Best Small Printers With Scanner For Home Use

In this crazy fast world, we’re living in, the demands on our personal spaces are like totally getting more intense, you know? That’s why we need these cool gizmos that can blend right into our living spaces without making a fuss.laser printer toon

Enter the spotlight: these compact lifesavers. They’re like the superheroes of space-saving, stepping in to rescue your living area from clutter chaos. They’re the answer to a symphony of demands – the folks who need gadgets that walk the talk, no fluff.

Picture: You’re cranking out these rad prints of your best memories or important papers, and bam, you can also zap everything into the digital world. It’s like pure magic for real, thanks to these print-scan wizard machines. They’re like the superhero squad of office gear, kicking out the need for extra junk on your desk and saving you some prime space.

But hey, don’t be fooled by their small package – these bad boys pack a punch. Under their chill surface, there’s some next-level stuff going on. They’re like the brainiac jocks of technology, rocking amazing print quality and scanner speed that’s faster than a lightning bolt. So, these gadgets aren’t just cute space savers – they’re powerhouses that’ll totally level up your creative and bossy tasks, all while looking slick in your crib.

So, without wasting any time let’s step into the mind-boggling realm of technological wizardry and everyday practicality as we embark on an electrifying escapade to uncover the crème de la crème of pint-sized printers armed with nifty scanners, all tailored to grace your humble abode. Prepare to have your socks blown off by the symphony of technological marvels that lie in wait. Envision yourself effortlessly soaring beyond the constraints of pesky wires, thanks to the sorcery of wireless connectivity. And, just imagine gracefully waltzing through tasks with the finesse of an intuitive touchscreen maestro.

So, Let’s See How Many Best Small Printer & Scanner Combos Are Available For Home & Home Office

Top 8th Printer – Canon PIXMA TR4720

  • Type: Inkjet
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Wi-Fi) + USB + FAX
  • Biggest Page Support: 8.5″ x 14″
  • Print Speed: 8.8 ppm
  • Media Weight Support: 300 Gsm
  • Max Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 250 Pages
  • Cartridge Price: Black 17$ (100 Pages), Black-XL 26$ (300 Pages), Color 19$ (100 Pages), Color-XL 30$ (300 Pages)
  • Cost Per Page: Black ≈17¢, Black-XL ≈8¢, Color ≈19¢, Color-XL ≈10¢
  • Printer’s Price Tag: 76.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: The Canon PIXMA TR4720 Wireless All-in-One Printer, the majestic machine that’s here to fulfill all your printing desires, whether you’re kicking back at home or hustling in the office! This printer isn’t just a printer; it’s a true gem that will have your office mates drooling with envy. The sleek design? Check. The impressive features? Double check. This bad boy checks all the boxes for convenience and quality – a true multitasker like that coworker who always has three tabs open and never breaks a sweat.

Setting up the PIXMA TR4720? Easier than pronouncing “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” after a caffeine overdose! And the versatility? It’s like this printer went to a Swiss Army Knife school – printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, oh my! The 2-cartridge hybrid ink system? A total winner. It’s like having a superhero duo – one for sharp black text and the other for vibrant color prints. It’s so good, you might want to print a cape for it.

But wait, the real magic happens in the quality department. A print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi? Your documents, emails, and photos? Boom! Striking detail like you wouldn’t believe. And that borderless printing option? You can create photos that are so captivating, they’ll make your wall blush.

Scanning and copying are like having your own personal assistants. The flatbed scanner with an optical resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi? That’s some CSI-level detail right there. And the automatic document feeder? It’s like having a sidekick who helps you scan multi-page documents without breaking a sweat. Plus, the document removal reminder? It’s like a guardian angel for your originals – no more forgotten pages left behind!

And guess what? The printer is smarter than your pet parrot. Built-in wireless functionality means you can print and scan directly from your smartphone or tablet. Talk about a tech-powered magic trick! You can even boss it around with Amazon Alexa and Google Home – your printer just became the ultimate smart sidekick. And the 2-line LCD display and user-friendly buttons? It’s like the printer’s way of saying, “Hey, I’ve got your back.” From adjusting settings to making copies, it’s a breeze.

