7 Reasons Why Linux Is The Always King

Are you wondering about the best available Operating System in the current scenario? While each one of them offers striking features and great functionalities on their own, Linux can be still considered as the best among them all.

Linux comes with an attractive set of exciting features that makes it stand out from the rest. Linux has been known to perform various actions better than even Windows and Mac OS. If you do not believe the same, then read on to know about the benefits of Linux Operating System over Windows and Mac OS.

Here Are Some:

#1 – Greater Flexibility

If you have used Windows and Mac OS X, then you must have realized that these are highly user-friendly. However, when it comes to the flexibility options, Linux tops among all. With Windows, you get what you have got. You cannot do much about it. In case, you do not like the layout of the desktop, then you can move the documents to one side or shrink the same. You can also add third-party attractive desktop backgrounds and themes. The taskbar is an integral part of the Windows. However, with Linux, the story is entirely different. If you do not wish to have the taskbar, but like its features, then you can add any particular feature to the taskbar in Linux. Even after this, there could be the possibility that you do not like the overall layout. In this case, you can go for the separate installation of the desktop or window manager.

#2 – Open Source Platform

This feature of the Linux Operating System makes it stand out from all the other operating systems including Windows and Mac OS. The greatest issue that the users face with Mac OS X is that of the license. Apple created its own Darwin kernel to create OS X. However, after some years, Apple had to take this venture down as its efforts to create an open source Darwin Operating System had failed. It was in 2007 that another project by Apple named PureDarwin was launched to continue the work. However, it is still not able to compete with the open-source capabilities of Linux.

#3 – Command Line Usage

Although most of the common users might not have the usage of the command line on a daily basis, yet some professional users would understand its importance. The proper functioning of the command line could help them in several administrative tasks. When it comes to the command line implementation, both Mac OS X and Windows fall short of Linux. With the help of the Linux operating system, the users can do almost anything they wish to achieve with the command line. From the installation of the command line to the command line security and the starting as well as the stopping services from command line –all of it are guaranteed by the Linux operating system in a supreme manner than the Windows and Mac OS.

#4 – Top-Notch Security

In the recent “Pwn 2 Own” competition, both Windows Vista and Mac OS X systems were hacked. However, Linux system could not be hacked. Linux offers uncompromising and unmatchable security to the computer users. With an amazing set of tools like SELinux, iptables, fwbuilder and so more, Linux ensures the top-grade security to its users. You can make use of a similar kernel and add the same to the kernel-level tools to accelerate your security. With this, you can instantly see how Linux Operating System is able to overpower Windows and Mac OS X in terms of security parameters.

#5 – Ease of Portability

Another area where Linux stands out from the rest is the ability for migrating the Linux OS installation from one hardware to another. Linux has a great ability to relocate itself with much ease. As long as the architecture of the two hardware is the same, the migration of the OS can work smoothly with no hassle. However, on the other hand, Mac OS X is locked to the machine in which it has been initially installed. With Linux, there is an additional benefit that is offered to its users. It is the ability to take various directories at once and then move them from one machine to the other. This activity would work well with the “/home” directory as well. With the Mac OS X, the users will have to reinstall the entire setup from the scratch to do the same.

#6 – Cost

This could be the greatest benefit offered to the Linux users over all of the other users. Linux is available for free. However, with the other operating systems like Windows and Mac OS, there is a substantial cost to install the operating system along with the additional hardware costs. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to cut short your overall costs, then Linux can be the best option for you.

#7 – Greater Availability of Software

You would be surprised to hear this fact that Linux comes with a better storehouse of software than the other operating systems. Linux displays more results than Mac OS when it comes to the availability of software. One of the striking factors that separate Linux from the others is that there are several tools available to undertake any particular task in Linux. With so many tools available with Linux, it becomes a convenient process for the users to operate the system. This offers great flexibility and ease of use with the Linux Operating System.

With so many major benefits offered by the Linux Operating System over Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, you can be convinced of the power of the old.

Even with several advancements in the Windows and Mac OS, there is no matching the capabilities and functionalities offered by the Linux Operating System.

Linux operating system can be especially helpful to those who are looking for high-end administrative tasks and services. If you wish to excel in your specific tasks that call for precision, then Linux can be the best option for you.

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