Utility Tools Kit For USB And Optical Disc

When using a PC to carry out some tasks and there are some complex tasks that can be carried out much easier by just using a USB Flash Drive or a CD.

Gone are the days when partitioning a hard drive, restoring files from a PC with malfunctioning OS, testing hardware or resetting a lost password was complex;

Nowadays doing just tasks is very simple. This is due to the rapid the growth of technology and invention of bootable utility ISO tool and kits.

Imagine your PC has stopped booting? This means you will not be able to change the password, to recover lost data, detect bad memory or carry out any other function to restore your Computer normal functioning.

This is where the boot drive comes in;

When it comes to having your PC base lined, reformatted or in other streamlined, there many ways of doing so. You will find that some people prefer using the traditional clean stall, whereby the primary driver is baselined, leaving the PC in a good working condition.

The challenge that comes with this method is having the hardware or drivers installed on the PC again, which takes some hours, about 2-3 hours.

Imagine a situation where your computer Operating System becomes corrupted or you are unable to access your sensitive data or files. Don’t worry there is a better solution to such problems: Hiren’s BootCD. Nothing makes your computer reformatting so easy like this boot disk utility.

Hiren’s plays a major role in solving some uncommon computer and internet issues such as intermittent internet connection, a driver failure, and other computer problems.

What’s Special In ‘Hiren’s BootCD’?

The good thing about Hire’s BootCD is that it comes with a number of tools that can be very useful in solving a number of computer problems.

Hiren’s tools can be useful in solving problems such as virus infections, hard drive malfunctions, data and password recovery.

Tools are divided into different categories such as partitioning tools, recovery tools, backup tools, and so on.

How To Use Hiren’s BootCD?

  1. Set-Up: You have to download Hiren’s via a secure website from the internet. You need to visit the official website to do so, as there are so many websites out there that will lure you to download fake Hiren’s from their websites. The disc comes as an ISO file thus you need to burn it to a DVD or maybe in a USB. And there is one more thing, you’ll need to unzip your downloaded file to file the actually .iso file.
  1. Booting: Once you have burned the disc, placed it on the CD/DVD drive on your PC, and restart your PC. The disc will scan and the Hiren’s BootCD menu will load. The menu will come with 3 options; start the computer normally, load the disc or load Mini Windows. To work with the disc tools, then you need to select the disc loading option. If you need to clear the entire virus and get access to a large number of BootCD tools, then you have to select the Mini Windows XP options. Once this option has loaded, you will have all the programs to select from; for instance, a collection of antivirus softwares, password hackers and registry cleaners.

Link: How to Quick Boot Any Drive Directly From the Boot Menu?

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