Different Ways to Run Windows Command Prompt on Your PC

CMD is the command-line interpreter which you can find in every version of Windows Operating System, and it’s basically used to execute the commands to converts into appropriate functions.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you who you use some different methods to run or open CMD (Command Prompt) on your computer’s screen in no time. And yes, even if your PC’s Windows is corrupted or not be able to start the OS at this moment.

So, Lets See;

Method 1 By Start Menu: This is the easiest way to open CMD on any computer. You’ll just need to type the word “cmd” in the search box of starts menu, and it will search the preinstalled CMD Program for you.

Method 2 By Safe Mode with Command Prompt”: If your computer isn’t able to start normally then you can also boot your computer by using the Advanced Boot Options. This option mainly used to repair the OS, and the main gateway of SAFE MODE.

By just hitting the F8 key again and again on your computer’s startup can pause the OS booting and shows you the Advanced Boot Options. Then select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt” to run cmd in safe mode.

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Method 3 By Windows Disc/USB (Not XP): If your computer won’t able to start the computer in safe mode either, then you can also try to use the bootable Windows installation device to run the CMD while in the Setup.

To do that, you’ll need to have a bootable Windows Disc or USB Stick;

And in case, if don’t have any. Then you’ll need to make a bootable Disc or USB by using the ‘.iso file of that OS’.

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After that, boot the bootable OS setup drive on your computer by using the Boot Menu or Boot Sequence option of the BIOS. When to get to the main windows installation screen, then click on the Repair your computer option.

That selection will take you to the next step where you’ll need to select the appropriate ‘Windows installation’ from the list to continue. After that, the System Recovery Options screen will show up and now, you just need to click on the CMD option to open it.

In case if you’re having any problem while using the Setup, then you can also try to press the “Shift + F10 Key” in the middle of any setup screen and it will show the CMD for you.

Method 4 By Hirens BootCD: Just like most of the times, it’s possible that you don’t have any ‘Windows Setup .iso’ and you really don’t want to download the whole 4GB+ OS file, just for the CMD.

So, the best alternative tool what you can use to run CMD is ‘Hiren’s BootCD”, which contains ‘Mini Windows XP’ where you can easily use the CMD properly.

Here’s the Suggested link: What Is “Hiren’s Boot CD” And How To Make It Useful For Yourself?

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  1. Thank you! Helped me fix a boot error without the correct CD when it didn’t let me open the system restore. Shift-f10 opened cmd and i was able to fix it.


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