What Is PC Hardware Drivers And Why We Need It?

PC Hardware driver is one of the most important parts of PC, without which a computer can’t communicate (send and receive data🗣💻) with the hardware devices properly.

These Hardware Drivers or Device drivers is actually a software component that allows the Operating System and the device to communicate with each other efficiently.

So the drivers actually work as a translator between the Operating System and a device or application. In other words, the drivers are Operating System specific and hardware dependent.

The term device driver or hardware driver was originated long back in the late 1960’s. But there is a long debate when it comes to the actual originator.

Yes, not a single person can be credited for the invention of this word rather there were many to use it in their writing after 1960’s.

As per the research, the first use of Driver is noticed in Acta informatica: Volumes 7–8, a computer journal in 1967.  The next use of the term was noticed in 1968 in the Journal Computer Design in Hewlett Packard’s advertising.

Another computer Journal ‘Datamation’ made use of this word in 1969 while the book ‘Timesharing System Design Concepts’ used the term Device driver twice in 1970.

#How Drivers Actually Work? 🤓

The main purpose of the device driver is to act as a translator between the Operating System and a device. The Operating System wants to communicate with the devices for two main reasons, to send data and receive data.

But the issue is that an Operating System is a software and the device is a hardware. Both use different language and do not understand each other’s language.

So, driver stays in between to act as a translator to help them easily communicate with each other.

How it works is the Operating System first explains the Driver what information it wants to send or receive from the hardware.

The device drivers understand that requirement and explain it further to the hardware.

The keyboard, Scanner, printer etc, are called as the peripheral devices and the device driver or hardware driver help these peripheral devices to connect with the OS.

Here Is an Example of How a Driver Works;

Suppose you need to print something which requires using the printer application. First, the application calls for a function implemented by the OS. Next, Operating System calls a function implemented by Driver and then driver communicates with the printer.

It gets the required data and send to the application through the Operating System then.

#How Many Type Of PC Hardware Needs Driver To Work? 🚘

In general, there are countless numbers of device drivers for the computer hardware. However, the basic PC hardware that requires the drivers to works is CPU, SSD, Motherboard, Printer, HDD etc. But not RAM & PSU.

Some Of The Basic PC Hardware That Every Computer Should Have Is Listed Here:

  • Motherboard Drivers: This driver includes a small program for some of the very basic computer function. It supports USB port, I/O port and broadband ports for the internet. The motherboards drivers make your OS able to supports all video and audio features too. Click Here To Know More About >> Motherboard Drivers – What It is & Mainly, How To Install It?
  • BIOS: This is another most basic computer driver that is must to have in every PC. It is designed to boot the PC when it gets turned on. This BIOS (Basic Input Output System) boot most of the hardware such as a keyboard, mouse, hard drives and most of all other hardware connected to the PC. This BIOS is built into the motherboard and mainly you don’t need to install it on your side. Click Here To Know More About >> BIOS Setup: What It Is & How To Open Or Use It?
  • Hardware Drivers: Some of the important hardware drivers such as Video Card, Network Card, Sound Card, including most of peripheral devices etc. come with the driver disc thus it eliminates the need of installing separately.

So, The Thing is; 🤔

Most of the computer parts needs drivers to work with the OS, but that’s not true that you’ll always need to install some drivers when every time you connects a new hardware device to your PC.

I’m only saying this because, nowadays most of the latest Operating System comes with preinstalled ‘Compressed Multi-Universal Drivers Package’ which makes a lot different computer hardware to work, as PLUG AND PLAY;

Just like you use your External HDD or Flash Drive even without installing a particular driver.

But you can always add some features or else go for updating the drivers definitely to make some changes in the performance. In windows, all these PC hardware drivers are managed by the Device manager.

Device Manager – is the place that has all the list of hardware installed on your PC. It allows you to make changes on the hardware. For example, managing the hardware, their configuration related things and identifying any kind of conflicts between them can be done from the Device Manager itself.

#How To Download The Compatible Driver From The Web 🌎

There are times when a user needs to download the compatible driver for their different PC hardware. There are mainly two best ways to download the drivers. Either you can choose to download it from the manufacturer’s website or else choose the automatic process by using a 3rd Party Drivers Installer Software.

Let’s Check Out The Process:

Method 1: Download Compatible Driver By Using Manufacturer’s Website: 📦

This is a simple step by step process. Follow the steps carefully and you will be good to go.

  • First, you’ll need to find out the model number and make of the hardware whose driver is to be installed. You can get the information either by opening the PC or else by using a tool like ‘Speccy’.
  • Next, find and launch the manufacturer’s support site. Find out the driver download area.
  • Select the hardware and then the specific drivers according to your OS.
  • Now download the driver and save to the PC.
  • Later extract the downloaded driver and follow the onscreen instruction.
  • That’s it. The driver is now ready to manage from Device manager.

Suggested Links: 🔗

Method 2: By 3rd Party Drivers Installer 📥

This is the simplest and easiest way to download and update the driver. Downloading the drivers from manufacturer’s website requires you to know the details of every hardware and then you need to search the driver for each of them separately.

But in this second method, we’ll use an automatic process that needs you to install just one software and then it will take care of every driver’s update.

While many more options are available but Driver Reviver is one of the best software definitely. Here is an instruction to use the software to automatically download and update the drivers.

You can also click here to know more on the details >> How To Automatically Install And Update The Computer Drivers?

  • Download the software Driver Reviver first and then install it on your computer to follow the onscreen instruction carefully.
  • Next tap on the ‘Start PC Scan now’ button which will find the corrupted and old drivers on your PC.
  • Click on the ‘Update all’ button and all the drivers will be updated automatically.


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  1. The main purpose of the device driver is to act as a translator between the Operating System and a device. The Operating System wants to communicate with the devices for two main reasons, to send data and receive data.


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