Installing or Upgrading Laptop’s RAM

As the computer processor performs a lot of different operations, it needs a storage for non-finished and finished operations, these may be either be permanent or temporary.

In short, the computer needs storage space for data that it is not being worked on (to be used in future), the one being worked on.

For these to happen, a computer should feature Random Access Memory (RAM) and hard disk drives. While the RAM provides short-term memory storage, hard disk drives provide long-term memory storage.

And just most of the times, expanding RAM Memory is the quickest way to upgrade our computer’s speed.

I can’t say every time, because sometimes people already have enough ram installed in their computer and wanted to increase the speed by installing more. I case if you stiff have confusions then this might help you. Link: >> How Much Ram Do I Need?

Normally all new motherboard comes with DDR3 or DDr4 ram support. In case, still don’t know which type of ram does your laptop needed, then here; Link: >> Finding – What Type of Ram My Computer Support or I’ve Installed?

All other article Suggestion which I think you might find helpful;

#So, Let’s Get Started

Step 1The first thing you’ll need to do is to make sure that your laptop is completely turned off (and not sleep or hibernated), and not just this, you’ll also need to unplug the power adaptor and put the battery out of your laptop too.

Step 2 – Now flip your laptop upside down and find the memory module slot cover. If your laptop has no particular module for your ram then you’ll need to unscrew the big one module cover, which might have ram in it. I’m only saying this because in some laptops the ram slot is located under the keyboard, you can mostly find this in mini-laptops or netbook.

Note: Normally it doesn’t require a lot of force to open it:

Now you are able to see the ram which was already attached to the motherboard.

Step 3 – Now you’ll need to remove the old ram to install the new one. You can also use the free slot too but the problem is, sometimes the other ram isn’t get compatible with each other, and that’s the reason why people buy memory kits while upgrading the old one.

Note: To detach your old Ram, you’ll have to pull the retention clips on each side of the sockets and then you will see your ram tilts up.

Step 4 – Now it’s time to install the Ram. Slide the ram module into the socket according to the socket key and press the ram down and that’s it.

Note – Sockets align at about 30-degree angle.

Step 5 – Now close and screw back the back cover of the ram module, and make sure you still don’t over tighten the screw.

Step 6 – Install the laptop’s battery to its place, you can also plug the AC power adapter back to the laptop and turn it ON.

It’s also possible that you’ll see a message saying something like ‘The amount of memory has changed’ on your computer’s startup screen, just like this;

“And that’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the tutorial, in the comments down below.” 🙂



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