List Of Best Pen Drives What You Can Buy For Your Mac, MacBook Pro & Backup

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Nothing is much more versatile than a USB flash drive. In fact, flash drive capabilities go beyond transferring and storing files. A computer Pro uses a flash drive to perform other function apart from data storing and transferring.

For instance, launching and playing portable applications right from the flash drive and restoring a virus-ridden PC. This ultra-portable storage device connects to PC, Laptop, desktop, tablet and other devices through a built-in USB Type-A plug.

As a beginner, using a flash drive is never a hard task, all you need to do is to insert the drive into a free USB port in the PC and you are good to go.

On most computers, you will get to know the installation was successful as an alert message that the drive was inserted will appear.

And the flash drive content will appear on the computer screen. The flash drive and its’ content appearance usually depend on your computer configuration among other factors.

Flash drive storage capacities varies, most flash drives in the market have a storage capacity of about 128GB or just 4GB.

However there are other flash drives with smaller and larger capacity out there, but they are harder to find. The largest flash drive in the market has a capacity of 1024 GB (1 TB).

Floppy drives have been completely replaced by flash drives, and in the near future CD, BD and DVD discs will be replaced completely by flash drives too.

This is due to the fact that Flash drives have become very large and inexpensive, unlike other storage devices.

Although we usually find USB flash drives looking almost the same, the USB flash drives varies in terms of speed, size, levels of water resistance, encryption among others. Below is some of the best USB flash drive for MAC.

So, Let’s See How Many Best Flash Drives Are Available For Mac In The Market, In This Month:

Top 4th – Kingston Data Traveler 100 G3

  • USB Type: USB 3.0
  • Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Color: Black
  • Encryption: Yes
  • Approx. Price: 13$ For 32GB

Short Review: Kingston flash drive is one of the best USB flash drives out there that is very much affordable. Not only is it water resistance but it can also handle accidental drops.

The water resistance capability is due to it rubberized casing design. With a speed of about 120 MB/s, transferring data takes the shortest time possible.

Nothing makes a computer user happy like a flash drive that is super fast in transferring data. For years now Kingston data traveler has been regarded as one of the best flash drives in terms of speed. Transfer data with ease and in the shortest time possible with Data Traveler USB flash drive. It is said to transfer data at a speed of 120 MB/s.

Data Travelers features dual compatibility. It comes with USB 3.0 connectivity as well as backward compatibility with USB 2.0 connectivity. Another thing about this flash drive is that it can be customized since there is a Co- logo program available to do so

Data traveler comes with both warranty and technical support. Upon purchase, you provided with 5 years warranty and technical support free of charge.

Another remarkable feature of this flash drive is it water resistance capability. Data Traveler features a rubberized casing which enhances its water resistance ability.

 It handles 3.3 feet of water as well accidental drops. Nothing provides maximum data security like Data Traveler flash drive. It protects your valuable files from both inside and outside harmful elements. In addition, to waterproof and maximum security, Data traveler is also inexpensive.

Top 3rd – CorsairFlash Voyager GO

  • USB Type: USB 3.0
  • Capacity: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Color: Black
  • Encryption: Yes
  • Approx. Price: 25$ For 32GB

Short Review: The easiest way to transfer files is by use of CosairFlash Voyager Go USB flash drive. It is designed in a way that it features both a micro-USB connector and a USB.

Thus copying music files or photos to your notebook PC or desktop computer is very easy. You can share media and music to your Smartphone and PCs with ease.

With USB On-The-Go support, Corsair is also supported Android devices. Flash Voyager GO comes with a USB 3.0 connector for Mac or PC as well as a Micro-USB connector for your tablet or Android phone. It supports an Android phone that supports USB OTG (also known as USB-On-The-Go).

If you are looking for a way to store your precious photos or your favorite videos, Voyage is the solution you need.

