Data Recovery From Corrupted Operating System – Explained

Operating system can be corrupted for numerous reasons such as corrupted registry file, conflict between two anti-viruses, incompatible new software etc. But the situation is really pathetic that results into data loss and make us unable to work on the system.

However, there is always ways to come out of the situation. The data recovery tools available in the market is a great option to get back the lost data. However, when the entire OS becomes corrupted there are no other ways other than reinstalling the OS and it certainly takes some time.

Anyways, this article is all about quick data recovery and the best process for that is explained here in more detail.
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#So, How To Make It Possible?

Lost data can be recovered numerous ways such as using the best data recovery software, through the backup etc. But, one great way to recover data from the corrupted OS is by using the Live OS.

Live OS is very similar to the normal OS while the only difference is the portability feature. Yes, Live OS can be carried everywhere along with you through a CD/DVD or the USB stick.

Among all the options, the USB stick is always the best option definitely that can be carried easily in your pocket.

Live OS is actually the operating system that loads from a removable storage device rather than the internal storage device unlike the normal operating system.

Also, it allows you reinstalling the OS from within the Live OS.  

What is to be done is just mount the Live OS in a USB stick, add a second external storage device such as the external hard drive and then install the software on it. That’s it. Next time when you run through such OS corrupted issue, just plug in the USB stick to your computer and use the Live OS to get things done.

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Live OS is available for all types of OS including Windows and Linux. More details on how to create and use Live OS is explained here.
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#Let’s See, How to do it;

In order to make and use the Live OS, you first need to find out the .iso file of the Live OS and then make it bootable in the USB stick. Hiren’ Boot CD comes to help here.

This is a bootable repair CD that is wrapped with several repair utilities to resolve different kinds of issues on your computer. This CD was first introduced back in 2004 however, with time the CD has been updated and it is now made versatile to handle different kinds of issues.

Hiren’s Boot CD is now referred as the king of all Boot CD. The process to use this CD to make bootable drive is stated here in step by step process.

Step 1: The first step is to heading towards the official website of Hiren’s Boot CD and downloads the file from there.


Step 2: The file you have downloaded is in compressed format. So, extract it and find out the main .iso file.

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Step 3: Once you have located the main .iso file, the next task is to make it bootable. Bootable disk can be created easily following some easy steps, but before that it is important to know what actually refers to this bootable CD/DVD or drive?

A bootable CD/DVD or drive is a floppy drive from where we can run the DOS on our system. This is also referred as the start up disk that contains all the required files for a computer to boot to the OS.

Again this is referred as the restore disk as it is the restore point of the computer which comes pre-built from the OEM. This bootable disk allows you restore the factory default operating system. This bootable disk plays viral role everywhere whether it is about the Live OS or the data recovery.

Earlier only the optical disk was used for this purpose however, these days, the USB drivers are used mainly for the booting purpose.

Here Is How To Create A Bootable CD/DVD Or USB Drive Of A Live Operating Sytem;

  • First get the USB stick or any other external hard drive and also make ready the ISO file of the OS.
  • The next task is to create the bootable drive or disc. This is done by burning the ISO file into the external drive in case you are using the latest Windows. However, not every ISO file has all the necessary information of OS and in that case you will need to have a bootable disc creator.
  • If you are using Windows 7, then the Windows disc Image burner will allow doing this burning task while you can do it from within the File explorer in Windows 10 and 1. What is to be done is select the .iso file, double click on that and tap the ‘Burn’ button. That’s it. It will start writing the whole bootable ISO file of the OS into the external hard drive.
  • However, you can also use a bootable disc creator such as Rufus’ or the ‘WinToFlash’ for this CD, DVD or USB Stick burning purpose.

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Step 4: Next, boot the bootable storage device. The quickest way to boot is to select the boot menu. Normally, the first boot screen of the computer offers the instruction to open boot menu.

You will be asked to press an assigned key (F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, Esc, etc. ) to get the boot menu. Once you are in the Boot menu, select the bootable device and press Enter.

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Step 5: Finally, you will be able to run the mini Windows version and can recover the lost data to the external storage device of yours.

#What To Do If Hiren’s Boot CD Doesn’t Works

In case the Hiren’s Boot CD process does not work for you, no need to feel low as there are many other ways as well to recover the lost data from your corrupted OS.

However, as soon as you delete any important data accidentally, ensure that you do not copy anything on that location or specific drive.

In case the something occupies that space, the lost data will be overwritten by other files and the chance of data recovery will be minimal.

While the market is filled with numerous data recovery tools, ‘EaseUS Data recovery Wizard professional’ is a very useful one that has made their presence since 2004. This powerful software is available at a very reasonable (negligible) rate. The process to use this software is explained here.

  • Install this ‘EaseUS Data recovery Wizard professional’ software on your system and run it.
  • Next select the drive from where data is to be recovered and tap on the ‘Scan’
  • As the primary scan is completed, a deep scan process will be launched automatically to search more files.
  • All the recoverable files will be listed here. Preview them one by one and select the required files. Click on ‘Recover’ then and the lost data will be recovered easily.

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“And that’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the tutorial, in the comments down below.” 🙂

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