Complete Steps to Remove BIOS or CMOS Password

Even though BIOS password is optional in the desktop and laptop but it is true that this password can offer you some extra security. Users choose to have a BIOS password to keep their system protected.

But what if you do not know the BIOS password or else have forgotten the password? Resetting or breaking the BIOS password is the ultimate solution to that.

It is true that BIOS password helps the PC to stay protected. But at the same time, it is not highly protected. Users can easily get into their computer by bypassing the BIOS password.

And this is done purposely to allow users getting into their PC easily. So, if you are wondering how to reset or break the BIOS password in a desktop, read this article carefully. We have discussed here all the possible and easiest ways to break the BIOS password.

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So, Let’s See How to Do It;

Method 1: Use the Master password

  • First turn on your computer to get that BIOS password entry screen.
  • The next step is to enter an incorrect password thrice. It will then lock your computer automatically.
  • Once the computer is locked, you will get a message saying that ‘System disabled’. This message will be accompanied with a number. Just write down that number somewhere.
  • Now, you need to use your friend’s computer or someone else to open a website As you open that website, it will ask you to enter a code.
  • Enter that number that we asked to note down you. Once you enter the code, you will get the ‘Get password’ link. Click on that link. A set of passwords will be then available to you.
  • Try those passwords and you will be definitely able to unlock your computer using any of them. These passwords are called backdoor password and many users till date have been able to unlock their computer using these backdoor passwords.

However, in case these passwords remain unsuccessful to unlock your computer, do not worry at all. Just follow the other mentioned method one by one.

Method 2: Use 3rd Party Password Bypass Software

The next method you can try is using the bypass software. Do not be scared by hearing this hacking software. This is not illegal actually and all can do it easily. But ensure to have some basic knowledge about the computer and that’s it. The process is explained here in step by step process.

  • Next, choose the bootable pendrive that you just made.
  • Several options will appear on the screen. Select ‘Dos-program’.
  • A new screen will again appear on the screen. Select the 9th option ‘Next….’.
  • You will now notice the BIOS/CMOS tools. Choose the option ‘BIOS cracker 5.0 (cmospwd)’.
  • The screen will fluctuate a bit then. And it will ask you to select a language or something else. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Press Enter and that’s it. The BIOS password will be reset now.

Method 3: Through CMOS battery

CMOS battery is a small round shaped battery that is found on the motherboard. This battery looks like the battery of the wristwatch. The CMOS battery in a desktop usually keeps the time and also stores the BIOS settings.

So, you can use this battery also to reset the BIOS password. The entire process is discussed here in step by step process.

  • First turn off the computer and then unplug all the power sources from it.
  • Detach all the cable connected to it to prevent any kind of damage to the computer components. Also, search if there is any switch at the back of the CPU. If it is there, turn it off.
  • Now, open the computer casing through screws. Keep the casing aside safely.
  • Once done, look here the CMOS battery. Already stated, it is a small round shaped battery. If you have located the battery on the motherboard, take it out gently. There must be some lever to hold the battery. So, you need to un-mount the lever to remove the CMOS battery.
  • Now, leave the battery out for at least an hour. This will help the battery capacitor to discharge completely and also the entire BIOS settings will be erased.
  • The BIOS password will also be erased this way. So, the password will get reset then automatically.

Method 4: By changing the jumper setting

If you have tried all the other methods explained here and got an unsuccessful result, this process will definitely help you to reset the BIOS password on your desktop. This process is very similar to the above. You have to first turn off the system completely and then unplug all the power source. Also, open the computer casing, locate the motherboard and then the task start.

Jumper switch is a switch located at the edge of the motherboard or near the CMOS battery. Just a small change in the switch and it will reset the BIOS password. The switch looks like a small block that sits on two pins. Actually, you will notice three pins in a row and the jumper switch is sitting there on two pins.

What you have to do now, is just remove the block and then move it to cover the pin which was not covered by it earlier. In other words, move the block to cover the uncovered pin. That’s it and the BIOS password will be reset this way.

So, these are the four best ways to reset the BIOS password on your desktop. You can perform the process on your own. But in case you have lesser knowledge on the computer hardware, it is best to take help from others for the sake of the safety of your PC.

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