Everything You Need To Know About – Bluetooth Driver

In case you are using a newer laptop or desktops there a possibility that there is Bluetooth support, but if you have the older version of computer there is a higher chance that you need a Bluetooth upgrade. To avoid such cases you should always check if your computer is Bluetooth-Enable prior to purchasing it.

All you have to do is check for the Bluetooth symbol on the computer packaging. In case the symbol is there then the computer is Bluetooth-enabled.

However, if the computer is not Bluetooth-enable doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about it. There are numerous ways you can turn your computer that does not support Bluetooth to Bluetooth supported.

Yes, if your laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth support, don’t panic. Read on as we discuss more about Bluetooth drivers and how to install them.

#Why The Need For Bluetooth Support

Sometimes you might just get fine without Bluetooth support on your computer- especially if you have a desktop, however, there a number of accessories and peripherals that would be more convenient by Bluetooth or requires this support.

One of the reasons you might need Bluetooth support is in case you have Bluetooth speakers. Even though you can still connect your Bluetooth speakers to your computer using an auxiliary audio cable, but it can be more convenient and portable if you can play your music over the Bluetooth.

Bluetooth also comes in handy when using game controllers, wireless headphones, and other accessories and peripherals.

One of the greatest benefits of Bluetooth wireless technology is its low power consumption, which enables extended operation for battery-powered devices such as personal digital assistants, web tablets and cell phones.

#So, What’s A Bluetooth Driver?

Bluetooth driver is a wireless technology that allows wireless communication between a Bluetooth enabled laptop, desktop computer or tablet and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Bluetooth wireless technology allows any sort of electronic device, from computers and cell phones to headphones, mouse, and keyboards, to makes its own wireless connection (Without cables, wires or any direct action from the user).

Bluetooth driver comes pre-installed in some computers while on others you will have to install the driver yourself.

The Bluetooth wireless technology consists both software and hardware components. Some hardware parts are chipset and antenna.

Bluetooth driver is one of the software components which actually makes your OS to interact with the Bluetooth Device.

Different manufacturer’s hardware varies in their capabilities and may need to work with a range of different OS and the hardware may be assembled together in different ways. In some case, you might need drivers to unlock the full capabilities.

With Bluetooth driver you can be able to wirelessly connect keyboard and a mouse to your computer, transfer files between your computer and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), transfer files between your computer and your phone, transfer files from your digital camera to your computer, print from your computer to your Bluetooth-enabled printer, Listen to your favorite music without entangling yourself in wires or disturbing others, share files between two Bluetooth-enabled computers among others.

 #How To Install It?

As you try to connect your Bluetooth device to your computer, you might receive an error notification ‘Device driver software wasn’t successfully installed’Bluetooth peripheral device not found like something;

This usually occurs when you have an outdated device driver for your Bluetooth device or you don’t have Bluetooth driver installed.

Computers are not always compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. If you are using older Bluetooth device driver on your computer, you may experience connection problems on newer Bluetooth devices. It is therefore recommendable to download and install the latest Bluetooth drivers for your computer. Don’t worry, you can fix such a problem by yourself- follow the instructions bellow to do so.

So, Let’s See:

Wait for windows to help you with the information of the latest Bluetooth peripheral driver found, and update it. This method of updating drivers is the safest and easiest one. You should consider it first before going for other methods.

On your Bluetooth Peripheral device, go to the support website, type your Product ID and any other information required. Then locate the driver need and appropriate OS. You can now download the Bluetooth driver. The outcome will be a file with a .zip or .exe extension name. To run installation you need to click the file.

Here’s a picture which can help you know, what particular keyword you’ll actually need to mention on the Google search bar, just to find the compatible drivers:

In case the downloaded file extension name is .inf, you need the device manager to update the driver manually. Open up the Device Manager.  Locate the device name Bluetooth Peripheral device by expanding the category Other Devices. Right click it, and select the Update Driver Software option. A notification ‘How do you want to search for driver software will appear’. Click ‘Browse my computer for driver software’; a ‘search for driver software in this location’ box will appear. Copy the .inf file downloaded and pastes it on the input box. Locate and install driver software manually.

Or otherwise just install the downloaded .exe file in your computer and that’s it.
Once you have the drivers just double on it to install it and your system will show the driver’s status in the Device Manager;

If you still having some problem to finding the compatible drivers or maybe having some issue related to installing the drivers;

Then you can also try to follow the instructions given in this link which can help you out to know;


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  1. I’ve downloaded and installed suggested Bluetooth drivers but it’s showing some errors. It can’t really connect to my Bluetooth device for long before disconnecting. Is it a problem from my windows or something else?


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