Everything You Need To Know About Making Bootable USB

Did you know that in technical language, the word name “Boot” means startup (mainly the process who carried out after when every time when you turn on your PC).

And to boot something, your PC’s actually need a bootable storage device which does has proper boot loader files into it to boot the drive’s bootable OS or Software.

Follow This Link To Know More About It >> What is Boot, Booting and Bootable Devices?

So, after defining the above statement that does certifies that the only purpose of making a bootable pendrive is to boot it on your computer’s startup, so you can easily install the OS; or maybe just using it for booting some Utility related Software.

#Something More About Bootable USB 🤓

I’m not going to stretch the whole past out, but there was a time when every external booting can only be done by the optical disc only.

But as we are heading to the technical future;

Nowadays USB drivers are actually quite famous for the booting purpose, even Microsoft is supplying the pre-installed live Windows 10 OS into the USB which you can boot on any computer. Click Here To Know More >> All About “Windows To Go” & How It Can Install Windows In USB Drives

And the main thing is, the USB is way better than the old optical disc, who also needs an extra hardware Disc Reader to put it in to run.

Let’s See What Type Of Bootable USB Did You Wanted For Yourself: 🤔

I know it looks quite unfamiliar, but there are a lot of different reason out there which can make an IT Person to boot their flash drive.

Here I Combined All Those In Four Different Category;

  • Bootable USB To Install OS – An OS Installer Disk is a type of bootable drive which we mainly use to install any kind of an operating system in your laptop or computer system, it’s like installing Windows or Linux on your computer by just using a single USB stick.
  • Bootable USB To Boot Utility Software Bootable Software USB Disk is a type of bootable drive which we use to boot some useful Utility Software on our computer besides running an operating system. I mean using a bootable software for ‘Backup & Restore’, Cracking BIOS OR OS Password, Ram Test Utility, Antivirus, Rescue CD & a lot more like these. It’s all about using a bootable software on startup according to your own use, just to do some work or maybe like testing or repairing.
  • Live OS USB Drive Most of the people don’t know about it, but this kind of USB can actually run an entire working and workable Operating System, straight from USB stick. It’s a type of USB drive who contains a Live OS who also don’t need an internal Hard Drive or SSD, to get to work with. And the best part is, you can take your OS anywhere with you and plug it into any computer, just to make it your PC. Just booting the USB Stick is all you need to do.Read More: What Is Live USB/CD Operating System, And How To Create And Use It? 
  • Multi-Bootable USB With All .ISO – This one is actually kind of my favorite, and you know, I always have an extra multi-bootable drive who always ready to do the hardcore booting. And as you already know by reading the sub-heading Multi-Bootable USB, that this is the kind of USB who contains more than one Bootable Software or OS stored in it, and yes, that’s it what you’ve thought of. Click Here To Know More >> What Is Live USB / CD OS (Operating System), And How To Create And Use It?

#It’s Time For The Important Stuff 💻

Let’s start to talk about something important stuff, because you can’t make anything with a single software or file and you’ve definitely need to understand some important things what you actually needed to know, before plugging any USB Stick into your computer.

So, What Are Those Stuffs? And the answer is, an “.ISO” file and a “Bootable USB Maker” software;

1# – 💿 “.ISO” File: An .ISO is a file extension which mainly used as a perfect representation of an entire DVD, CD or even Blue-Ray disc. Any optical disc can be duplicated as a soft copy with the help of a single iso file and yes, you can save it on any computer and can share it with anybody..iso logo

So, the thing is, you can make any flash drive bootable as long as you have a right “.iso” file of that bootable Utility Software or Operating System, which you wanted to boot it on your USB Stick. To know more >> What Is An .ISO File? – Everything You Need To Know

In case, if you don’t have any .iso file in your computer. Then the first thing you’ll need to do is to download the latest version of your Software or OS’s .ISO file from its Developer’s Website.

Or in case, if you have a bootable disc then this software will help you out to make an .ISO file from your bootable disc. Link >> Click Here To Download “DVD to ISO”

#Here’s The List Of Famous Bootable OS “.ISO” Download Links: 🖱

2# – “Bootable USB Maker” Software: Actually those are the software which extracts and transfer the internal iso files from your computer to the USB stick and then overwrites the bootloader loader file, in order to make it compatible with USB. I’m not sure how many softwares out there on the internet, but that’s for sure you’ll do find a great software for you, either it’s free or paid.

#Here’s The List Of Recommended Bootable USB Maker Programs: 📦

  • CMD – is a command-line interpreter program which can be found on all of the current running windows computers and laptop. CMD is great for Windows Users because by just entering some commands in the command prompt you can actually make any pendrive bootable of any latest Windows Version.

I know it’s kind of rude, but it’s a bad truth that you can only make the latest windows bootable with CMD, and not anything else.

Read More: Create Bootable USB Pendrive By Using CMD Command Prompt

  • Rufus – is a Windows Software which can make any .iso bootable into any flash drive, and the best part is it’s completely free.

Linux, Windows, Hiren Boot & anything what you’ve wanted, just plug the drive in, select the .iso and hit “Start”. Read More: Use “Rufus” To Make USB Flash Drive Bootable

  • WinToFlash – also a Windows supported software which is actually not fully freeware.Bootable USB by wintoflash

Yes, you’ll have to pay for the license to use its full features but the great part is, you can actually make your USB bootable directly through the optical disc, even whatever the bootable disc it is. And the best part is you can do that in the free version.

And just for curiosity, it can even make multi-bootable USB too but that just reserved for the paid version.

Read More: How To Use “Wintoflash” To Make USB Drive Bootable?

  • Yumi – actually is one of my favorite Windows Software and I always have the latest version of it on my computer. And the reason is pretty simple; Free Multi-Bootable USB Creation!!!

Read More: Use “Yumi” To Make Multi-Bootable OS/Software USB Flash Drive

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