So, in a nutshell, the Canon PIXMA TR4720 is like the Tony Stark of printers – compact, powerful, and ready to save your day. With easy cartridge installation, automatic two-sided printing, print quality that’s out of this world, and smart device integration that’ll make your old printer green with envy, this printer is your new tech bestie. Whether you’re in it for personal or professional use, this bad boy is the real MVP of the printing game.

Canon PIXMA TR4720 All-in-One Wireless Printer Home use, with Auto Document Feeder, Mobile Printing and Built-in Fax, Black

Click on link to check out the current price of “Canon PIXMA TR4720“:@Amazon US ($76.99), @Amazon UK (£79.99), @Amazon IND (₹8,699.00), @Newegg ($79.99).

Top 7th Printer – HP Tango Portable Smart Wireless Printer

  • Type: Inkjet (Portable But Needs Power)
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth & Wi-Fi) + USB
  • Biggest Page Support: 8.5″ x 14″
  • Print Speed: 11 ppm
  • Media Weight Support: 297 Gsm
  • Max Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 300 Pages
  • Cartridge Price: Black 20$ (200 Pages), Black-XL 46$ (600 Pages), Color 26$ (165 Pages), Color-XL 50$ (415 Pages)
  • Cost Per Page: Black ≈10¢, Black-XL ≈7¢, Color ≈15¢, Color-XL ≈12¢
  • Printer’s Price Tag: 129.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: The HP Tango Portable Smart Wireless Printer – a true game-changer in the realm of printing wizardry. It’s not just a printer; it’s your personal printing maestro, here to elevate your convenience and connectivity game to stratospheric heights. This bad boy isn’t your grandpa’s clunky ink spewer; it’s the smart home printer that seamlessly syncs with your modern groove, no matter where you’re doing the hustle and bustle. Picture this: printing nirvana meets cosmic connectivity – and it looks darn good doing it.

Did someone say ‘hands-free’? You bet your ink cartridges they did! The Tango flaunts voice-activated printing prowess that’s so seamless, even your cat’s got printer envy. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are BFFs with this printer, so you can print your shopping lists while cooking up a storm or pump out crossword puzzles while practicing your air guitar moves.

And let’s talk ink – not the kind you spill on your favorite shirt, mind you. With HP Instant Ink, you’re in for a treat. Sign up during setup, and you’ll dance through the free first four months with ink for zilch, nada, zip! After that, we’re talking plans starting at the cost of a sneeze – $0.99 a month, folks. And hey, shipping and recycling? HP’s got your back. Your ink game will be smoother than a jazz quartet.

Hold on, we’re not done. The Tango isn’t just a printer; it’s a teleporter for your docs and pics. The HP Smart app plays conductor, summoning files from the cloud and social media realms, while your smartphone’s camera does a scan-tastic job. Your phone’s turning into a printing Picasso, my friend.  And setting up is smoother than butter on a hot pancake, thanks to dual-band Wi-Fi that’s as reliable as your granny’s apple pie recipe. And the HP Smart app? It’s your virtual ink butler, making sure you never run out mid-printing fiesta.

Worried about printer meltdowns? Fear not! The Tango’s got your back with a one-year limited hardware warranty and web support that’s awake 24/7. It’s not just a printer; it’s your trusty sidekick, making your printing world grander, better, and classier than a black-tie gala.

So there you have it, guys – the HP Tango Portable Smart Wireless Printer. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a ticket to the tech printing VIP lounge. Get ready to print, party, and conquer the paper world like a boss!

HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer – Mobile Remote Print, Scan, Copy, HP Instant Ink, Works with Alexa(2RY54A),White

Click on link to check out the current price of “HP Tango Portable“:@Amazon US ($129.99), @Amazon UK (N/A), @Amazon IND (N/A), @Newegg (N/A).

Top 6th Printer – HP OfficeJet 250 Portable Printer

  • Type: Inkjet (Portable In-Built Battery)
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth & Wi-Fi) + USB
  • Biggest Page Support: 8.5″ x 14″
  • Print Speed: 10 ppm
  • Media Weight Support: 297 Gsm
  • Max Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 300 Pages
  • Cartridge Price: Black 20$ (200 Pages), Black-XL 46$ (600 Pages), Color 42$ (200 Pages), Color-XL 48$ (415 Pages)
  • Cost Per Page: Black ≈10¢, Black-XL ≈7¢, Color ≈21¢, Color-XL ≈11¢
  • Printer’s Price Tag: 489.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: The HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-in-One Inkjet Printer is an absolute game-changer for professionals who are always on the move. This compact powerhouse ensures that you’re never held back by your location when it comes to essential printing, scanning, and copying tasks. Its versatile capabilities, combined with thoughtful design, make it an indispensable tool for modern mobile workers.

