Installing or Upgrade Laptop’s RAM ?

RAM, also known for Random Access Memory and it’s a fast version of a typical hard drive and it’s only used to store temporary information and current process data which is using by your system or I say mainly your operating system.

The more RAM you have the better performance your machine gives you. You can think of RAM as tellers in a bank processing customers’ needs in real time. The more tellers you have (RAM), the faster the processing.

Upgrading your ram is the quickest way to upgrade your computers speed and in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can easily install a ram stick in your Laptop’s computer.

#Some Suggestion

Buy a RAM what’s your motherboard support and how much amount of memory what you really need for yourself:

>>How Much Ram Do I Need?

Normally all new motherboard comes with DDR3 ram support. If you don’t know what type of ram you’ve needed for your computer then check the given link below.

>>What Type Of Ram Does My Computer Support And I Have Installed?

So, Let’s Get Started

Step 1 – Turn off your laptop, if you are using it and unplug the power adapter too.

Keep in mind that you can lose data if you just only sleep your laptop by the time of installing new hardware.

Note – You’ll have to make sure that the laptop has no power supply and it was properly shut down.

Step 2 – Remove the battery or disconnect all other cables attached to the laptop.

Step 3 – Flip your laptop upside down and find the memory module slot cover.

Step 4 – Open the cover by the use of a screwdriver.

Normally it shouldn’t require a lot of force to opens it:

Now you are able to see the ram which was already attached to the motherboard.

Step 5 – Remove the old ram.

We have to remove the old ram to install the new one. For removing, you’ll have to pull the retention clips on each side of the sockets and the ram tilts up.

Step 6 – Install the ram.

Slide the ram module into the socket according to the socket key and press the ram down.

Note – Sockets align at about 30-degree angle.

Step 7 – Close and screw back the back cover of the ram module, don’t over tighten the screw.

Step 8 – Install the laptop’s battery, plug the AC power adapter and turn on your laptop.

It’s possible you’ll see the message says that “the amount of memory has changed” on your computer’s start up, just like this.

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