Break, Bypass & Reset the Windows 7 Admin or User Password

It’s normal to forget your windows 7 password because a person does forget their password at least ones. So, now you don’t have to worry about it because by using some trick shown in this tutorial you’ll never lose your data or reinstall your windows to get the things back.

There are lots of ways to break or reset the windows password and in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you the easiest and cost-free tricks to break it.

Breaking password for a hacking purpose is illegal. Don’t crack the password until you have permission from the computer’s administrator.

Some of the tricks can corrupt or broke your windows if you didn’t do in a right way so, read this tutorial carefully and repeat the steps what we only suggest you.

So Let’s See

There are three common effective ways to reset the password and those are:

  1. CMD in Safe Mode
  2. CMD Using Live Cd
  3. Password Cracking Software

Solution 1 – CMD (Safe mode)

CMD, it’s only what we need. By using CMD you can do anything and yes, changing your password too.

Now we just need to open the command prompt. The easiest way to open cmd is ‘safe mode with cmd’. Safe mode with command prompt is, where your windows is open in safe mode with only command prompt.

In this mode, you can only able to use cmd and that is all what we need.

So, let’s check out how to do it.

  1. Start your computer and press F8 key again and again until you’ve see the safe mode options.
  2. Select safe mode with command prompt.

  1. Now the login screen will come up. Select the administrator account.

  1. Now the cmd will come up.

Sometimes this solution won’t work because windows don’t let you to open cmd or sometimes you won’t able to find the administrator account. In that case, you can skip this step and try our next solution given below to get the cmd on your screen.

  1. Type this command (net user “your username” “new password”) in your cmd and hit enter.

Example – net user mad 1234

  1. Now the password is changed you can use the new password what you’ve entered in cmd to open your windows.

Solution 2 – CMD (Live cd)

This solution will need an external software to break the password. We are using Hirens Boot CD because it’s a bootable software which contains numbers of diagnostic tools and also a live operating system called Mini Windows XP.

Mini Windows XP is a plug & play Operating System and It also doesn’t need to be installed in your hard disk to run itself. You’ll just need to write a bootable disc or make a bootable pen drive and after that, you can use it just like a normal Windows XP operating system.

We are going to use the above method in this solution but in an advanced way. We gonna make changes in the window’s file this time, to open up the cmd.

Step 1 – Download and burn a bootable disk of “”.

Download link >>

Step 1.1 – Make a bootable disk or USB from that .iso file you’ve recently downloaded. (Extract that zip file to get the .iso file)

How To Make A Bootable Usb Pen Drive?

Step 2 – Boot the Hirens.BootCD

It’s time boot to your disc or USB, you’ll just have to change the 1st boot device order to CD-ROM and insert the bootable disc what you’ve made (select USB if you’re booting USB).

How To Change the Boot Order (Boot Sequence) in BIOS

Step 3 – Select the Mini Windows XP and Press Enter.

Now, your windows get starts to load. When the loading completes you’ll able see the windows is open.

Step 4 – Open my computer and then find your windows drive. Mine is d:/ as you can see.

Note: Find “Windows” named folder in every loca drive what shows in your “My Computer” and when you’ve found it, then that is your windows drive.

Step 5 – Open the command prompt and type this command below to make changes in windows file.

Step 6 – Restart your computer and put the Hirens.BootCD out from your DVD-RW or USB.

Step 7 – when you see your windows login screen on your computer, hit the Right Shift Key 5 Times and the CMD will come up on your screen.

Step 8 – Type this command (net user “your username” “new password”) and hit enter.

Example – net user mad 1234

Now the password is changed you can try the new password to login into your windows.

If you think above solution is very hard and tricky for you, then you can try our next solution to make thing easier for you.

Solution 3 – Password Cracking Software

We are also using Hirens.BootCD this time again because it’s free and contains numbers of useful software. So let’s see how to reset the password.

Step 1 – Download, burn and boot the Hirens.BootCD just like above solution (Solution No. 2 = Step 1 to Step 3).

Step 2 – Find your windows drive like above solution (Solution No. 2 = Step 4).

Step 3 – Open the “NTPWEdit” software from the HBCD Menu.

Step 4 – when the software gets opened, change the drive letter to your windows drive and click reopen to get the list of your username.

To find your windows drive letter you’ll need to do what we show you above in the Solution No. 2

Step 5 – Select your user account and click on the change password and that will change your user password.

Now the password is changed you can restart your computer and log in to your computer with the new password.

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