Replace or Changing Laptop’s Battery

Just like every laptop’s battery one day, it about to get died and it’s also natural because those inside cells in your battery got damaged due to time & ageing or some of the heavy usage.

There are three main factors which can affect your battery to get damaged and those are – heat, usage, and age. There is also a fact which says your battery will be dying slowly if you won’t use it as normally, yeah that for real if you don’t use your battery backup your battery’s cell will lose their power and remains died.

Actually, it’s very hard to know that when the time to replace your battery because there is no certain time limit to know. If you are lucky your windows will warn you or maybe you will see your bios is warning you about to replace your battery.

The only way to know when your battery goes to died is to “check your laptop’s battery backup capacity” only backup capacity determines you when you will have to replace your battery and its be like, if your battery capacity only remains for half an hour backup, that means you should change your battery before it creates any hardware damage.

So, in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how you can easily replace your battery by our own without taking anyone’s help.

So Let’s See

STEP 1 – The first step is to do is Turn off your laptop and also remove the AC power adapter, if it’s attached to the laptop. 
STEP 2 – 
Unlock those locks which holding your laptop’s battery.

STEP 3 – Lift out the old battery from its compartment.

STEP 4 – Install the new battery in the place of old one and lock the attachment safely.

STEP 5– Reconnect the AC power adapter to your laptop and give a full charge to your new battery.

STEP 6 – Test your new battery’s backup to know it working perfectly or not.

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