Plugged in Not Charging – Every Possible Solution

Plugged in not charging is normally a Windows Operating System problem or it might be any other hardware too, and if you recently having this problem in your laptop then it’s quite possible that your laptop is suffering from lack of charging and giving you some bad run-time battery backup.

It’s usually possible that you will notice that this error can also turn OFF the charging light and not just that, sometimes it can make the charging light flickers too;

And there also a chance that the light shows charging but still your computer isn’t able to charge the battery, and only displaying the error message something like 0% available (Plugged In, Not Charging) or maybe with any other froze digit.

Anything’s feasible with this error message even when you are using the 3000 dollar laptop who’s having the latest Windows 10 installed in it. Or it might be possible too, that this issue came along right after when you recently upgraded your Windows 7 PC to Windows 10, or Windows 8 to 10.

Sometimes this problem can be fixable by some simple click but you have to admit that in some cases things get even worst and it’s possible that you’ll need to send your laptop to some professional to look for.

To fully troubleshoot your laptop there are a lot of different steps what you’ll need to follow in order to find the actual problem. And as I said, it’s totally a Hardware or Software related problem and if your computer does suffering from this problem constantly;

Then I don’t think now you should really need to worry about it because in this article I’ve covered all the explained Troubleshooting Steps, which includes all the possible solutions what you can try even when you are not a professional.

#let’s start to understand the problem;

Mainly, there are four different reasons for this error to displays on your laptop’s screen and it always really hard to say that which one of them is creating the problem. So, the only way to find the core of this dilemma is by troubleshooting your laptop completely.

Heres the list of four main and only reasons, why this error occurring in your laptop, and those are:

  • Windows Problem.
  • Power Adapter (Charger) Problem.
  • Battery Problem.
  • Laptops Internal Motherboard Problem.

There is also a possibility that you bought some new power charger or maybe a new battery for your laptop and you get the error after when you plugged it. So, dont try to think that your new battery or charger is dead because its possible that its your windows problem which only needs to be reset.

So, let’s start to troubleshoot everything step by step and now you’ll just need to follow the whole repairing procedures given down below, from step 1 to the last until you fix your laptop.

In case, if I wasn’t able to make your problem solved then that’s for sure that I’ll definitely give you a valid reason why this error is still stuck on your PC, like which hardware is causing this problem or what thing you should need to replace to fix the error.

I hope you will quickly fix the problem.

1# Troubleshoot Windows Problem

Most of you people will fix your laptop by just applying this first step of this troubleshooting guide because there is a 95% chance that this error is caused by the corrupted Power Adapter Drivers of your laptops Windows OS;

And that’s the reason why I actually wrote this fixing Drivers part a bit extra explained as compared to the other ones so you can easily understand and perform it on your computer.

The name of that corrupted driver what I’m talking about is Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and this is the main root cause of this error to occur when every time you connect your laptop’s power adaptor.

ACPI stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface and the actual work of this ACPI drivers is to maintain your laptop’s charging process services, but sometimes it’s possible that the driver got corrupted by some virus or maybe the old installed one isn’t able to compatible with the new hardware.

To fix this issue, you’ll just need to remove that driver from your computer and by doing that, you can fix your problem instantly. The best part is, after removing that driver you really don’t have to reinstall it back because your windows will do it automatically for you.

So, lets see how to remove this corrupted driver from any laptop:

First, you’ll need to shut down your laptop if it’s running and when it got completely turned off, then you’ll have to put the laptop’s battery out from its back panel, and after that, now I want you to start your laptop’s Windows by only using the power adapter cable.

And of course yes you can use your laptop without plugging the battery by only using the charger cable even without worrying about it.

Actually, it’s safe to run your laptop without the battery and in case, if your laptop didn’t get to start or having some problem to start itself without using a battery, then it’s quite possible that your laptop’s power adapter might get faulty.

To check that, just move to the Troubleshoot Hardware Problem Step, down in this article where I wrote about how to troubleshoot a power adapter completely, or otherwise just continue.

