Quick Boot A USB or CD/DVD Directly From the Boot Menu

I know this time you might wanna to boot something on your computer and the quickies way to boot something is doing it by boot menu.

Boot menu is the quick boot selection menu which can give you the one-time boot selection access for the device what you want to boot and it either can be a bootable USB or a CD-ROM.

By the boot menu, booting made easy for you, by using this shortcut you’ll don’t need to make changes in your computers bios setting to make boot something.

If you want to install windows from your Pendrive and DVD or want to boot some software to use, then the boot menu will make it easier for you and in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to do that.

Using boot menu is very easy and anyone can use it, you’ll just need to press an assign keyboard’s key and that will open the boot menu for you, make sure you can only do that when your computer starts.

Normally the first boot screen of your computer or laptop will give you the instruction to open boot menu and it can be like a key name to open the menu or either you can try some default keys to open it.

If the boot screen didn’t show you something then you can try these key one by one to open the boot menu. The keys are Esc, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11 and F12 you can try these keys one at a time by pressing it again and again after the 2 sec when your system starts and if the key is correct your boot menu will open.

Try the F10, F11, F12 first because it’s the most assign key for this menu.

Sometimes it can be the Esc key which will take you to the menu where you can select the item what you wanna to open like bios, boot menu, memory test etc. I mean you can try this one too if your computer has this kind of menu.

By using the above keys now I think you are in the boot menu and in this menu you are seeing all of your Hard Drive, Cd or DVD Drives, and Your Pendrive or whatever the storage device what you’ve connected to it.

Now you can easily select the drive what you want to boot from to make it work.

If you are wanted to boot from your pen drive or your flash drive, you can do it by just selecting the drive into it or if want to boot from your DVD drive then you’ll also need to do the same too.

Just select the bootable device by the use of your keyboard’s aero key and hit enter, that’s it.

If your computer doesn’t support the boot menus then you can also configure the boot sequence by yourself in the bios setting to boot something. Here’s a link which will help you with:

How To Change the Boot Order (Boot Sequence) in BIOS ?

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