Equipped with both Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth Low Energy, the OfficeJet 250 ensures seamless connectivity even in remote locations. The option to power it with a battery takes convenience to the next level, making it perfect for those situations where power outlets are scarce. The printer’s inkjet technology delivers impressive, high-quality prints with resolutions of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, bringing your documents and visuals to life with vivid colors and sharp details.

Speed is not compromised either, with ISO-rated print rates of 10 ppm in black and 7 ppm in color. For larger tasks, the 50-sheet ADF comes to the rescue, allowing for efficient batch processing. The scanner impresses with an optical resolution of 600 dpi, ensuring your scans retain their clarity and precision.

The 2.65″ color touchscreen is a fantastic addition, streamlining the user experience and making adjustments a breeze. The printer’s durability, boasting a 500-page monthly duty cycle, ensures it’s up to the challenges of your busy lifestyle. Its compatibility with various paper types, including envelopes, labels, and cards, adds to its versatility. The option for borderless printing up to 5 x 7 inches adds a professional touch to your output.

One standout feature is the Draft mode, which ramps up print speeds to 20 ppm in black and 19 ppm in color when connected to AC power. Being ENERGY STAR certified, the OfficeJet 250 doesn’t just excel in performance, but also in energy efficiency. And let’s not forget the HP Fast Charge technology – it can fully charge the optional battery pack in just 90 minutes, ensuring you’re always ready to hit the road with a reliable printing companion.

For sure, the HP OfficeJet 250 is a must-have for professionals who demand top-notch performance and flexibility. Its combination of portability, connectivity, and high-quality output make it an investment that pays off every time you’re out and about, needing to put your ideas on paper.

HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer with Wireless & Mobile Printing, Works with Alexa (CZ992A) Black

Click on link to check out the current price of “HP OfficeJet 250“:@Amazon US ($489.99), @Amazon UK (£515.00), @Amazon IND (N/A), @Newegg ($499.99).

Top 5th Printer – HP LaserJet MFP M140we

  • Type: Laser B&W
  • Connectivity: Wireless (WIFI) + USB
  • Biggest Page Support: 8.5″ x 14″
  • Print Speed: 21 ppm
  • Media Weight Support: 120 Gsm
  • Print Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 1000 Pages
  • Toner Price: Black 50$ (950 Pages)
  • Cost Per Page: Black ≈5¢
  • Printer’s Price Tag: 168.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: The HP LaserJet MFP M140we is like a total game-changer in the world of compact home office gadgets. It’s like this awesome mix of efficiency, innovation, and versatility, all rolled into one. If you’re dealing with tight workspaces, no worries, ’cause this bad boy can handle it all. You’ve got top-notch black-and-white printing, scanning, and copying, all packed into this sleek & shiny package.

Hold on to your hats, ’cause this thing is like the smallest laser printer ever in its class. Seriously, it’s like the David of printers taking on the Goliaths. And don’t let its size fool you – it’s dishing out those laser prints like a boss. Even in the tiniest of spaces, it’s still slaying the print game, making it like the dream team for home offices that wanna get stuff done without sacrificing quality.

The M140we is all about speed. It’s dropping 21 pages a minute like it’s no biggie. So, if you’re in a hurry, this baby’s got your back. And the wireless connectivity? It’s like the M140we’s got its own Wi-Fi dance moves, never missing a beat. Also, you can copy ID cards and small papers onto one sheet. That’s like admin tasks on easy mode.

But hey, here’s where the HP LaserJet MFP M140we really drops the mic – the HP Plus Smart Printing System. This is like the brainiac behind the printer magic. You can print stuff from any device or app without breaking a sweat. But, hold up, there’s a catch. You gotta use the fancy Original HP Toner, have an HP account, and be connected to the net. But it’s all good, ’cause it’s all about that smooth user experience.