After when you start your laptop without the battery, now it’s time where you’ll need to open the Windows Device Manager by typing the devmgmt.msc command in the Run Commander.

Not just this, you can search for the Device Manager in the Starts Menu in Windows 10 or you can just open it by right-clicking on the Computers tab in the Start Menu in Windows 7 as shown in the picture given below:

After that, you’ll need to expand the Batteries tab and then you’ll able to see the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery drivers of your laptop.

As you can see in the example picture below, I’ve highlighted two different drivers, but you only need to remove the main one Microsoft ACPI-Compliant…” which is listed as first.

If removing that ACPI driver doesn’t help you, in that case, you’ll also have to remove the second one named Microsoft AC Adapter too, but make sure you only remove the second one when your problem isn’t get solved by just removing the first recommended one.

And to remove the drivers, you’ll just need to select it first and then right click on the driver to unhide the extra options and after that, click on the Uninstall button and after when the Confirm Device Uninstall box appears, just click on OK to remove that driver completely out from your laptop.

After when the drivers got removed, just shut down your laptop again and now put the battery back in its place and then again start your laptops and this time it’s possible that the problem is gone.

Suggested link: How to Uninstall Drivers From Windows Operating System?

What to Do, If This Problem Still Stays, Or Come Back Within A Week or Month?

In case, if your problem still isn’t fixed by the above first listed solution, then it’s quite possible that the registry database of your operating system got messed up pretty bad by some virus or a malware software.

And the only way to fix that, by using the best in class registry cleaner tool on your computer. I’m only suggesting you this because there are more than 1 Million Registries listed in your Windows Registry Database and it’s really hard to find and fix that particular one, which is mainly creating this problem.

You can find more than 50 Registry Cleaner on the internet but those who actually works are only available in the paid version.

So, before spending your money, I want you to reset your laptops BIOS first because most of the time that little thing really helps a lot.

Link:>> How to Reset BIOS, Laptop and Desktop Both?

  • To Reset your Laptops BIOS, first, you’ll need to open it by pressing the F2 key or Del key or maybe whatever the key your computer shows on the first black logo screen to get into the Bios Menu.
  • After when you successfully get into the BIOS Menu, now you’ll need to find the reset option to load the default configuration and most of the times you can find that option in the Exit tab of your BIOS.

If Resetting BIOS won’t help you either, then maybe now it’s time you should need to try the Registry Cleaner in your Windows, and if you wanted my opinion, then the Zookaware and CCleaner are the two best in class Registry Cleaner Tools which can actually make thing back to normal.

It’s all on you to select which one, but according to me, the Zookware is quite worthy because it’s not just a simple registry cleaner and can also provide you more than 4 useful tools to optimize your PC’s overall performance. And not just that, this one also comes with the 60 Days Money Back Guaranty, which is actually quite good.

You can use these links to directly go to the download page:

#Troubleshoot Hardware Problem

It’s possible that the problem isn’t get solved by repairing the Operating System and troubleshooting software side also won’t get beneficial too, then there is a chance that the problem is coming from some faulty attached hardware of your laptop.

It’s either can be your adapter or maybe your battery;

So, let’s check this out to find which one is creating this problem by following this 2nd step of fixing Plugged in Not Charging problem guide.

Just like I said this problem can occur due to a faulty charger or your battery, but most of the times charger is actually the one who is creating this whole problem.

And that’s the reasons why I want you to start first with ‘the hardware troubleshooting of your laptop’s charger adaptor’.

Step 1 Power Adapter Checkup: There are some couple of possible reasons which can occur with your power adaptor to create this problem on your laptop. It can be the lack of correct or steady Power Supply Output or maybe it just not producing any Power Supply at all.

To find is this really your charger’s fault, there are actually some couple or more things what you still try to confirm that.

