Hiren’s Boot CD – Everything You Need To Know

If you are an advanced computer user or even a technician, then the Hiren’s BootCD serves as one of the most important tools you can have to repair the disks of your computer system. Hiren BootCD is an indispensable tools used by several system administrators and technicians.

This is a utility that works with hard drive of the system along with its recovery and overall diagnostic tools to ensure the diagnosis of all the computer nodes.

It also consists of important file managers and utilities for the given network. The Hiren’s BootCD eliminates the need of keeping several disks for one’s daily works.

Hiren’s Boot CD is basically a type of compilation software that offers a collection of programs that help in resolving some of the most common PC and internet problems like a sporadic internet connection or driver failure or similar computer failures.

Whenever a computer needs to be reformatted or streamlined the preferred way of doing it is to use the clean install where the main drivers is reformatted – so you have a new computer however, the only negative point is that it is cumbersome and later on there are drivers and hardware also that need to be installed that takes more than two or three hours.

Moreover, if there is a problem while booting the computer or loading the operating system it gets impossible to access the Operating System and files, it could be a problem for you.

And that’s the part when Hiren’s Boot CD comes handy in such situations.

#List Of Some Useful Tools

When the Hiren’s disc is started the initial boot menu of the program will show up. There are some important tools on this menu and here is what Hiren’s Boot CD has in store for you:

  • Memtest86+: The first tool that should be run in case you have a doubt about that your computer has memory problems or if the system asks you to. This is the best tool to detect any kind of memory errors.
  • Fix “NTLDR is missing”: If you get an NTLDR error when you are trying to boot Windows XP this tool overwrites a corrupt NTDLR file or just places a new one so that the computer becomes bootable once again. If you are facing other BOOTMGR or NTLDR issues then the computer can easily be booted with the help of these files directly from the CD by the second option.

  • Mini Windows XP: One may say that this is one of the most important features on Hiren and this will boot a fully functional Windows XP environment that will let you handle different tasks like removing virus, file transfers, data recovery from problematic partitions, hard disk controller reset, remote registry editing and more. There are many tools that are Windows-based and can run and cover almost all types of system fix and repair. You can even have cloud storage or online downloads if you have access to WiFi. These tools can be made available through Hiren program launcher and using a USB stick you can also use them on regular Windows system.
  • Backup and Recovery: There are times when it could be impossible to recover a file for reasons such as not being recognized by the system or deleted accidentally. There may be situations when they may be looked up for in the Windows but under most circumstances, the files are not located even if it is available on the particular hard drive. In the process of backup and recovering, files from the system may go missing or might be deleted without the user having noticed it. There is a list of programs that Hiren’s BootCD offers which helps in recovery, backup and easy files retrieval. Along with this any corrupted files can also be recovered and made usable with these programs.
  • Partition: Like the word says, partition is to split a specific section of a hard drive for system files and backup – it is the same as splitting apart from a whole. In most systems, the main disk is ‘C’ as it comprises of the program files and the operating system. When the hard drive is partitioned there are two independent drivers the main one is for the operating system and the other is meant for backup files. As both the drives have different identities they function separately and in case one is corrupted the other stays unaffected. Besides helping in creating a fresh partition even when there is an existent OS these partition tools also help in regulating the usage of the partitioned drives. A user may choose to modify, resize or delete the total capacity any partitions that are made in the system through the list of programs that include Partition Saving, Macrium Reflect and Partition Image. This is how hard drive partitions are created without having to install an OS such as Linux, Windows, Mac etc. The main intention of the partition tools is to add, modify and remove partitions without having to compromise with the re-installation if an OS.
  • Password Tools: They are one of the most important features in any computer system. However, there may be times that these passwords may be forgotten. But with Hiren’s BootCD and its programs like WindowsGate, Windows Key Finder or Autologon you wouldn’t have to worry about things such as this. These programs help the forgetful users in remembering their passwords. Some programs also have the ability to provide password encryption when the hard drive needs to be written or files need to be removed for security. Kon-Bot tool is a life-saver as this can circumvent a Windows password while logging in – you just need to type anything on the password box so you can boot into Windows even if you are unaware of the password or forgot it yet don’t wish to change or reset it.
  • Testing Tools: Buying a computer also means one has to look after it if you want it to last long. Hiren’s Boot CD has several programs which aid in maintenance of the computer. It also offers different programs to check errors on the computer’s hardware. Besides estimating and testing a computer for unfamiliar and familiar activity in the hardware it also tests different components of the computer to detect any probable error which could render a system corrupt. The testing tools also help in tracing faults in the RAM or the memory for storing processes and look up faults in CD drive or USB too. The physical characteristic of the driver or device can also be monitored. If also warns the user whether there has been a physical damage.
  • Antivirus Tools: We all understand the value of a good anti-virus program for our computers. It is what fortifies your computer and safeguards it from malware and virus. A good anti-virus program will also help in upholding the performance of the computer and preserve the integrity of the software and hardware of it. There are many free anti-virus programs that Hiren’s Boot CD offers to its users. If your computer is infected with Trojan, malware or spyware there are hard drive cleaners present on this Boot CD that help in safeguarding your system. The best thing about these anti-viruses is that they don’t keep running in the background or take too long to do their scanning – it is done only when the computer is idle. This way the other programs that are on the priority list can run smoothly without interruption or being slow. Some of the anti-virus programs that have been added are SpyBot: Search and Destroy, Avira AntiVirus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  • System Information Tools: Like the name suggests these tools help in exploring your computer. There are some powerful high-end professional system tools that will inform you what exactly is present in your computer – a detailed examination of CPU. It collects information about the main devices of the system and lets you understand what these unknown devices exactly are. Some of the System Information Tools that are present on the Hiren’s Boot CD are Astra, PCI and AGP info Tool (2908), PCI 32 Sniffer, USBDeview, and others.
  • Remote Control Tools: This lets you control a remote computer through TightVNC and TeamViewer. One should have the permission of the individual using the remote system. One can control and view the remote system with keyboard and mouse with these two tools of Hiren’s Boot CD.

