All About – What’s A Keyboard And How It Works;

You all must be accustomed to using the standard keyboards that come along with the computer systems. Keyboards serve as the basic input system in the computers that are used by the humans.

However, with its daily usage, most of us tend to ignore the functioning and importance of the keyboards;

We consider the important aspects like the right configuration processor, overall look, speed, motherboard and various other components; however, we usually neglect the fact about what keyboards are meant for and what are the different types of keyboards.

So In this article, we would be explaining in detail about everything that you can learn about the keyboards from its functioning to its various types.

#Let’s Talk Something About The Basics of Keyboard

The keyboards that are attached to the computer systems can be used for several purposes. The various tasks might include typing different types of documents, using the keystroke shortcuts, accessing various menus, and also for playing games.

Though all the keyboards have more or less same applications, there could be different types of keyboards depending on various factors.

The factors usually include the differences in the manufacturer and whether they are connected to the desktop computer or integrated into the laptops.

Despite all these differences, the physical aspects of all the keyboards remain the same;

The shape and size of the keys of the keyboard do not tend to differ much across the different types of keyboards.

Even the arrangement of the keys on all keyboards remains the same for the ease of use by the individuals.

#How Does Keyboard Function?

Be it the keyboard that is attached to a desktop computer or the one that is integrated into a laptop, the keyboard functions the same throughout.

The keyboard acts in itself as a computer system that is meant for carrying out different tasks. The traditional keyboards worked on the mechanical principles wherein the movement of the different parts of the same was involved like that in a typical typewriter.

The modern design of the keyboards has been inspired by the traditional design of the same. The main difference between the two models is that the modern keyboards have those parts have been replaced with the electrical technologies.

In a simple keyboard, the keystrokes are identified with the help of a processor. The processor in the keyboard helps in the identification of the particular key that is pressed by the user. Once this is identified, the processor then feeds this data into the main processor of the computer system.

The way in which the processor of the keyboard interprets the pressing down of the different keystrokes tends to differ in the various types of keyboards.

Whatever might be the type of keyboard, there is one common point in each one of them that involves a circuitry setup. The entire circuitry setup in the keyboard is referred to as the “key matrix”. The key matrix is present within the architecture of the keyboard.

The key matrix can be regarded as a grid through which the processor of the keyboard is able to identify the exact location of the particular keystroke.

Whenever the user would press any key, the circuit that is present underneath the key gets closed and a small current flows through the keyboard setup.

The flow of current underneath the keyboard body is then detected by the processor. On the basis of the key matrix, the processor is able to decide which particular key was pressed from the keyboard. This information about the pressing of a particular key is then passed to the processor of the main computer. This entire process happens between the point of pressing a key by the user till the appearance of the result of the particular action on the screen.

#Factors to Consider While Buying a Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard once purchased can last for several years in a row. Therefore, if you are on a shopping spree for buying a reliable and good quality of the keyboard, then you can consider the following factors:

  • Layout: The traditional desktop keyboards usually came with a 104-key full-size layout. This layout of the mechanical keyboards is the most common you would find even today. This implies that the keyboard would represent the full number pad, arrow cluster and the row of various function keys. This layout of the keyboard is considered to be the most comfortable type to be used by the individuals. Other layout options in case of mechanical keyboards include that of the 80% TKL boards, 60% or mini keyboards or the 40% or the ortholinear model of the keyboards.
  • Switches: With the modern layout of the keyboards, the customers have the freedom to go for the customized switches as per their choice & preference. The most common types of switches in the modern keyboards include the Cherry MX and various clones of the Cherry switches like Kalih and Gateron. The switches in the keyboards can also be color-coded to help in the identification of various keys.
  • Keycaps: The keycaps can be another determining factor when you are shopping for the mechanical keyboards. Several models of the keyboards have the inexpensive variant of the ABS keycaps that come with lasered or printed patterns. The best keycap in the keyboard market is considered to be that of the harder PBT plastic that comes with a rougher texture and ensures better grip over the various keys while accessing the keyboard.
  • Customization: For those who do not know, when you are buying the mechanical keyboard, you can go for various customizations including that of the switches to the swapping of the keycaps. This would ensure your ease of using the keyboard.

When you think of the computer system, you cannot imagine one sans keyboard. Though the virtual keyboards are gaining impetus in the virtual world of today, the ease and comfort of use of the mechanical keyboards cannot be overlooked. Therefore, we have presented an overview of the mechanical keyboards for your ease of use.

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