Also anytime you want to clear more room in your tablet or android phone by sharing some photos or videos you don’t need to look for a USB cable to do so, just insert the Voyage GO drive, select and copy the files you need to store or backup, and then copy them to your desktop computer or laptop.

Unlike cloud storage where you need to hunt for a USB cable and pay a monthly subscription, Voyager GO lets you transfer and store data any time of the day free of charge.

Voyage GO features USB 3.0 connection with your laptop, PC or desktop computer. However, it is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 connection.

Most tablet and Smartphone out there comes with a 16 GB or 32 GB storage capacity. This might seem like enough space to store everything need, but once you have added a number of apps, you will realize that you still need more space.

Upgrading your Smartphone memory card can be very expensive. This is where Voyage Go comes in as it comes with a Micro-USB port that assists in transferring files from your Android phone to your Mac or PC.

Top 2nd – LaCie XtremKey USB 3.0

  • USB Type: USB 3.0
  • Capacity: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • Color: Silver
  • Encryption: Yes
  • Approx. Price: 45$ For 32GB

Short Review: One of the toughest USB flash drives in the market today is XtremKey. Not only is this flash drive water resistance ( in fact it can be submerged at up to 200 M of water) but it is also heat, shock cold and even up to a whooping of about 10 ton of pressure resistance.

This drives features a super speed, actually it can transfer files at the rate of up to 230 MB/S

XtremKey is the best flash drive in terms of data protection, and security in general. It is made of ZAMAC metal alloy which gives it the ability to withstand dizzying drops, severe shock, chilling and scorching temperatures as well as relentless pressure. It protects your data from harmful outside elements as it features to drop, cold, pressure, heat and shock resistance. It also comes with AES 256-bit software encryption that secures your data from inside.

One of the best water resistance flash drives is XtremKey. In fact, it is watertight up to 656 feet (200 meters). The memory modules are found inside a 2mm casing, and the case is sealed with a screw thread, rubber O-ring and a hermetic that are water resistance, thus shielding it from water destruction.

Most computer users like a flash drive with a super speed to help in transferring large files in the shortest time possible. XtremKey comes with the extremely fast speed of up to 230 MB/s that allows you to transfer high-resolution videos and other large files with no time.

Top 1st – PNY PRO Elite USB 3.0 Flash Drive

  • USB Type: USB 3.0
  • Capacity: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Color: Silver & Black
  • Encryption: Yes
  • Approx. Price: 50$ For 128GB

Short Review: If are looking for a flash drive that will provide speed and convenience then PNY PRO Elite is your drive. Experience the best USB 3.0 performance and get the most out of your computer USB 3.0 port by purchasing a PNY PRO Elite flash drive.

Looking for a way to transfer your large files or store them? Look no more! Not only can PNY PRO Elite store and transfer data but it transfers even large amount of data.

The good thing is that it comes with the write speed of about 250MB/sec and a read speed of about 400 MB/sec; actually, in terms of performance, it is one of the best flash drives in the market for transferring high-resolution photos, large documents, HD videos, and so on.

This flash drive offers various capabilities such as ease plugin, use and play.

Every computer user dream is to have a USB flash drive with the fastest read and write speed. Over the years PNY PRO has been recognized as one of the best flash drive in terms of speed. PNY PRO Elite comes with a speed up to 400 MB/sec and 250 MB/sec, read and write speed respectively; thus making it the best flash drive for transferring files.

Not only does this flash drive have a super speed but it also features a number of capacities. The amount of storage capacity depends on your needs. There are various PNY flash drives in terms of capacity with the largest flash drive having a capacity of 512 GB.

PNY PRO can be used on MAC laptop, PCs and even desktop computers that feature USB 3.0 port. This drive is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 connection.

This flash drive comes with a 2 years warranty, and technical support is also offered free of charge.

And that’s our list of the Top 4 USB Pen Drives specially for MAC – Stay tuned for more! – So, what will you pick, if you wanted one for yourself? Let me know in the comments below:

Happy Shopping!!!

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