Heres the list of things that you can try to troubleshoot your power adaptor:

  • First If you are using the same power socket for your laptop’s power adaptor then maybe it possible that the power supply coming from that socket isn’t coming enough to run a power adaptor and yes, it happens when the socket got broke from the inside or having some trouble in the connection.
  • Second, if the socket is working well and you still having this problem on every power socket in your home or office, then you can also try to borrow some another same spec power adaptor from your friend or family and try to test your laptop with that. In case, if you can’t be able to find some other same spec charger to test your laptop, then there is also another great way to identify does your adapter is working fine or not. And to do that, we are using a tool called “Multimeter” to clarify does your adapter is providing the right amount of current voltage to your laptop, or it’s just working un-properly.

Heres the quick guide to help you out with the multimeter testing:

  • First, plug your Power Adapter into the main power socket and make sure everything is connected properly, and this time you don’t have to connect the charger to your laptop.
  • Then, you’ll need to find the Voltage Output Unit on the back of your Power Adaptor where everything is written on the sticker and remember it. Normally its like 19V 4.7A.
  • Now take your Multimeter and put the red and black wire into their suitable socket, what you can also find the instructions in the Multimeter’s manual book.
  • Then, set your Multimeter to the Direct Current Voltage testing mode and make sure you set the multimeter’s knob directs to the 20v.
  • After that, you’ll need to put the red tip inside the adapter jack and the other black one to the outside edge of the adapter jack, and while doing that make sure you don’t touch both of them together.
  • Now check your Multimeter’s display to see the coming output voltage from your power adaptor. If the output voltage is nearly same what’s printed on the back of that adaptor, then it means that your charger is working great and you just need to move to next step to troubleshoot the battery. In case, if it’s not showing the correct output voltage then it’s the time where you need to purchase a new one.

You can use this link to see >> How to Buy A Compatible Power Adapter for Our Laptop?

Step 2 Battery Checkup: To identify, does your laptop’s battery is the one who’s creating this problem or not, then the only thing what I can suggest you, is to calibrate your laptop’s battery manually.

Click To See How To Calibrate Your Laptop's Battery Manually

First, you’ll have to charge your laptop for about 3 hours without using it and that will surely make your battery fully charged. After that, you’ll need to ‘click’ on the ‘battery icon’ which is normally located at the right corner on your Windows operating system and then Click on “More Power Options” to access the Power Management Setting options from your Control Panel.

Now, click on the “Choose when to turn off the display”, what you can find on the left sidebar.

By clicking on that it will take you to the page where you can mainly edit your power settings. So, now click on “Change Advanced Power Settings”.

After that, The “Power Options” box will appear on your screen. Now go to the “Advanced Settings” and unhide the “Battery” tab. Under that, click on “Critical Battery Action” and set it to hibernate.

Next, click on “Critical Battery Level” and set it to 5%. If you found this is your current pre-saved setting, then your laptop doesn’t need to calibrate, just move to the next step.

Now get back to Edit Plan Setting page and make sure that everything is set on “never” as you can below:

After that Pull out the charger plug and let your laptop to discharge until it automatically hibernates.

You can still use your computer while doing this. Then, plug back the charger’s cable and charge your laptop again up to 100 % and by doing that, it will definitely calibrate your laptop’s battery, and make sure you’ll set the setting as back to its normal state just like shown in the picture given below.

If the calibration won’t work for you too, then the only thing what you do is to use some same different battery in your laptop and test it out. If your laptop runs smoothly then it means your adapter is working great and now you’ll need to replace the battery.

And if you still get the same error with the different battery too then the last step what you can try is to install a fresh operating system in your laptop.

You can follow this link to see >> How to Install Windows on Desktop or Laptop Computer?

#Last Possibility

At last, if you can’t find anything useful yet and things like changing adapter or battery can’t solve your problem either, then it’s definitely possible that your laptop’s internal motherboard got damaged.

When the motherboard’s charging chip got blown up then it’s 100% possible that you’ll have this problem on your PC and if that’s so, then I’ll highly suggest you to send your laptop to some professional engineer.

