Using WinToFlash to Make USB Bootable

WinToFlash is one of a great software on the internet which we can use to make a bootable Flash Drive. This Software is mainly famous because of its compatibility to transfer any bootable Optical Disc (CD/DVD/Blu-ray) into any USB Flash Drive in order to make the USB Bootable which you can use to install any operating system, or maybe just some for Bootable Utility Tools.

There was a time when WinToFlash only supports CD/DVD to USB Drive conversion, but that’s the history;

With all the new latest updates, now not just you can transfer the ‘.ISO Image’ to the USB, you can even make your drive Multi-Bootable which can contain more than one ‘.iso’ image file.

Not just the ‘.iso’ file, now you use most of the Disc Image Extensions for the boot conversion. So, it all depends upon you to use which feature who suits you.

Disk image or you can say “.iso file” is a single file which contains all the Parent Disc’s data as a softcopy;

It’s like having a single image file which was made from a bootable Windows Optical Disk which we can also use to make another duplicate bootable disc or maybe can make a bootable Flash Drive with it.

You can feel free to check out this link to enlighten your knowledge about >> What is An ‘.ISO’ File? – Everything You Need to Know.

If need a Flash Drive;

#So, Lets See How to Make A Bootable Flash Drive

At first, you’ll need to download this software from its official website download page and remember that, before you’re going to do something with your flash drive;

Make sure you do have a proper backup of your thumb drive because this software will format or clean all of your drive’s data before making any bootable adjustment in it.

By the way, if you think that WinToFlash is fully free then that’s not true. Most of its feature only available in paid version but there is also a free lite version which can work for a single boot conversion, or for only 2 ‘.iso’ multi-Boot.

Heres the download page link: WinToFlash

For ‘Freeware Multi-Boot USB Maker Software’, Read this: How to Create A Multi-Bootable USB Flash Drive?

After downloading this software you’ll need to extract that downloaded WinToFlash file by using your Windows Zip Extractor or maybe by WinRAR (you can use trial).

It all depends upon you to use which Extractor, and after that, you’ll able to use this software directly even without installing it into your OS.

Now Open the recently extracted folder and double-click on ‘WinToFlash’ icon to run the software. Now WinToFlash asks about the license agreement stuffs for the first and last time and after that, you can able to use this software normally. So, click on Next to continue.

Accept the license agreement page by ticking the accept EULA and then click “Next”.

If you having a WinToFlash Purchased License Key then you can use it here to register your product and in case if you don’t have any, then you just need to click on Next to use this software as a free version.

Skip the advertisement and then click on Next.

After that, just click on Next to continue.

Now setup wizard has been finished and by clicking on Next it will end this first start wizard setup.

#Choosing Which Type of Bootable USB Did You Wanted to make?

As I said, this software can make any type of bootable USB whatever it’s a single windows bootable flash drive or maybe it’s a multi-bootable USB drive that contains more than one bootable setup in it.

It’s like having a Windows 7 + Windows 8 + Windows 10 all these installer setups in a single USB. Not just OS, you can also add some other bootable software in your drive too.

Here is a list of some popular software’s which you can use with this software –

  • Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 Setup
  • Hiren’s Boot CD
  • Android x86
  • Ubuntu/xUbuntu
  • WinPE based on XP, like BartPE
  • WinPE based on Vista/7/8
  • Windows XP Recovery Console
  • NTLDR bootloader on USB
  • MS-DOS USB boot
  • Computer manufacturer’s recovery CDs
  • WEB
  • BitDefender Rescue CD
  • COMODO Rescue Disk
  • Panda Safe CD
  • AvtiVir Rescue System
  • FSecure Rescue CD
  • Android x86
  • Kubuntu
  • Acronis Backup and Security Rescue CD
  • Symantec PC Tools
  • Windows Reset Password
  • And other 80+ images!

Creating a single boot drive and a multiboot drive is might differ with each other. So, expand the toggle to see the rest of the tutorial according to your use.

#Click on the listed Sub-Topic below to expand them;

[toggle title=”1# Need to Create a Single Boot Windows OS Flash Drive.” state=”close”]

Click on ‘Windows Setup Transfer Wizard’ and after that click on ‘Next’.

Now select the source for your Windows setup transfer. Select “I have Cd inserted in…” if you having a bootable Windows Disc or otherwise just select the second option “I have ISO image….” to give an “Image File” to the WinToFlash setup.

If you choose CD as your Windows setup source then now you need to insert your Windows Disc into your Optical Disk Reader, and after that click on the ‘Select’ button in ‘Windows files path‘ selection to select the source of your optical disc drive letter.

In my case, I’m using an ‘.ISO’ Image file to create my USB bootable as you see in the picture given below.

After that insert your Flash drive into your computer or laptop and click on refresh to auto-detect your pen or thumb drive in the setup wizard.

Read the warning and click on ‘Continue’.

Now accept the license agreement popup page.

And after that, you will be able to find that your Windows boot transfer conversion is going to start in the process.

Click on “Exit” when it’s done.


[toggle title=”2# Need to Create a Single Boot Flash Drive other than Windows OS.” state=”close”]

If you wanted to create a bootable USB other that windows setup like making an Ubuntu or Hiren’s bootable USB;

Then this time you’ll need to go through the advanced mode in the WinToFlash Menu. Just click on the ‘Advanced mode’ tab and then select ‘Create Multiboot USB Drive’ to go the main menu for your other ISO images to USB Boot conversion.

After that click on the ‘Add’ button and that will takes you to the short menu where you can do something like, selecting the type of Image Software and it’s Image File to get in the process. Given picture below will help you to pass the menu:

Click on add and then just right after that click on ‘Run’ to make this Image File transfer possible.

Now, take a rest for a while until the transfer gets done.


[toggle title=”3# Need to Create a Multi-Boot Flash Drive.” state=”close”]

The best thing about this software is you can add up to 50+ bootable setups and software’s in your pendrive, whatever it can be a sum of ‘Windows Setup + Hiren’s boot CD + Other Bootable Software’ or something else.

It all depends upon you to add any single bootable CD or ISO in your drive to make it as a multi-bootable USB Drive.

just like the above one, you’ll again need to select the multi-boot option from the ‘Advanced mode’ tab.

But this time you’ll have to try adding more than one Image file.

You can add as many as your Flash Drive can store and at the end just click on “Run” to transfer all of your selected ISO images to your USB storage drive.


[toggle title=”#A useful Tip” state=”close”]

In case, if you can’t be able to find your Image Software’s name in the “select a type of the item” tab in the ISO Selections Menu, then there is an easy way to adding a non-listen Images on your flash drive.

Follow the instruction below:

  • First, click on the add button.
  • Second, select the “Standard loader for unknown ISO” for your non-listed Images.
  • Third, select the GRUB ISO boot-loader for your every non-listed Images and only use SYSLINUX ISO when the grub bootloader won’t works with your Computer’s BIOS.
  • Fourth, select your ISO image which you want to transfer into your Pendrive.
  • Fifth, click on add button and after that click on run to proceed with the transfer process.


In case if you are an enthusiast and wanted to know more about making the USB Bootable and what benefits you can take just from a single thumb drive, then you can check out this link to learn everything about >> How To Make Bootable USB Flash Drive – Explained.

“That’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the article, in the comments down below.” 🙂


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