Several times after installing the new operating system in our PC, we might have seen that our 1080p HD display is showing some weird 480p resolution, and the speakers aren’t working too;

And the computer continuously showing you the notification popup message displaying about the ‘Device Drivers are missing’ error.

So, What Is This Driver Thing?

Let’s figure it out;

A device driver is a program which controls a specific device connected to the computer and mainly the device or hardware drivers, is just a set of files which enables the communication between the Hardware and the Operating System.

Unlike the other applications and programs;

Device drivers generally, don’t have a UI and work as a background service. It mainly comes into play when a calling program invokes it to interact with the hardware.

Device drivers actually work as a translator between a program that the user operates;

And hardware which the program wants to utilize mainly to provide the desired output to the user.

In a normal language, just like your car needs a driver to move, that’s how our computer also needs a particular type of driver to run that particular type of hardware.

And you know;

The absence of a device driver can cause system instability or malfunctioning/unresponsive hardware, including most of the System Errors too.

#So, Now Let’s See How To Install The Drivers Automatically In the Computer:

I know that installing the drivers is a heck of a Job!!

You’ll need hours to look for the same drivers and even when you found it;

That drivers don’t support your operating system, and you still continue to having some drive related issue with your computer.

Recently, A lot of people asking me about how to install the drivers in an easy way, and that’s the reason why I decided to write an article just to show you;

How you can actually, make this processor a lot easy.

And now, you’ll only need to install a single software in your computer or laptop and then connects that computer to the internet, and right after that, the software will automatically download and update all the drivers of your computer.

There are actually, a lot more drivers updater software are available on the internet, and if you need my opinion;

Here are two top-rated ‘Drivers Updater’ software which is best in their kind, and will not spam your computer like the free once;

  1. Driver Reviver
  2. Driver Easy

So, Let’s Look Over To The Instructions Now;

  • Step 1Download the driver updater software from its official website. Click to open the Download Page: Driver Reviver, Driver Easy.
  • Step 2Install that software in your Windows by reading the on-screen instructions.
  • Step 3Then click on, “Starts PC Scan Now” button to start to find the old and corrupted drivers of your PC.
  • After in some couple of minutes you’ll see the report;
  • Step 4 Now click on the “Update All” button, which can quickly update all of your computers outdated or corrupted drivers.

And that’s it. 🙂



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