Quick Boot USB or CD/DVD Directly from the Boot Menu

If you are reading this article then it’s quite possible that you have something bootable with you, which you might want to boot on your computer.

In order to boot something first we need to change the boot sequence in the BIOS Menu and then we can able to boot something. But in this smart world, there is always a quickies way to do something, and this time we doing it with the help of BIOS‘s Boot Menu.

Boot Menu is actually a Quick Boot Selection Menu which can give you the one-time boot selection access for the device what you wanted to boot on your Laptop or desktop, and it can boot any of yours connected storage devices.

By using the Boot Menu, booting actually made easy for you, because with the help of this BIOS Shortcut tool you really don’t need to make those Boot Sequence changes in order to boot some drive.

So, Let’s See How to Use It;

Using Boot Menu is actually very easy and believe it or not but even a kid can familiar with it because you only just need to press the pre-assigned keyboard key on your computer’s startup and that will instantly open the Boot Menu for you.

Normally the Startup Screen of your computer or laptop will provide you that pre-assigned keyboard’s key to open the boot menu. If the first boot screen didn’t show you something then you can also try these keys one by one until it opens the boot menu.

The keys are F7, F8, F9, F10, F11 and F12 you can try these keys one at a time by pressing it again and again, after the 2 second when your system starts;

And if the key is correct the Boot Menu will open instantly. Try the F10, F11, F12 first because these keys are the most default pre-assign key for this menu. It all depends on your BIOS software and yes, sometimes it can be the ‘Esc key too, which will take you to some different menu where you need to select the boot menu to open it.

By using the above Boot Menu key, you’ll able to actual Boot Menu (what I’m talking about). In this menu, you can see all your Hard Drive, SSD, or CD/DVD-RW Drive and as always, your Flash Drive too.

Now in this menu, you can easily select whatever the bootable device you wanted to boot. Just select the name of your storage device and press Enter to make boot it instantly.

In case, if your computer doesn’t support the boot menus (because most of old BIOS version do have that problem in it) then you can also configure the boot sequence all by yourself in the bios setting to boot anything. Here are some links given down below which will help you with that problem.

Suggested Link:

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  1. Kya Koi Shortcut key hai jisse ki Direct format hona start ho jaye bina Function button dabaye. Please Sir Aap Bataaye.


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