And one more thing, make sure you don’t try to open the laptop by yourself.

“That’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the article, in the comments down below.” 🙂

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  1. Non of this helped. My laptop has an internal battery so I can’t just remove it without pulling the thing apart. I does charge once it is nearly flat but say not charging around 95% or so…

    • Sometimes you’re getting a error “plugged in, not charging” message from your
      laptop battery. The error ‘plugged in not charging’ can be caused due to
      various reasons such as faulty adapter or faulty charging board. The
      cause for this error may be power management software that become
      corrupt. There may be problem with BIOS update or some other unknown

      BIOS update
      Uninstall and Reinstall Power Management Software
      Update Battery Driver
      Miscellaneous Solution

  2. Nothing worked for me, my battery is stuck at 40% with message “plugged in not charging”, my laptop only work while plugged in wall and shut down when disconnected even if the battery have enough juice to run the laptop, also it boots only while on the charger, I even tried my friends battery who have the same laptop model as me but same problem, so I am now sure it’s not the battery or even the charger … I updated my BIOS to the latest version available but nothing new. what other things should I try before having a professional to look at it? my laptop is HP pavillon g6-1114ek

  3. bro. help me. your first meyhod worked for me. but after 3,4 days , “plug in,not charging” happens again. i have HP Probook 450 g3

  4. Thank you so much. I was scared since I can’t afford a new laptop right now, but the first step worked, and I’m so relieved I’m tearing up. Thank you, thank you,thank you. This is 100% helpful.

  5. Sometimes this issue happens because of earthing problem in the power supply of your house. In that case remove the battery and charger, then press the power button for 10 secs. After that connect the battery and charger and turn on your laptop.

  6. Any other solutions? I’ve tried a new battery, replacing the motherboard, complete windows reinstall, nothing worked. If I unplug charger laptop won’t switch to battery, just switches off

  7. My daughters Toshiba Qosmios laptop battery died, I replaced it with a new one, I ran it on battery power first then plugged in the charger, left this overnight, but now the computer states, “12% available charging” but hasn’t moved from there & when I switch off the power supply the laptop goes off. Have tried everything possible, did note that the new power pack has 12 cells while the old one had 6 cells, would this mean that the charger cannot handle the extra power, even though the numbers are the same?

      • Tj,

        Thanks for the timely reply.

        This is the laptop’s number I have put down all the numbers I can find;

        Toshiba Qosmio X500,Model number; PQX33A-04N00J

        By the way here is the old battery ref; TOSHIBA PA3730U-1BAS DC 10.18V, 87Wh.

        New SANYO PA3730U-BRS, DC10.8V, 8800mAh. on the site I purchased it from it said it was compatible.

        Hope this helps, I have mentioned this to them via email & they said they would exchange the battery if faulty, but if it’s a case of cell count maybe I should get them to give me a 6 cell instead.

        What are your thoughts?


  8. Hi Madhur Tj. I use an ASUS ROG G751JY. I am persisting the same problem but the battery is inbuilt. I want to try the first step. Could you please help. Could I remove the inbuilt battery myself? Please reply….

      • I have done all the steps except the battery removal, everything was ok but the charger showed 19.0V instead of 19.5V. Could the charger be the problem or the battery?
        I have already done system restore.

          • Hi Madhur. Thanks for your help. I had given my laptop to the service centre and now it’s repaired. But I have noticed a problem. My laptop had a Sandisk 128GB SSD drive which the service centre guys have replaced without my permission. They have replaced it with a different Sandisk SSD drive of same 128GB capacity. My original SSD had a operational power of 1.6A while this SSD has 0.58A. Does that cause reduction in performance? Please help me on this Madhur as I’m in a dilemma whether to place a complaint against the service centre or not?

          • My original SSD was Sandisk x300s 128gb Jan-2016 and the one the service centre guys have installed is Sandisk u110 128gb Feb-2015 model. Please tell me whether this change causes a drop in performance or is it ok?

