the input voltage power compatibility on the box of PSU, that the voltage written is same as the voltage provided in our locality. If the rating does not match, then the PSU will not work. So very little awareness is all you need in that.

Make sure you buying some branded PSU for your computer because cheap PSU works improperly and any change in the current or voltage may lead to the murder of your computer’s component, which you will never want to happen in your life! In fact, the manufacturers are also not responsible for your damage too, as it is not cover in their warranty/guaranty policy! Moreover, a short circuit in your PC can cause a big fire and your house could be severely damaged by this! Yeah, that’s the saddest part.

So, as now you know, building a PC with perfect PSU is like a cherry on the cake. After reading the whole article I think now you know about every little detail which can help you to buy the perfect PSU for your PC. Now you can also recommend your friends and help them to buy the right PSU for their computers too and impress everyone with your smartness and intelligence.

That’s all for now;



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