#How is Hiren’s Boot CD Used?

To use Hiren’s Boot CD, first, you’ll need to download the Hiren’s Boot CD.zip file from the main website. The file you will download is in compressed format. So, extract it and find out the main .iso file.

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The main Hiren’s Boot CD file is in ISO format when it is downloaded and one would require a burning software for it such as Windows or Nero that supports this format.

Once the burning is done to a CD you need to insert it to your CD-ROM and then start the computer. Ensure that in your BIOS you have set to boot from CD-ROM.

And you know, If you burn it to a CD-RW then a CD-R wouldn’t get wasted every time when the CD is updated with fresh tools.

Among all the options, the USB stick is always the best option definitely that can be carried easily in your pocket. Writing the ISO image to a USB is pretty easy and the directions can be in our website too, in case if you are looking to understand it.

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#Hiren’s BootCD Keyboard Patch For Different Language Keyboards

If you wish to maximize the usage of the Hiren’s BootCD, then you can set up the keyboard patch of the tool. This can be done in a series of some simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Once you have downloaded the Hiren’s BootCD on your desktop, launch the same on your screen. You will come across a myriad of options including BurnCDC, Burn to CD, Default Keyboard Patch, HBCD Customizer, and so more.

Step 2: Now you’ll need to copy the Hiren’s BootCD.15.1 disk file image and the “DefaultKeyboardPatch” file and then, paste the same on your desktop screen.

Step 3: Click on Default Keyboard Patch option to open the same. Now, copy all the contents present there and paste the same on the desktop screen. Or you can use some other tool to directly extract it.

Step 4: Now, open the patch executable file. Alongside the icon “Choose an option”, write “Y” or maybe something else, depending upon your language. Then, it will show the message as “reading from Hiren’s BootCD 15.1.iso”. Wait for some time for the action to get completed.

Step 5: Now you can see your CMD actually created a new iso file which you can burn to take use of this patching stuff.

This were the series of steps you can execute to utilize the Hiren’s BootCD Keyboard Patch feature.
“And that’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the tutorial, in the comments down below.” 🙂


  1. Hello a great article as always. But i would like to point out this great Live cd WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec​ which is updated for Windows 8/10 32/64 bit with very good utilities & no compatibility issues. Would like to tell that is good to be updated nowadays.

  2. Will there ever been an update version. My god this so old now. Newer computers have been out and the utilities are 10 years old.

  3. Hi guys. I downloaded the zip file (Hirens.BootCD.15.2.) I unzipped the file using winRAR. I burned the ISo image file onto a CD & flash drive. Then I switched off my PC (windows 7 Professional 64 bit), put my flash drive on, switched on the PC. After boot set up, I selected flash drive option & then the PC started reading the flash & selected Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer option. Then there comes a prompt screen with this ‘boot: _’. Next I pressed enter. Normaly a screen telling me I need to select the partition where Windows is located should appear but in my case this didn’t happen; a screen with numbers & information appears instead, it just stuck there, I pressed enter several times but doesn’t accept the command. The same thing happens when I used the CD. Could you please explain why this is happened? Do you guys know any other similar bootable rescue disc solutions?



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