4 Different Ways to Run Cmd on Your Computer

Cmd is the command-line interpreter which you can found in every version of windows operating system and it was basically used to execute entered commands in it.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you some of the different ways to run or open cmd command prompt on your computers screen, even if your windows is corrupted or not able to open at this moment.

There are 5 Different Ways to Run Cmd on Your Computer and which are –

1. By Start Menu – The easiest way to open cmd quickly is to open cmd by typing “cmd” on the start menu.

2. By Safe Mode With Command Prompt– If your computer isn’t able to start normally then you’ll just need to open your computer’s advanced boot option by pressing F8 on your computer’s startup and select the “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” to run cmd in safe mode.

3. By Windows disk – If your computer won’t able to starts on safe mode either, then you can try to use a windows setup installation disk to run cmd on your computer, you’ll just need to Enter your windows CD/DVD/USB in your computer and quick boot it by using the boot menu to get enter in the windows installation main page.

After that select, the repair option on the left bottom of that page and that selection will take you to the next step where you’ll have to select the appropriate Windows installation from the list and then continue.

After that, the System Recovery Options screen will show up and after that, you’ll just need to click on cmd to open it.

If you’re still not able to open it then you can try to press Shift+F10 key and that will open cmd for you.

4. Hiren’s BootCD – If you don’t have a windows disk then the alternative way is to create the Hiren’s boot cd to run Mini Windows XP on it and after that, you can use cmd properly on Mini Windows XP.

Download the Hiren’s BootCD iso file by given like below and write a bootable disk of that hiren.boot.cd.

>Hiren’s BootCD download

>How To Make A Bootable Usb Pen Drive?

After when you have done with creating a bootable disk or maybe a pen drive then it’s time to boot that cd or pen drive in your computer.

So, plug the USB or insert the bootable disk and quick boot it by using the boot menu and after that, you will able to see your computer’s screen like this –

Select the Mini Windows XP and wait until the windows loads and after that, you can run cmd by double clicking on cmd shortcut in the desktop. Done!!!

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  1. Thank you! Helped me fix a boot error without the correct CD when it didn’t let me open the system restore. Shift-f10 opened cmd and i was able to fix it.

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