And wait for it – this printer’s got a sweet deal too. Like, you get 6 months of Free Instant Ink for lasers with HP Plus. That’s like printing up to 1500 pages every month without the ink drama. No need to worry, ’cause the ink just shows up at your doorstep. And after that freebie period, you’re saving like 50% on toner. Cha-ching!

Simple fact, the HP LaserJet MFP M140we is like a total rockstar. It’s like that little dude who packs a serious punch. With its small size, fancy prints, and brainy features, it’s like your BFF for tight spaces and big goals. Whether you’re printing, scanning, or copying, HP’s got your back with this all-star printer, making office life way cooler.

HP LaserJet MFP M140we All-in-One Wireless Black & White Printer with HP+ and Bonus 6 Months Instant Ink (7MD72E)

Click on link to check out the current price of “HP LaserJet MFP M140we“:@Amazon US ($168.99), @Amazon UK (£149.99), @Amazon IND (₹18,299.00), @Newegg ($169.00).

Top 4th Printer – Pantum M6552NW

  • Type: Laser B&W
  • Connectivity: Wireless (WiFi) + USB + Ethernet
  • Biggest Page Support: 8.5″ x 14″
  • Print Speed: 23 ppm
  • Media Weight Support: 163 Gsm
  • Max Print Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 2000 Pages
  • Toner Price: Black 36.99$ (1600 Pages)
  • Cost Per Page: B&W 2.3¢
  • Printer’s Price Tag: 139.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: The Pantum M6552NW! This bad boy isn’t just your average printer, nah, it’s like the superhero of the home offices, ready to tackle all your printing needs with a swagger. It’s like the unicorn of affordability and functionality, doing a total mic drop on the whole printing game. We’re talking printing, copying, and color scanning, all in one sleek package.

With 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution it’s got this killer HD printing thing going on, and it’s fast, like “hold my coffee” fast. The “Flying Print” mode kicks out pages at a mind-boggling 23ppm (Letter) or 22ppm (A4), and it doesn’t even break a sweat – the first page is out in just 7.8 seconds. Take that, morning rush! Got a stack of stuff to scan and copy? No sweat, my friend. The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) handles up to 35 pages, so you can multitask like a pro.

Setting up this bad boy? Easier than finding a meme on the internet. It’s got wireless Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet, plus it plays nice with your iOS and Android buddies. The Pantum app is like your personal printing genie, granting wishes for mobile printing straight from your device. Drivers? Pff, one and done.

This printer is built like a tank with its metal frame, ready to take on the long haul. The paper tray is like a magician’s hat, holding up to 150 pages in and spitting out 100 pages – refills? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Worried about security? Nah, the M6552NW has your back. It’s got secret agent-level secure printing and password protection for your top-secret stuff. And let’s talk about that single toner cartridge setup – it’s like changing batteries in a remote, a piece of cake.

And for the cherry on top, Pantum hooks you up with a starter toner that can print 700 pages with each printer. They’re practically giving you a high-five for your purchase. Plus, there’s a 1-year limited warranty, and their online support is like having a tech-savvy friend at your service.

In short, the Pantum M6552NW isn’t just a printer, it’s a game-changer. It’s like upgrading your office to first-class without selling a kidney. Print, copy, scan – it’s got it all, and at this price range it’s cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Click on link to check out the current price of “Pantum M6552NW“:@Amazon US ($139.99), @Amazon UK (£149.99), @Amazon IND (₹14,799.00), @Newegg ($169.99).

Top 3rd Printer – Brother HLL2395DW

  • Type: Laser
  • Connectivity: Wireless (WiFi + NFC) + USB + Ethernet
  • Biggest Page Support: 8.5″ x 14″
  • Print Speed: 36 ppm
  • Media Weight Support: 225 Gsm
  • Print Resolution: 2400 x 600 dpi
  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 2000 Pages
  • Toner Price: Black 79.99$ (3000 Pages)
  • Cost Per Page: B&W 2¢
  • Printer’s Price Tag: 219.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: The Brother HL-L2395DW printer. This little marvel isn’t just your run-of-the-mill ink-spewer; it’s a reliable sidekick that’ll have your back whether you’re a home office hustler or a small-scale commander-in-chief. Picture this: You hit that print button, and bam! The HL-L2395DW kicks into gear like a caffeine-loaded cheetah, spitting out pages at a mind-bending pace of up to 36 sheets per minute.

