A Guide To Help You Out To Pick A Right Charger For Your Laptop

I know a Mobile Phone can’t actually do some stuff like that what even a normal laptop can do and when the laptop’s charger got broke down, you just get stuck in the middle of your important work. Without a power adaptor, your laptop is just a dumb dead piece of plastic and I know it’s really hard to find the perfect power juicer for your device when there are a lot different kind of adapters available out there in the market.

Finding the right and compatible power adaptor is really hard because when you search the term “laptop charger” on the e-commerce website like amazon, I think you’ll get more than 1 million products search results in front of you, and that’s the time when the main question rises “Which one is for my laptop?”.

But now, you really don’t have to worry about it because I’ll definitely help you out in the easy way to get you a perfect charger for yourself and I think by reading this whole article, I bet, when it’s come to buying a new charger, you’ll even help out your best friend or enemies when he or she really needed one.

Basically, we need a new power adaptor when the old once got burned down or just got broke, but sometimes Windows Operating System user’s fall for the wrong error messages like “Plugged in not charging” and might start to thinking about to buy a new charger. But the thing is, if you are a Windows OS user and really getting the same “plugged in not charging” error, again and again, every time when you connected the power adapter, then actually it isn’t your adapter’s fault and in that case, you should need to check out my this article about >> How To Fix Laptop’s “Plugged In Not Charging” Problem?
Or otherwise just say continue, if you really need one;

So, Let How To Pick One

By the way, understanding the different laptop’s charger is actually easy because you just only have to understand two main things and which are, the type of Power Jack and the amount of output power supply what’s the power adaptor is producing.

Let’s start with the type of Power Jack first, power jack is the first main thing what you’ll need to see before buying any charger for your laptop because if you didn’t buy the compatible one then it won’t go to fits into that built in Power Connector of your laptop.

There are more than 50+ different types of Adapter’s Jack are available in the market and I just don’t even know why did manufacturers making so many different changes, but I highly suggest you to buy the exact same type of adapter’s jack, just like the old one what you are using before, or otherwise you will just going to waste your money.

After picking the right power jack, the second most main thing what you really should need to know about is the amount of output power supply what’s the charger is producing. Mainly the word called “Watt” what we use to measure the power supply output, but the thing is, you can’t able to find the watts supply specs listed on every power adaptor and I really don’t know why they won’t listed it but, its 100% possible that you can find the output power supply details in voltage with ampere on every adaptor in the world, and by multiplying the voltage with ampere, you can get the amount of watt, what that charger is producing.

Mostly all power charger comes with two different power supply output which is 65 Watt and 90 Watt, and if your charger’s output specification says 19 V with 4.74 A, then it means that charger is producing 19V x 4.74 A = 90 Watts of electricity. Here’s the example picture is given below which can show you where to find your charger’s specification details:

# Compatible Vs. Original Power Charger

Understanding the Power Jack and the Power Supply isn’t the only thing what you should need to know to buy an excellent power because there are a lot of different manufacturer out there who’s making the same type of power adaptor in the market which also makes adaptor shopping a little bit more tricky.

So, to clear this thing up we mainly categories all those available adapters into two different category which are:

  • Original Charger is the one which actually made by the same manufacturer brand, what laptop you are using.
  • Compatible Charger is actually all the brands other than the original one. Mostly people buy compatible charger because of its low-price tag.

And whatever you ‘re going to buy just make sure you are buying the correct one, and in my opinion, just go the original charger, or in case if you are only looking for the cheap price adaptor then you can also buy some compatible one, but I really want you to make sure you do read the reviews before purchase any compatible charger for yourself because some are just dumb and got broke within a month.

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