Fixing No Display Computer’s Motherboard Problem

Sometimes our computer got turned on, but our displays show nothing and give us a blank display, “no signal” or “Check video cable” error. In that case there are numbers of possible issue which creates that’s problem and preventing your computer to boot up normally.

So, stick with this tutorial and do the step by step hardware verification what we show you below, in order to start or boot up your computer:

If your computer doesn’t show you any sign of power(electricity) or remains dead when you push the start button, then you should check our another tutorial to know “How To Fix A Dead Computer Which Won’t Turn On ?”.

So, now the question is what could be the possible reason for that fault (no display problem) and how to find and fix that problem? The answer is some minor faults, which you’ll find after doing the step by step inspection of every hardware inside of your computer in order to fix your computer.

Note: If your computer creating a beep sound again and again with no display problem, then you can directly check the solution no. 5 listed below to fix this problem quickly.  

So Let’s See

Solution #1 – Monitor Checkup

The first thing you’ll have to make sure is does your monitor is “Power on” or not and then check the video cable is connected properly or not.

You can check for loose connection by ‘unplugging and plug it back’ that cable.

Solution #2 – Graphic Hardware Checkup

If you have a graphic card installed in your motherboard, then you should remove it and plug your monitor’s video cable directly to the motherboard and try to start your computer again.

If your computer starts normally that means you have a faulty graphic card installed in your computer, you can try to repair it or replace it with the new one.

If you don’t know how to remove your graphic card here we have a short demonstration in our other tutorial “How To Install Graphic Card Or Video Card In Your Computer ?” to show how to do that.

If you having a problem with your graphic card, we also have an another tutorial to show you How To Repair A Graphic Card By ReFlow Solder?”.

Solution #3 – Internal Hardware Checkup

There is lots of extra hardware in your computer’s cabinet which have no relation between to your motherboard’s startup i.e. Harddrive, DVD-RW, FDD and External Card. If the problem is generating from the internal hardware parts there is a chance your computer won’t able to boot and shows you “no display”.

A motherboard only needs Ram, Processor, Fan and SMPS to startup itself. So, remove all the unnecessary hardware like HDD, FDD, DVD-RW and External card etc. to check does this problem is coming from those extra Internal Hardwares or not.

After that, try to turn on your computer. If your computer boots up normally, that means you have an issue with your internal hardware parts and you can check every hardware parts one by one to find which one creates that problem. If your display doesn’t show you anything yet, then move on to next solution.

Solution #4 – CMOS Battery Checkup

Sometimes our motherboard’s CMOS battery got drained out and start’s creating this problem’s and maybe prevent your computer to starts up. In that case, you can remove your CMOS battery and try to start your computer again.

If your computer starts, then change your motherboard’s CMOS battery and try to start your computer again. If that also doesn’t help’s you, move on to the next solution.

Solution #5 – Ram Checkup

Commonly Ram must be the 90% of the reason for this “no display” problem. If your ram got dead, your motherboard will never be able to start itself until you’ve replaced it with a new one.

If you have two rams installed in your computer, then remove one of them and try to turn on your computer. If your computer still won’t turn on then remove that ram from that slot and install it into another slot. If your computer still won’t able to Turn ON, then do those previous steps with your other ram stick (vice versa).

If you still facing that problem that means there is a chance your ram got dead, in that case, borrow a compatible “Ram stick” to your friend and install it into your computer to checks does your ram creates that problem or not.

If you find your ram dead, you can try to clean it How to Clean a Ram Stick ?” And then check that ram does it works after cleaning. If the cleaning doesn’t work then you should try to repair your ram by following our this tutorial How to Repair a Dead Ram Stick (Memory Stick)?”.

Solution 6 – Processor/Motherboard Checkup

You can try to check your motherboard by installing another process into it to know, does your processor is the one who’s creating this problem or not. Otherwise, you are having a motherboard problem because there are only 1% of chances that your processor got damaged.

If the above 5 checkups didn’t work for you that means you have 99% of chances you’ve had a faulty motherboard on your side. Take you motherboard to the repair shop or you can replace it with the new one.

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  1. Good points about smps. It is very important part of the computer. Thanks for details. We are into computer and hp laptop service and it is very useful for me and our service team.

    • then it’s also possible that your motherboard’s got faulty, because when the VRM Section of the Motherboard got shorted it starts to supplying the extra voltage to the processor.

  2. Hello Dear, I am using Dell Optiplexx 330 (Core2Duo 2.8 Ghz) & facing error of beeps with no display, I have changed Ram & Processor but problem is still there. Please guideis it VGA issue or board issue ? (I haven’t install any additional VGA card and using on board VGA).

    Mansoor A. Ali

  3. My motherboard fans and cpu are working but not show no signal message. What is the problem about this ?? please give positive reply for same

  4. i change ram but no display is showing i change all thi g but i didnot check cmos no beep sound what is the problem fan is running all things look like right but i didnot get any thing on display any solution

  5. my pc dtarts and the led in cpu glows for some while and goes off butt my startup button lights glow but no display in the screen .

  6. I have an industrial PC based cnc machine which is having some problem (i386 with 115 power supply)
    There is no display on the crt monitor, but only a horizontal line is seen. secondly i find that the cpu is not booting. LED light are glowing inside the cpu, but further there is no action seen. I have cleaned the ram, removed all the hardware that was installed and refitted the same, but having the same problem

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