This printer isn’t just about speed; it’s got the storage chops to match. With a whopping 250-sheet paper capacity, you’ll be saying sayonara to frequent refill frenzies. And if you’re feeling fancy, the manual feed slot takes you on a wild ride through different paper types and sizes. Card stock? Envelopes? Heck, maybe even a mini-scroll.

Wireless wizardry, my friend! The HL-L2395DW doesn’t discriminate – print from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. And brace yourselves for the “touch to connect” feature with NFC. It’s like the printer’s way of saying, “Let’s make this connection official”. And cloud connectivity? The 2.7″ color touchscreen is your gateway to the digital heavens. You can now summon documents from Dropbox, Google Drive™, and Evernote with a flick of a finger. Customizable shortcuts? Check. Time-saving tricks? Check, check.

Here’s the pièce de résistance: a flatbed scan glass. Copying and scanning in one fell swoop, like a tech-savvy ninja. And let’s not forget the Brother Cloud Apps – a treasure trove of digitized wonder, including the mythical Scan to Office, capable of turning hard copies into editable spells… I mean, files. It’s built tougher than a tank, and its money-saving moves include automatic duplex printing (yeah, 2-sided action) and a toner save mode. Frugality never looked so slick.

Now, hold onto your tech hats – Brother’s customer support is the real deal. Online assistance? Check. Live chat? Double-check. Phone help? You got it. It’s like having a tech-savvy fairy godmother by your side. And if you’re all about authenticity, pair this beast with Brother Genuine TN730 Standard or TN760 High-Yield cartridges. Need toner? No worries, the Refresh EZ Print Subscription Service has your back, saving you enough dough to throw a printer-themed party.

Altogether, the Brother HL-L2395DW printer is basically the superhero of efficiency, productivity, and all things convenience. It’s like your tech-savvy best friend who never leaves you hanging. Whether you’re running a home office or a tiny empire, this bad boy is your ticket to streamlined success. And hey, who said printers can’t be cool?

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer, HLL2395DW, Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless Printing, NFC, Cloud-Based Printing/Scanni

Click on link to check out the current price of “Brother HLL2395DW“:@Amazon US ($219.99), @Amazon UK (£169.99), @Amazon IND (₹18,699.00), @Newegg ($219.99).

Top 2nd Printer – Canon PIXMA G3260

  • Type: Inkjet (Ink Tank)
  • Connectivity: Wireless (WiFi) + USB
  • Biggest Page Support: 8.5″ x 47.2″
  • Print Speed: 10.8 ppm
  • Media Weight Support: 275 Gsm
  • Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 500 Pages
  • Ink Bottle Price: Black 18$ (6000 Pages), Color 39$ (7700 Pages)
  • Cost Per Page: Black ≈0.3¢, Color ≈0.5¢
  • Printer’s Price Tag: 199.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: The Canon PIXMA G3260 Wireless MegaTank All-in-One Printer! This bad boy isn’t just your average home office sidekick; it’s the hero you’ve been waiting for to conquer the high-volume, cost-effective printing, copying, and scanning battleground.

The G3260 flaunts some impressive integrated ink tanks that churn out around 7700 color pages or 6000 black and white pages in Default Mode. That’s more pages than you could probably shuffle through while humming your favorite tune.

Now, don’t even get me started on print quality – it’s like the G3260 went to print school and graduated with honors. With resolutions that go as high as 4800 x 1200 dpi, it’s basically serving up images so sharp, you might need safety gloves to touch them. Oh, and that pigment-based black ink? It’s like the printer’s way of saying, “Hey, tiny font, I see you. Whether you’re a text aficionado or a photo fanatic, this printer delivers results that’ll make your eyes pop. And guess what? It doesn’t dawdle either. Speeds of 10.8 ppm for black and 6 ppm for color means you won’t have time to even grab a snack.

Paper sizes? Yeah, the G3260 is like the DJ of the printing world, spinning everything from 3.5 x 3.5″ to 8.5 x 14″. But wait, there’s more – custom sizes from 2.1 x 3.5″ to 8.5 x 47.2″. And who needs margins, anyway? Borderless printing up to 8.5 x 11″ lets your creativity run wild, sans any pesky margins. User experience? Oh, it’s not just another tech jargon. An intuitive 2-line LCD and an 8.5 x 11.7″ flatbed scanner, boasting 600 x 1200 dpi optical resolution, means you’re not just scanning; you’re scanning in style.

