Single, or Some of Keyboard’s Keys Not Working on the Laptop

Laptops and computers are one of the best epitomes of modern technology. Does it ever happen that you are typing an important email or a research paper and suddenly some of your keyboard’s key just give up on you?

That could bring a lot of trouble, right. It mainly happens when you need to press the key multiple times to print a character. Also, sometimes you may get multiple characters printed when you just pressed the key once. And there are instances when the key just stops working at all.

It is probably regarded as a mechanical failure. If that is the case, one needs to change the keyboard. But few issues are not that serious and can be tackled. Causes like the driver corruption, dust buds collected under the keys or probably the keyboard ribbon cable problem can be resolved.

These problems are encountered when we do not take proper care of the software or hardware of our laptops. Although by doing some amendments we can make the keyboard go all smooth typing again!

#Let’s start with reinstalling Keyboard’s Driver

Hardware Drivers’ are a collection of files that enable the communication with the operating system of your machine. If suitable drivers are not installed the system may not function smoothly. Corrupted drivers may foster the keyboard’s malfunction. If issues are encountered, updating and reinstalling the drivers for your keyboard is essential.

Usually, the standard keyboard drivers come along with the Windows OS, so that saves you the time for any additional downloads or installation. To ensure the best driver for your keyboard, consider uninstalling the previous one and reinstall again after the system restart.

Follow the steps to reinstall the drivers on your laptop:

  • First, go to the ‘Start Menu’ and right click on ‘Computer’ in Windows 7, or in Windows 10 you can just directly right click on the Starts Menu. Then from the list, choose Device Manager/Manage (You’ll find the ‘Device Manager’ in the ‘Manage’ option).
  • From the available choices, choose the Keyboards option.
  • From the drop-down list, right click on the mentioned keyboard, which has issues.
  • Choose the ‘Uninstall device’ option and then click on ‘Ok’.
  • Then, click on the power button icon, select ‘Restart’.
  • After the operating system restart, your machine will automatically reinstall the drivers for your keyboard.

#Try to dust-off your Keyboard

Just like anybody even you might be addicted to light snacks and caffeine when it comes to working on important submissions. Well, we all tend to do that as it may ignite creative ideas into our mind.

But it’s the poor keyboard that has to suffer later. It may get coated with layers of dust, grease, and crumbs. Not paying attention to this might result in malfunctioning of some keys. Therefore, proper and utmost care is necessary for smooth typing.

Follow the steps to dust-off your keyboard carefully:

  • The first thing you would want to do is shut down the laptop.
  • The basic thing you can use is an air-compressed can to remove any stuck dust buds or grease. Spray it carefully in between the keys and around the border of your keyboard pad.
  • You can even use a narrow brush to remove any loose debris present. Make sure to use a new and soft bristle brush.

Not only dusting but careful and proper dusting is required as you do not want to clean your keyboard while damaging it.

If you are still facing issues on your keyboard, it’s time to check the hardware. The best way to figure out if such a problem exists or not is, using an external USB keyboard. Bring one or burrow from somebody, connect it your laptop and check if the keyboard works.

If it is working just fine and smooth then surely it is the hardware that causes the malfunction. There is an option available called troubleshooting. Most of the issues and errors that are caused due to hardware can be detected with this option.

Or otherwise;

#Clean the Keyboard ribbon cable

Moisture can travel beneath your keyboard pad resulting in the improper working of some keys. In that very case dusting off above the case won’t be sufficient. You may need the internal cleaning of the keyboard case.

The ribbon cable is an attachment between the laptop and a motherboard. If this is covered with any corrosion or oxide then undoubtedly one will face problems in typing. So, make sure you keep the cable clean if the laptop is surviving under moistures environment.

Ensure extra care because you would be dealing with the internal parts. And it always to better to use an ‘anti-static wristband’ before holding the screwdriver.

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Follow the steps to clean the keyboard’s ribbon cable:

  • The first step involves disassembling the laptop and taking the keyboard out of its case. You may use a flathead screwdriver to remove the keyboard bezel. Others may have screws fitted in varying from model to model.
  • Once you are done with removing the keyboard, take out the ribbon cable which is attached to the connector before doing that check that the connector is unlocked or not.
  • For unlocking the connector, you have to lift it up by moving it few millimeters upwards. When done with this, pull out the cable.
  • You can use a pencil eraser to erase any corrosion or dust particles present on the metal pieces or contacts. Clean the locking clips and connectors as well by just brushing off.

As mentioned, the disassembling process may vary from laptop to laptop, so you have to be very careful while doing that. I suggest you search for the di-assembly process for your laptop (particular model) on YouTube. They are loaded with a lot of informative videos. You will get a clear understanding be.cause they practically execute the procedure.

#At last, change the Keyboard

After trying out all the above-mentioned procedure, if you still got issues with the keyboard, it’s time to look for a replacement. Changing the keyboard may seem a hard job but trust me it isn’t. The thing you need to worry about is purchasing the appropriate keyboard.

Make sure you check your model number and buy what suits your laptop the best. The model number is present on a bezel underside the laptop. Compare different looks and their prices on online websites for a better overview.

It may cost you some bucks depending upon the part and model you possess. Every brand has its own replacing policy, and it charges accordingly.  But if you plan on changing the keyboard by yourself, it can save you money.

The process involves removing the keyboard cover and disconnecting the cables. You can connect the new one by aligning it and connecting the necessary cables. Refer YouTube for any such procedure. If you are not confident enough, do not attempt it and consult your laptop services.

So the next time you type something and encounter an error make sure you follow the above steps carefully.

“That’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the article, in the comments below.” 🙂


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