Data Recovery From Corrupted Operating System – Explained

Sometimes we broke our computer so bad that even its windows get dead with some stucked data on its hard drive and I know it can be more painful when the only choice what we have is to reinstallation our Windows or maybe some other OS.

When we install an operating system in a computer, we can save our stored data in other local drivers by only formatting the c:/ drive or your previous OS drive.

You’re thinking about ‘what about our important files what we stored in our desktop?’ HELL YEAH!! We will save that too.

So, If you’re one of them who having a computer with a corrupted operating system like Windows, Linux etc. on it and wanted your personal data to get back or maybe wanted to transfer it to the another local then you’ll gonna definitely found this tutorial useful.

A great trick will be waiting for you, continue reading:

Now you can only need a running computer with your old hard disk attached to it and a Bootable live operating system in your Pendrive or CD, which I’m gonna talk about it later in this article.

If your computer really got dead or it doesn’t get starts then you can go with our given suggestion tutorial below and may be somehow that can help you.

TIP – If you found your computer got really dead and doesn’t able to get it start then you can try to attach your hard disk to the other running computer and then use the live OS trick, what I’m gonna show you in this tutorial.

So, Let’s Get Start

There are couple or more different ways to recover our data but in this article, I’m only gonna demonstrate about my favorite one and that is using a “Live OS”. If you don’t about it then, in a simple language a Live OS is a bootable operating system which you can easily store in your USB Pendrive or CD.

I mean you can run a live operating system from a Pendrive/CD without using any installed OS in your PC.

Step 1 – Download the Live OS

In this step, you’re gonna download the live OS from the Website link given below:

Tip – Scroll down that web page and you’ll find the downloadable file link.

>>>>> Download Link<<<<

We are using Hirens Boot CD because it’s a bootable software which contains numbers of diagnostic tools and a live operating system called Mini Windows XP.

A mini window XP is a plug & play or I say live Operating system and it also doesn’t need to get installed on your hard disk. You’ll only need to write a bootable disc or maybe a bootable USB and after that, you can able to use it just like a normal Windows XP.

Step 2 – Extract Zip File & Burn Bootable Disk

After your download gets completes you’ve got a file in your download folder.

Now extract that zip file and write a bootable disk or make a USB pen drive by using that iso file which you’ve gonna found in that extracted folder.

Making a bootable USB would be a great idea if you having an extra Pendrive at your side. Given link below will help you to make a bootable Pendrive of Hiren’s Boot from that iso what you’ve recently downloaded.

After when you successfully have written your Hirens Bootable Cd or Usb then it’s time make it boot on your PC. To boot the disk or USB you’ll need to set the boot order first in your computer’s bios according to your boot device. Or maybe you can use the boot menu to make it quick.

Step 4 – Boot Your Disc or USB

When you’ve successfully changed the boot orders to CD-ROM or USB, then insert the disc/USB and restart your computer system and after that, you will get the menu like this:

Step 4.1 – Select the Mini Windows XP and Press Enter. Now, your windows get starts to load. When the loading completes you’ll able to see the windows operating system is open.

Now your Windows is open completely and you can do whatever you wanted with it. Connect an external hard drive or another USB drive to take a backup of your data from your hard disk.

Open the “My Computer” to get the list of your hard drive partitions and you can easily copy all the files to your external drive, just like your normal computer operating system.

Sometimes external hard disk or Pendrive won’t works when we attached it after opening your live os. In that case attach the hard disk, restart the computer and then boot the mini windows XP again.

If you’ve found any problem with mini windows XP then here the link below which contain the list of every “Live OS” available on the internet. So, check out others if this won’t works for you.

>>Click Here To See List Of Live Operating System<<<<<

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