Everything You Need To Know About – Buying An Antivirus

If burglar alarms and home security is gaining momentum then it is only because of the increased number of incidents every day. Similarly, the security of your computer, phone or tablet depends on an antivirus to keep information on the devices safe and to keep the devices from running into unexpected errors because of corruption of the files.

Viruses, worms, rootkits, botnets, and lots of other online threats can invade your device and even render it inoperable.

These viruses, worms, et al can be used to access your personal data, delete files, make it difficult for your device to carry out tasks, reduce the pace of response, and even use your device to attack other devices.

How Can An Antivirus Help?

An antivirus if a software program which works to keep a variety of threats from harming your computer. When you use an updated Antivirus program in your device, you will be able to keep it healthy and also increase its overall lifespan which can otherwise be shortened by an invasion.

As technology explores new ways of limiting these invasions, new threats arrive and thrive making it almost necessary for everyone to use an effective antivirus that can block these threats.

#What Should You Look For In An Antivirus?

Online threats are becoming rampant this is why it is important to invest in an Antivirus which can effectively handle a variety of threats and tackle or block different forms of viruses, worms, etc.

An Antivirus should be one that comes up with updates frequently to handle threats from new threats in addition to handling the current ones.

Here is a list of features that you must check for when you are picking an Antivirus for your device:

Real-Time, On-Access And On-Demand Scanner: Your anti-virus program should be able to run a real-time scanner which keeps a check on the data that is being transferred to and fro the device. It should be able to block any kind of threat that attempts entry to the device.

When you open or access any file, your antivirus must run an on-access scanner to make sure that the file is clean.

An on-demand scanner allows you to scan files or folders according to your requirements.

These scanners should work in addition to the scheduled scans which can be customized according to the type of scan you would want the anti-virus to perform according to a schedule.

Compressed File Scanner And Heuristic Scanner: Sometimes, viruses and malware may inconspicuously travel into your device through compressed files. A good antivirus program will be able to scan deep enough in the compressed files to ensure that there are no threats hidden in the files.

A heuristic scanner is one where the program uses the current information of threats and its past knowledge about them to identify new threats before an update can be released.

Script Blocking: Sometimes, script languages may be utilized to execute malicious code through a website. Since this can cause substantial harm to your device, a lot of antivirus programs are created with the ability to monitor Java, Active X and other script files so that any form of threat can be quickly recognized and blocked.

E-Mail And IM Protection: E-mails and instant messages can also be the source of malicious programs. Many devices suffer harm because of threats that enter through web mails or IMs.

Look for an anti-virus that offers e-mail scans to monitor e-mail traffic and also features protection from viruses traveling through IMs.

Adequate Help And Support: It is essential to look for an antivirus program which provides sufficient support. Look for round the clock support through which includes direct support as well as online support or support through forums and communities.

#Top Best Brands That I Would Recommend You to Pick From:

Top 3rd – Bitdefender

This Anti-malware software program is known for protecting your device against known as well as unknown viruses and malware without impacting the performance of your computer.

Its detection and removal tools are very effective and it can also scan removable media like USB drives. Bitdefender also saves your computer from security risks arising from social media platforms.

Just like Avast (Which is actually in top of our list), Bitdefender can also limit the communications while you are playing a game so that you can enjoy the game without any disturbances. It also features parental controls allowing safe internet surfing for kids.

Another interesting feature of the program is cloud antispam which works by detecting spam attacks in any of the Bitdefender installations and then making all other installations aware of the attack so that the rest of the users can be protected.

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Top 2ndKaspersky

The latest version of Kaspersky is intended to keep things simple for users so that they do not find it difficult to use the program, but at the same time it reinforces its abilities to protect your device effectively too. In addition to frequent scans, regular updates, and parental controls, Kaspersky features a two way firewall which keeps a check on all the connections in a network. This assures users that all new networks are trusted. The internal network can also be scanned and any incoming data can be blocked if the program suspects a threat.

Since social media sites are also beginning to be the cause of many problems related to security, Kaspersky provides safe social networking to give you the chance to use social media platforms without any hesitation.

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Top 1st – Avast

Avast has quickly become a crowd favorite because of the repertoire of features it includes. The latest version includes Game Mode which optimizes your computer’s performance when you are playing games by limiting other processes from functioning.

Avast also provides a feature called passive mode where it can be run in conjunction with another antivirus program. Passive mode will make it work in the background while the other program provides real-time protection.

Behavior Shield is another feature which monitors the programs for suspicious behavior helping you eradicate threats in its prime. These features are in addition to the features I have stated above which should be found in an ideal antivirus program.

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