Using Rufus to Make USB Drive Bootable

Rufus is a great utility tool when it comes to making a Bootable USB Pendrive and the best thing about this software is, it’s quick, free, portable and easy to use.

And with the help of this tutorial, I’ll be going to show you how you can easily make your flash drive bootable by following some simple steps.

Rufus can only make your USB Bootable by using an image file of a Bootable Software/OS Disc, and that’s the reason why the first thing you’ll need to do is to find a Disc image file of your Bootable Software/OS, just make this bootable thing possible on your Pendrive.

Disk image or you can say “.iso file” is a single file which contains all the Parent Disc’s data as a softcopy;

It’s like having a single image file which was made from a bootable Windows Optical Disk which we can also use it to make another duplicate bootable disc or maybe can make a bootable Flash Drive with it.

You can feel free to check out this link to enlighten your knowledge about >> What is An ‘.ISO’ File? – Everything You Need to Know.

Rufus only supports “.iso image transfer to the flash drive whatever it can be the Windows 7.iso or Hiren’s Boot CD.iso.

And in case if you’re thinking about to use some other disk image file extensions like .dat or .nrg then this won’t going to helpful for you because Rufus only and only support an ‘ISO’ image file to make any drive bootable.

If you don’t have an ISO file or you want to make a bootable USB by using a bootable disc then this article isn’t for and now you need to try the different software named WinToFlash.

If need a Flash Drive;

#So, Lets See How to Make A Bootable Flash drive;

At first, you’ll need to download this software from its official website download page and remember that, before you’re going to do something with your flash drive, make sure you do have a proper backup of your thumb drive because this software will format or clean all of your drive’s data before creating any bootable adjustment in it.

Heres the download page link: Rufus 

After that, you can run the software when the downloading gets completed. This software also doesn’t require you to install it on the computer’s drive. You only need to double-click on the downloaded file and software runs itself on the memory.

Then select your flash drives which you wanted for your iso image boot transformation in the Devices menu of the software and most of the time, it’s pre-selected.

After that click on the Select Button right next to the tick icon. Then browse and select the .iso image file in your computer. In case if your ‘.iso’ file isn’t able to load on the software then you can try to use some image file because it’s possible that it’s corrupted or can be broken.

Now, click on the start button to start this ISO boot files transformation process and after that click on the OK button of warning confirmation message.

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