          • The SSD what they people replaced in your laptop is actually too slow as compared to the one what you bought.
            I think you should need to complain about it.

  9. i charge my battery without start on(shutdown the laptop and i plug the lap and start charging ) and then the battery is full and then i try to start the laptop but it can’t start ,before i charged the battery is work safely and charge ,please help the cause and solution?

  10. Hi, Madhur Tj! I would like to ask you something here. The problem is “78% available (plugged in, not charging)”. This problem happens not really frequently, but seldom. I tried to ask the service shop to check what is the problem. They say the adapter has no problem, so I do think that my battery might become faulty. But, I do remind myself that I might spilled water before during leakage from ceiling. Now I dont know, should I change my battery or caused by hardware problem? Mine is hp laptop.

  11. Madhur, can you please ask Ninad where did he get his G751 serviced , what was the cost and what was replaced? I own same model and face same problem…

  12. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions, i didn’t think i will be able to fix this problem, i tried several times uninstalling the ACPI driver but it didn’t work then what i did is removing the battery+ uninstalling ACPI driver, then shutdown the pc, removed the charger and pressed the power button for 30 seconds, repeated this 3 times and started the pc, when i connected the battery Windows 7 shows it’s fully charged after it was telling me 10% not charging, the problem is solved.

  13. my laptop can’t charge on running state, but charge on sleep state or shuntdown state. What happened ? i really don’t know how to do that bro.
    please sugest me !

  14. Hello an thank you for your post. Even though most of the steps worked, they where only temporary solutions. I still have the problem. Maybe you can help me with this: Whenever I start up it says: “Please connect a Dell 65w AC adapter or greater for the best system performance.” Is there anyhing to work with, usig this message? Thank you in advanced.

  15. i have the same issue BATTERY IS NOT CHARGING? once it happend when i was connected my plug its sparked and after that my battery is not charging, its shwing always 0%-
    i am using dell inspiron1520-operating system windows xp- what i have to do?
    please help me out.

  16. Am buying a new battery, hp gave me a quotation of 9700 for battery replacement, and at local laptop repair shop the compatible battery is of 2.5k, and they said that they can also provide a original hp battery with 1 year warranty for around 4k, how is this possible? And are these compatible batteries good?

  17. I must have had a very minor problem, as all I had to was:

    1. With the adaptor plugged in, pull off the baterry
    2. Waited about 2 minutes
    3. Reattached the battery
    4 Pulled out the power line – again for about a minute or two
    5. Plugged the power line back in

    BOOM – the battery meter jumped a couple of times, then a notification popped up-
    “Plugged in, full charge in 49 minutes.” Battery fully charged, and now has 100% power available

    Laptop works better now, too!

    HP Pavilion W10

  18. Thanku u so much Madhur Tj by doing the first trouble shoot my laptop started charging again 🙂 …..u r doing a nice job…… otherwise it whould have taken me another two days to get it done if i might have given it to the service center ……

  19. Hi Madhur Tj, my laptop charges to about 50% then it just stops charging like there is no power plugged in but after about 30 seconds it starts charging again and it keeps doing that till about 80% then it says plugged in not charging .. please help

  20. Great article except step 1 isn’t possible for my computer. I just bought a new Lenovo ideapad 110. To get to the battery you have to remove the back panel, thus voiding the warranty. This piece of crap is only 6 days old and already have this problem.

  21. Hi, I bought a 90w charger for dell inspiron 1545 and it charge the laptop for about two weeks and later, it doesn’t charge again.
    I bought another one and it does the same thing. I have uninstalled the ACPI complaint multiple times but it is still the same.
    Please what can I do

  22. Hi Madhur, my battery is at 0% available (plugged in, not charging) I did the fix #1 but when I went to the battery, I accidently uninstalled everything.
    I have windows7 on a Toshiba satellite.
    Can you help please?

  23. Eh sadly none of these have worked for me.

    I’ve replaced the battery, the charger, uninstalled and reinstalled every driver known to man. Updated my bios to A09 *highest I can*……..nothing.

