Using “Rufus” to make USB drive bootable

Rufus is a great utility tool to use when you want to make your USB Pendrive bootable and the best thing about Rufus is it’s quick, free, portable and easy to use.

So, this is a tutorial about to show you how you can make you Pendrive bootable by this software and we made it simpler for you to do it easily by yourself.

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#How to Make a Bootable USB Pendrive ?

Rufus only makes your USB bootable by an image file of your bootable disc and that’s why the first thing you’ll need is a disc image file to make this bootable thing possible with your Pendrive.

Disk image is a single file which contains all your copied disc data and it’s like having a single image file which was made from a bootable windows disk and we can use it to make another duplicate bootable disc or maybe we can make a bootable Pendrive with it.

Rufus only supports the .iso image transfer to the Pendrive whatever it can be the “Windows 7.iso” or “Hieren’s boot cd.iso” and if you’re thinking about to use some other disk image file extensions then that won’t gonna work you because Rufus only and only supports an ISO image files.

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#So Let’s Make A Bootable Pendrive

At first you’ll need to download this software from its official website’s downloading page and remember about that, before you’re going to do something with your Pendrive you’ll have to make sure that you have a proper backup of your Pen drive because this software will format or clean your drive before creating any bootable adjustment in it.

>>RUFUS Download link<<

  • Open the software after downloading.

  • Select your Pendrive’s drive letter in which you wanted your iso image for boot transformation and normally it’s selected automatically.
  • If your Pendrive isn’t automatically selected or maybe showing some other removable drive that means your computer is connected with more than one Pendrive and you’ll have to select the particular one by manually.

  • After that click on the CD drive icon at the left side of “FreeDOS” tab and select your iso image which you want to transfer into your USB device. Click “Open” at just right after selecting your iso image.

  • Now, click on start button to start this ISO boot files transformation process and after that click on the “OK” button of warning confirmation message.

  • Click on “close” button just after when it completes the ISO copying process.

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