Anti Static Wrist Bands

Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Static Wrist Band

The discharge of static electricity is not desirable in any case which can result in damage to the electric devices while the person working on the electronic device could also be harmed seriously.

And the antistatic device is introduced in this purpose. The antistatic device is a simple device that prevents the electrostatic discharge thus helps us stay safe while the electronic device too remains protected.

Anti-static wristband or Anti-static wrist strap is one such very useful antistatic device that is normally worn in the hand. This is also called as the grounded bracelet or ESD brand which is tied on the hand of the person working on a very sensitive electronic device. This device helps a person to stay grounded while it also prevents the build-up of static electricity on the electronic device that can result in serious damage.

Here Are Some More Details About Anti-static Wristband;

This is an elastic band made of conductive fiber such as carbon or carbon-filled rubber that are bounded on the hand with a stainless-steel plate or clasp. They are normally used along with an antistatic mat that are placed on the working bench.

There is a wire attached to the clip which connects to a grounded conductor such as an antistatic mat. The worker wears it on the non-dominant hand. That is, they wear it on the left hand if they are right-handed and similarly a lefty wears it on the right hand.

The main reason for wearing a wristband is to stay safe along with securing the electronic device. Anyways, the main important of anti-static wrist strap are explained here.

#Importance of Anti-static wristband:

  • When you are working on the PC such as testing it by opening the back or else busy in some other task, the wearer are advised to wear an anti-static wristband as it can protect the PC from all kind of electrostatic damages. While working on PC, the ground of the wristband is attached to the computer chassis to protect the computer.
  • Workers in the construction field are also required to wear the anti-static wristband which can save items like a circuit board and other electronic devices.
  • It also prevents an explosion in a magical way.
  • With all these, it is used to offer safety to the workers as well. It bleeds away the accumulated charge from the human body while workers are involved working with the electronic devices or near the electronic sensitive area. So, these bands are not just effective to prevent the electronic damage rather human being too can be perfectly safe with the use of this Anti-static wristband.

Along with this wristband, some straps are also available to use in another place such as heel or ankle. However, they don’t include any ground conductor rather integrates higher resistance in the construction. How they work is by dispelling electric charge to the special floor tiles.

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  1. Hi. I like your website. As a former electrician and electronics technician, may I recommend an update to your article “Importance of Anti-static wristband:”. I would take care to mention that if you attach the lead to the computer’s chassis you should make sure the power supply is actually plugged in as this will provide a path directly to ground.

  2. A very informative article. Thanks a lot for sharing how these ESD wrist straps and cords work. A thumbs up for this great blog.


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