    Im thinking my issue is hardware related. AKA the Charger port. As we all know its in a terrible place on Alienware and the charger cord ends up beating the life out of it.

    Ill check back in next week after I install the new charging port and let you know if it fixes it.

  24. Hello Madhur, I too having problem with my laptop battery. but in my case the battery shows “plugged in and charging” but only 1% or some time it did not charge at all even after getting it plugged in for 10 hrs or more. what will be the possible problem.

  25. me too… i have an acer aspire e14, having charging problem. it says plugged in, charging with 6% remaining. but the charging icon (bar) stops after a few seconds being plugged in. its like it froze to 6% plugged in, charging. is this part of the windows problem?

  26. instead of removing battery and uninstalling the ms acpi-complaint control mode you just keep you battery placed inside the laptop keep it in charging mode navigate to devmgmt.msc go to batteries and disable the ms acpi complaint mode restart the computer and enable it and boom all solved

  27. im not aa professional and i can only try some but did not work out all. im at my wits end, i guess ill just a prossional look at it.

  28. Have tried lots of solutions. Still says “88% plugged in, not charging”. Could it be that the battery temperature sensing circuit is faulty and the charger thinks the battery is too hot? Thinking of putting battery in refrigerator in plastic bag and cooling to 40F to see if it then starts charging.

  29. I tried many of the steps, but it still says “Plugged in, not charging”. Could this be that the battery temperature sensing circuit is not working properly, and the charger will not work if the battery appears to be hot? Thinking of putting battery in plastic bag in refrigerator to cool to 40F, and see if it then starts charging..

  30. I tried many remedies, but it still says “plugged in, not charging”.. Could it be that the battery temperature sensing circuit is not working properly, and the battery is measured as being too hot to charge? Thinking of putting battery in plastic bag, in refrigerator, cooling to 40F, and see if it starts charging

  31. Thanks brother. I had same problem in my new lap top machine and now its settled. thank you very much. but my old one not still corrected. It mentioned 35% available (plugged in, charging) but when the adopter is removed from the machine, the machine shut down. why this happened?


  32. HP laptop charging problem is a very common issue faced by most of the users, but using some tips and tricks you can fix this issue.

  33. Gabor April 11,2018
    The battery is old enough and I suppose truly dead in my FS Amilo laptop. I have a dozen new 18650 cells. I wonder, will it work if I replace the six cells myself? Have any tip to avoid killng the BMS chip? Or a link for some useful “how to”?

  34. Can a failed/dead graphics card be the reason of battery not charging?
    The tech repair shop guy told me this..
    My laptop model is g51vx he says that the gtx260m graphics card is faulty..

    • Making you fool I think, if your laptops ICH and GMCH are combined then there’s only 1% possibility that it’s possible. Or otherwise, most of the laptops come with 2 separate chip where the graphics chip (GMCH) isn’t responsible for charging or any charging circuit, but ICH does. I think first you should need to confirm about the charing and power circuit of your laptop and then move on to the big chips.

  35. Hi Madhur.I had the same problem with my DELL INSPIRON N4030.So i tried unistalling the ACPI-compliant control method battery.The problem was fixed.After one week it again happened the same and i solved it with same process.But this time its not working.I tried this method several time bt its not working.Plz help.

  36. I followed the instructions for the first fix, re-started the computer, and saw that my battery was charging again! It looks like it worked, so thank you so much for these instructions.

  37. the battery is mature enough and I assume genuinely dead in my FS Amilo workstation. I have twelve new 18650 cells. I ponder, will it work in the event that I supplant the six cells myself? Have any tip to keep away from killng the BMS chip? Or on the other hand a connection for some helpful “how to”?

  38. Hello Madhur, indeed you are really great.

    Thanks so much for this post, have been searching for this for a while and i landed on your site, and following the steps, step one worked for me. really glad.

    thanks for sharing. have a nice day buddy!

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