Quick Guide to Pick A Right Charger for Your Beloved Laptop

Even the smartest ‘Smart Phone’ can’t outperform a basic ‘Notebook Laptop’. And I know, when you are in the middle of something and suddenly your charger broke down;

Your laptop will hardly take, more than 3 hours before it gets turned into a dead dumb piece of plastic.

Even though, the story not ended; Admitting that, you have a dead charger, is actually not enough. Because when you look out to search for a perfect power energizer for your device, there are always more than 2 confusing options, in which you need to choose from.

It all happens when you search the term, something like HP Pavilion x360 charger on the e-commerce website like Amazon, you’ll get more than 20 pages of result which is having the same kind of products over and over of different brands;

And despite the fact, some local brands even have shiny prices.

Basically, you need a new power adapter for your laptop when the old one got burnt down or you just broke the cord or the connector, but sometimes it’s possible that a breeze hit your ‘Windows Operating System’ and it falls to show you the wrong error messages like ‘Plugged in not charging’ or a frozen battery percentage with ‘Not charging’ listed beside it;

That might make some people start thinking that they need to buy a new charger. Which is most of the time, not the case. In such matter, you can take some help from my this suggested article about “How to Fix Laptop’s “Plugged in Not Charging” Problem?”, where I’ve explained every possible solution to fix that problem, just in a matter of time.

You know that the repair shop can change the whole cable of your laptop’s power adaptor for about 10$, only if you know that it’s the cord’s problem and you wanted to save some extra bucks. But in some cases, even the new warranty equipped adapter costs 15$, so it’s always better to check online before heading to somewhere else.

So, Lets See How to Pick One for Ourselves;

By the way, comprehending the difference between laptop chargers is quite an easy job to do. You just only need to understand some couple of things and I’ll indisputably make you a pro who can buy an adapter for anyone, whoever asks for it;

Wonderful, Right!!

So, the first thing which I want to let you know at first is;

#Compatible vs. Original Power Adapter

Believe it or not, but there are a lot of different manufacturers out there in the market who believes that they are selling the perfect compatible power adaptors for your laptop because of its fake product rating, with some complementary cheap warranty policies.

Especially, make sure that you always stay away from the Chinese brand like this;

These people don’t even know, what copper wire is and have a 4+ rating from 180 customers. In which, most of the 5-star reviews are fake, so I looked for those people, who already had a bad day with this product.;

Then the unbelievable truth came out, here’s a picture of some 1 or 2-star review, which you might take as an interest of:

So, the main thing is; ALWAYS BUY ORIGINAL!

However, if you are lucky enough to find a perfect budget deal of a compatible adapter;

Still, there is 1% chance that I can suggest you to go for it, only if the reviews look good or at least it comes with 1 or 2 years of warranty. Although, the life expectancy of an original charger is much higher than the duplicate one.

If you think that the original one can cost you a lot then using some other popular brand’s adapter might help you out to get the deal a bit reasonable.

Any adapter, which has the same connector and the same output voltage as like your current faulty charger does, can properly charge your laptop’s battery, even without heating or damaging it.

So, it means that you can use some DELL’s adapter in some HP laptop, or some HP’s adapter in some ASUS laptop, or some ASUS’ adapter in some SONY laptop etc. etc.

That’s why you see that most adapter’s product listing contains more than 3 to 5 models, other than the one which you are actually looking for.

You actually don’t find a problem from a branded seller, but sometimes, the local seller does put the wrong model no. on the product’s listing because of the lack of knowledge or he just gets blindfolded by the pile of cash that he’s daydreaming of;

Whatever the case is, always make sure that you do buy the right product because most of the connectors do look same and you just can’t tell, whether it will connect to your laptop or not.

But, reading the reviews of those people who already had that product, is a long shot approach which can definitely help you out to make a better decision.

#Lets Come to The Last Point;

Whatever the charger you choose; whether it’s the original or compatible, always make sure that the output voltage of the one you picked, does match with, what is printed on your old laptop’s adapter.

If it’s mismatched, then don’t even think about to buy it because it can surely cause some real damages. Even the difference of 1 or 2 higher voltage can easily bake your laptop’s power circuit.

Other than that;

In case, if you wanted to quickly charge your laptop then buying an extra wattage adapter can help you out for that matter. Wattage is just the amount of power supply which the charger is producing, but as like most of the adapters, you can’t be able to find the watt specs listed on its sticker.

I don’t know why these brands won’t put the ‘watts’ spec on every adapter, but don’t worry because you easily calculate it by multiplying the output voltage and ampere, which is definitely mentioned on every adapter out in the world.

If your charger’s output specification says 20 V and 4.5 A, then it basically means that your charger is producing ‘20V x 4.5 A = 90 Watts of electricity. Here the example picture is given below which can certainly assist you to clear all the doubts about the adapter’s wattage;

If your old adapter is 65 Watts, and you need something that can fast charge your laptop. In that condition, using a ‘same output Volt & Connector 90W charger’ can back you up from that problem.

Not just migrating from 65W, you even can use a 90W charger at the place of 45W too. But the problem is, it can cause heat and decrement in the battery’s lifecycle. That’s why you should only need to buy a bit upper wattage adapter for the better convenience.

“That’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article. It is always good to let me know about your views, in the comments below.” 🙂 


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