Replace or Changing Laptops Battery

Just like every laptop’s battery, one day it about to get died. It’s fully natural because all of those built-in power cells of your battery got damaged due to time/aging or some of the heavy usage;

And just like every old laptop user, you’ll sure have that time when you need to replace your laptop’s battery. Believe it or not, but there is also a fact which says that your battery going to be slowly dead if you won’t use it as normal.

Yes, that’s the real truth because when you don’t use your battery’s backup and recharge it properly, then it’s possible that your battery’s cell lost their power holding capacity and remains died.

Actually, it’s very hard to know that when is the actual time to replace our Laptops battery because there is no certain time limit to know. If you are lucky your windows will warn you or your bios will warn you about to replace your battery.

The only way to know when will your battery get dead, is to “check your laptop’s battery backup capacity” because only backup capacity can determine when you will have to replace it, and its be like, if your battery capacity only remains for half an hour backup then it means you should change your battery before it starts to create sudden shutdown, which can lead to any hardware damage.

Note: The important thing what you’ll need to confirm before installing any battery into your laptop is, that battery does compatible (and not fit table) with your laptop. I’m only saying this because people do buy wrong stuff while shopping their IT stuff, all just because of lack of knowledge.

You can write your laptop’s model no. (with word ‘Battery’ at last) here, to find the original battery’s price and specs;

So, Lets See how to change it;

STEP 1 First, you’ll need to Turn Off your laptop and remove the AC Power Adapter, if it’s attached to the laptop.

STEP 2 Now, unlock all those locks which are holding the battery, and then pull the battery out of your laptop.

Note: Some laptop models actually don’t have the outside battery panel feature, and for those, you’ll need to de-assemble the back panel of your laptop to find the battery.

STEP 3 – Now install the new battery at the place of old one, and make sure to lock the attachment safely.

STEP 5 – Reconnect the AC Power Adapter to your laptop and give it a full charge and then test your new battery’s backup, to know it working perfectly or not.

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  1. If you want that your device perform properly then you have to upgrade your battery when its need and its a big question that how we will know that when it has to replace? sometimes it pop up in your screen otherwise after some period of time replace it.

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