Fixing Black Blank No Display Laptops Problem

When you push the power button of your laptop and you see the power light shows up, the fan is running, the hard drive is running but there is nothing comes up on the screen and the display shows a blank screen.

This is what we called a “no display” problem.

In this problem probably your laptop should give the proper power supply to all the hardware parts but the motherboard won’t able to boot because of some hardware failure or maybe it’s also possible your motherboard boot’s up properly but doesn’t able to shows any display just because of laptop’s screen got faulty.

Either one can be the possible reason with you or to troubleshoot this problem, you’ll have to do the step by step inspection of your laptop’s Hardware to fix this problem.

So In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how you can easily troubleshoot your “no display” problem by following just some simple steps what I listed down below.

If your laptop doesn’t show any sign of power supply that means you have a different problem with your laptop and you can try to use the different power adaptor or take your laptop to the repair shop because this problem knows as a dead laptop problem.

So Let’s See

To fix the black blank laptop’s screen problem there are 3 possible things what you can try to fix your laptop.

And, now I’m going to show you all these three step by step checkups to troubleshoot your laptop problem.

#1 – Display Checkup

First, I want you to start the checkup on the display because sometimes the problem is generation just because of your faulty display screen. If your display got dead or broken your motherboard will never be able to show you something on the screen.

To troubleshoot this problem by yourself, you will need an external display to check does your laptop is working properly or not.

Here I have an another tutorial to show you how to do that:

>>>>> How to Attach a Broken Screen Laptop to an External Monitor ?

If you can see the boot display on the other external screen that means you have a problem with your display screen, you’ll have to replace it with the new one, to fix your laptop.

If your laptops still doesn’t show anything on the external screen, then that means you have no issue with your screen you can move on to your next solution listed below.

#2 – BIOS Checkup

Sometimes our system’s bios stopped working due to some reasons and the bios need to get reset in order to run properly. To reset your laptop’s bios follow this steps given below-

Step 1 – Fully turn off your laptop and unplug the power adaptor.

Step 2 – Remove the laptop’s battery.

Step 3 – Press the laptop’s power button for 20 sec to drain out all the CMOS battery

Step 4 – Turn On your laptop without the battery by just attaching the power cable only.

This will completely reset your bios and now you are able to run your laptop as just like before. If your laptop still shows you the blank screen then moves on to our next solution below to fix this problem.

#3 – RAM Checkup

Commonly Ram must be the 90% of the reason for this “no display” problem. If your ram got dead or dirty your motherboard will never be able to show you something on the screen until you’ve clean it or replace it with a new one.

Troubleshoot The Ram Problem –

Step 1 – Unplug all the power source like battery or power adaptor.

Step 2 – Open your laptop’s back case where the ram is located and remove the ram from the ram slot. If you don’t know how to remove ram here’s a tutorial to show you how to do that >>>>How to Install or Upgrade your laptop RAM ?


Step 3 – Clean your laptop’s ram properly. >>“How To Clean A Ram Stick?

Step 4 – Put the ram back to your laptop and the back cover also.

Step 5 – Turn on your laptop to test it.

If you have two ram installed in your computer, then remove one of them and try to turn on your computer. If your computer still won’t Turn ON, then remove that ram from that slot and install it into the another slot. If your computer still won’t able to Turn ON, then do those previous steps with your other ram stick (vice versa).

It’s possible your ram got dead, you can try to borrow a compatible ram from your friend and installed it in on your laptop to make sure about your ram is dead or not.

If you find your ram dead, then you can try to repair your ram by following our this tutorial How to Repair a Dead Ram Stick (Memory Stick)?”.

#3 – At Last Motherboard/GPU Problem

If the all above solution didn’t work for you that mean you have some problem in your motherboard, in that condition I’ll suggest you take your laptop to the repair shop.

I can’t test your motherboard through the internet so, you need to take an advice from someone professional like a hardware engineer, to know does this problem is generating because of bad GPU chip or some other bad chip.

GPU chip can be the reason for no display problem and you can also reflow you GPU by yourself to repair your laptop and that will work 90% but take the professional advice first.

>>How To Fix A Laptop GPU By Reflow Graphic Chip?

Still Finding Solution or Need Some Help ?
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  1. Thanks, I first tried #2 (Bios Checkup), it looked like I was going to get a result but then the screen went black again. Then I tried #3 (RAM Checkup), and boom! that was my answer.
    I cleaned my two Rams as instructed and put them back. I decided to run a check up while the system was boothing, at a point the pictures started cracking and went black again. This time I decided to remove one of my RAMS and that was it, the screen displayed fine.
    I discovered one of my RAMS was bad so I’d have to change it. PROBLEM SOLVED 👍
    Thanks again.

  2. Sometimes its motherboards fault. How to explain it… part on motherboard get stupid cuz they had some minor electric failure and all you need to do is plug battery out of your laptop press the on button for 30 seconds and then return battery and try to start your laptop.

    by Stefan Vukosvljevic, IT engineer at laptop servis Quantum

  3. My lapi has stopped working and I think it’s a same problem as discussed above.But I am getting a sound for some time while starting, does anyone know what exactly is wrong ??

  4. Hi,
    I have a U310. I power on and get a black screen, I connect to my tv and it looks fine. Sometimes when I restarted the monitor works fine and looks fine but if I restart it again I get the black screen but I connect to the tv and it’s working fine. Any idea why it’s doing this?
    Thanks for your advice

  5. hello
    my laptop dell latitude has got a problem with its display , i took out ram and place it back after cleaning but nothing happened!
    when this problem started my laptop used to start after 4 or 5 tries … then after 9 or 10 and now it does not give any display? repair guy said its problem with its chipset
    Tell me if i could solve problem myself?

  6. Hi could bios upgrade cause the no display issue because I observed that after month of upgrading my system bios, I start experiencing the no display issue…and am not sure it’s the display issue cos I have changed the display I.C but I keep experiencing the same issue. And am also not sure that the ram is the problem because the system displays after 14-15 hours of no display. So please can the BIOS upgrade cause the no display issue and if it is what’s the way out. Please I need an answer soon. Thanks

    • I can’t say anything without troubleshooting the system.
      Maybe you should need to hire some local computer engineer and I think, he will figure it out.

  7. I tried everything as you said but no work was done. Please tell me approximately how much cost to pay change the GPU chip. I think my laptop GPU chips have gone bad.

  8. Thanks a lot Madhur. My laptop is up and running again after following the ram cleaning steps that you recommended. Keep up the good work!!

  9. Hi, my laptop sometimes give me blank screen upon start up
    I went to repair it , the guy said it was the IC or the joint is dirty, not the LCD
    He replaced the IC, however I still got the same problem…
    He then told me to “smack” my laptop from below & restart….it did work but I feel that he is trying to destroy all components by doing this solution,
    Did I get cheated??
    He did said he will take responsibility but only by cleaning the “joint”, is he referring to the ram?

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