Document printing, photo printing, business cards, labels – this printer’s got the multitasking skills of a plate-spinner at a circus. And let’s not forget the built-in Wi-Fi – because, you know, wires are so yesterday. With the Canon PRINT app, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and PIXMA Cloud Link, you can print from anywhere, as long as you’re not on Mars.

Undoubtedly, the Canon PIXMA G3260 Wireless MegaTank All-in-One Printer isn’t just a printer; it’s a print wizard. It keeps the ink flowing, the quality top-notch, and the options galore. Whether you’re a student, a home office conqueror, or a creative maestro, the G3260 deserves a standing ovation in your workspace. So go ahead, print away like there’s no tomorrow!

Canon G3260 All-in-One Printer | Wireless Supertank (Megatank) Printer | Copier | Scan, with Mobile Printing, Black, one Size

Click on link to check out the current price of “Canon G3260“:@Amazon US ($199.99), @Amazon UK (£199.99), @Amazon IND (₹14,799.00), @Newegg ($199.99).

Top 1st Printer – Canon PIXMA G7020

  • Type: Inkjet (Ink Tank)
  • Connectivity: Wireless (WiFi) + USB + Ethernet + FAX
  • Biggest Page Support: 8.5″ x 14″
  • Print Speed: 13 ppm
  • Media Weight Support: 300 Gsm
  • Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 1500 Pages
  • Ink Bottle Price: Black 18$ (6000 Pages), Color 39$ (7700 Pages)
  • Cost Per Page: Black ≈0.3¢, Color ≈0.5¢
  • Printer’s Price Tag: 249.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: The Canon PIXMA G7020 MegaTank All-In-One Printer! Seriously, this bad boy is a game-changer, a true revolution in the realm of print productivity. It’s like having a personal print genie at your service, spewing out up to a whopping 6000 pages of jet-black text or a staggering 7700 pages of glorious technicolor goodness with just one ink bottle set. Yeah, you read that right – it’s the ink equivalent of a superhero. Efficiency? Oh, it’s redefined.

The PIXMA G7020 isn’t just about churning out pages. Nah, it’s a triple threat. Scan, copy, and fax? Check, check, and check! It’s got a 35-Sheets Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that’s smoother than a cat on a marble floor. Two-sided printing? Lightning-fast print speeds? A paper capacity that could put a kangaroo’s pouch to shame? Yup, it’s got all that jazz.

Now, let’s talk resolutions, baby. We’re talking about details so fine, you’d think you’re in a microscope party. With up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, your documents and photos will practically sparkle with exquisite quality. And hold onto your iPhones, folks – Apple AirPrint compatibility is in the house! You can print stuff from your iPads and iPhones like it’s no big deal. It’s like magic, but tech magic.

Home sweet home or tiny business empire, this printer’s got your back. It’s like a best friend that handles any paper type or size, with a quality that’s so good, it’s like a professional chef preparing a masterpiece. Oh, and guess what? It’s got voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in its squad. Yeah, you heard me right. You can just tell it to print your grocery list or even a crossword puzzle. Talk about living in the future, folks.

USB? Check. Large paper trays? Double check. It’s like this printer is designed to make your printing life so breezy, you’ll feel like you’re sipping a piña colada on a tropical beach while it does all the heavy lifting. And let’s not forget the two-line full-dot matrix display. It’s like having a personal GPS to navigate this printing wonderland.

In a world where performance meets convenience, the Canon PIXMA G7020 MegaTank printer is the unsung hero, the tech knight in shining armor. With its mind-blowing page yields, wireless wizardry, voice command prowess, and all-around awesomeness, it’s the top-notch choice for anyone who demands nothing but the best from their all-in-one printer.

Canon G7020 All-in-One Printer Home Office | Wireless Supertank (Megatank) Printer | Copier | Scan, | Fax and ADF with Mobile

Click on link to check out the current price of “Canon G7020“:@Amazon US ($249.99), @Amazon UK (£300.00), @Amazon IND (₹31,645.00), @Newegg ($279.99).

And that’s our list of Top 8 Best Small Printers With Scanner For Home Use. Stay tuned for more! – So, what will you pick, if you wanted one for yourself? Let me know in the comments below:

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