Creating Bootable Pendrive By CMD

Using a Pendrive in a place of windows disc is a wonderful idea to choose and if you don’t have any USB Bootable Maker Software in your computer or maybe if you don’t want to use any of these software’s then there is an another great way to create a bootable Pendrive by just using your windows cmd comment prompt also with your windows setup files.

Creating a Pendrive bootable by cmd is a very easy and quickest task to do and by just typing some commands on it will make your drive bootable and after that, you can use it for every windows installation purpose.

This cmd boot conversion will only work on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Setups and if you want to create a bootable Pendrive for Windows XP then you’ll definitely need some software to make this bootable conversion possible for you. If you wanna to know more about bootable Pendrive or maybe some other bootable software’s then you can try out our another article linked below.

#How to Make a Bootable USB Pendrive ?

#So, Let’s Make A Bootable Pen-Drive By Cmd

Making USB bootable by cmd command prompt doesn’t require any software to use but you’ll defiantly need your windows setup files in order to make those files bootable into your Pendrive.

So, make sure your computer is working on windows operating system to use this cmd prompt for boot conversion and you’ll also have to make sure about you having all windows setup files in your computer for file transformation on Pendrive.

STEP 1 – Open your Windows Cmd Command Prompt and run it as administrator for typing commands on it. I only suggest you to open cmd as administrator because the current user command prompt version won’t work because of some administrator security reasons.

There are so many ways to open cmd on your screen and some commonly used ways are mention in given picture below.

Run command to open cmd – “CMD

STEP 2 – Just after when your windows cmd open up, then type a “diskpart” command on it and that will take you to the Disk Management Utility in the command prompt.

STEP 3 – Now, type “list disk” to show every connect disk in your computer and after that just type “select disk #” (# Is Your Disk Or I Say Your Pendrive Disk Number). We do this to find our Pendrive disk number in diskpart of cmd and tell our computer to make it as active to make some future bootable adjustment on it.

STEP 4 – Selecting your Pendrive in diskpart will make your Pendrive active from now on and after that, there are some of the commands you’ll have to type into your cmd for disk cleanup, partition creation and some other import process which is definitely needed for boot conversion.

So, there are some commands listed below which you’ll need to type into your command prompt.

Remaining Command for Type It –

  • Clean
  • Create partition primary
  • Select partition 1
  • Active
  • Format fs=ntfs quick
  • Assign
  • Exit

After typing these command on your cmd you’ve gonna done with this cmd process and you’ll need to go to next step listed down in this tutorial.

You can see the full command typed in cmd example below

# So, What’s Now After Typing Cmd Commands?

Now your Pendrive made fully bootable and the only thing which remains now is to copy your Windows Setup files into the Pendrive. You can use your windows installer disc to transfer setup files into your Pendrive if you having one or you can use an iso image of your bootable windows image and extract it on your Pendrive for files transformation propose.

So, Now You Have 3 Options to Choose and Those Are –

  • Transfer files from our computer’s drive to USB, if you having full windows setup files on your computer.
  • Transfer files from Windows Disc to USB Pendrive, if you having a windows installation disc.
  • Transfer files from ISO Disk Image to USB Pendrive by direct extracting files on USB.

#A Useful Tip

You’ll have to make sure about that, you only need to transfer windows files, not a single setup folder.

If you just only copied setup folder in our Pendrive then your Pendrive won’t gonna boot when you wanted too.


  1. thank you very much for the tutorial. I was able to successfully format the drive. However I am still confused on extracting the windows 7 install disk data to it. Can I simply browse the contents and drag and drop the files to the pendrive? or do I have to actually extract the files via winrar?

  2. Well taught. After reading through, I finally managed to convert my pendrive into bootable media. Thank you very much for your help!

  3. what after this…should i restart the pc and then i will see booting options from pd after restart ..also if i have removed the pd from i again need to perform cmd steps again after connecting to pc

  4. Hi, After making PD as bootable, and transfer Window 10 to PD … it shows “install.Wimbledon does not exist.

    Kindly suggest on this asap.
    Need to install win 10 on my another lappy.

  5. This process is so helpful, if anyone try to implement, please follow this process And please keep sharing this type of information which helps us.

  6. while paste the set-up its showing destinaton error and in bootable usb drive and not paste the whole set-up in pendrive

  7. it is a very unique idea to implement it on cmd prompt, as it is command line interpreter, and in cmd you may easily fix the range of your USB pendrive bootable.

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  9. There is a process to make bootable pendrive:
    Open your Windows Cmd Command Prompt and run it as administrator for typing commands on it. I only suggest you to open cmd as administrator because the current user command prompt version won’t work because of some administrator security reasons.

  10. this post really helpful for me ..Well educated. In the wake of perusing, I at last figured out how to change over my pendrive into bootable media. Much thanks for your assistance!

  11. I am looking for the same kind of information on the website and I really found your article is informative. Keep writing an amazing article and I would love to share with my friends and family.

  12. I followed the instructions but am getting an error message when I try to boot from the USB, “An operating system wasn’t found. Try disconnecting any drives that don’t contain an operating system”. What did I do wrong?


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