Ram Installation Instruction

RAM, also known for Random Access Memory and it’s a fast version of a typical hard drive and it’s only used to store temporary information and current process data which is using by your system or I say mainly your operating system.

The more RAM you have the better performance your machine gives you. You can think of RAM as tellers in a bank processing customers’ needs in real time. The more tellers you have (RAM), the faster the processing.

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Buy a RAM what’s your motherboard support and how much amount of memory what you really need for yourself:

>>How Much Ram Do I Need?

Normally all new motherboard comes with DDR3 ram support. If you don’t know what type of ram you’ve needed for your computer then check the given link below.

>>What Type Of Ram Does My Computer Support And I Have Installed?

Upgrading your ram is the quickest way to upgrade your computers speed and in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to install a ram in your desktop computer and make your computer faster than before.

So Let’s See

STEP 1– Power Supply Cut

Unplug the power connection from back, which is normally attached to the PC.

STEP 2 – Case Opening

Open the computer’s case by removing the screws that hold the side panels and then lifting it away from the case.

STEP 3 – Wear A Grounding Strap.

Wear a grounding strap on your wrist and connect the other end to your computer case. This will prevent any buildup of static electricity on your body because Static electricity can damage your computer components.

STEP 4 – Install Ram

Insert the RAM into the ram slot on your motherboard, by pressing the RAM from upwards.

Note – Check the notch on the board is in the correct location if it’s not, then turn around the RAM stick and try again.

If your ram doesn’t fit into the socket, then check what kind of ram is your motherboard supports and what kinda ram you having in your hand. If you don’t know how to check it then you can also check this out with our another tutorial link below.

What Type Of Ram Does My Computer Support And I Have Installed ?

STEP 5 – Check The Ram Is Locked.

Check the ram is properly locked or not, if it’s not then you’ll need to reinsert it and then locks it again.

Note – Your computer doesn’t show’s you anything on your display until the ram fit’s perfect.

Now the ram is completely installed and the last thing is left to do is re-attaching the side panels on your computer’s cabinet. After the system starts open the bios menu (By pressing f1, f2 or Del) and check your computer’s motherboard is recognizing the new ram or not. If the new ram isn’t recognized then just exit the setup, turn off your computer, remove the newly installed ram, clean the ram’s slot and after that reinstall the ram and test it again.

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