Desktop’s Motherboard Cleaning By Giving An Isopropyl Alcohol Bath

The motherboard is the main part of your computer case and it needs to be clean once in a year to work and perform better. The dirty motherboard can be the reason for its damage because the dirt sits on the chip soldering and when it get moist it will create a minor shorting and that will make your computer dead.

Cleaning a board can be tricky, it can only be done by who which knows how to disassemble a computer, if you don’t know I’ll suggest you to see this video below to learn how to apart a computer.

So Let’s See

Thing’s you’ll need

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Air Blower or Compressed Air
  3. Tooth Brush
  4. Isopropyl Alcohol 90%

Basic cleaning

Step 1 – Power Off

Turn off or shut down your computer if it’s running. Unplug the main power cord from the back side which was attached to your computer’s SMPS.

Step 2 – Disassemble

Now disassemble your computer and take off your motherboard from the computer’s cabinet.

Step 3 – Cleaning (Basic)

Now put your motherboard on a flat surface and remove the processor fan and the process also. Cover the process socket with a socket cover like in the picture given below.

Now give an air pressure to the motherboard and that will remove all the dirt off to your board. After that clean the ram socket with the help of toothbrush and give an air pressure again into the socket. Now, the basic cleaning is done you can assemble back your motherboard into the computer case and power on your computer to test it.

Hard cleaning

Using isopropyl alcohol is very effective cleaner because its clean all the chemical dust-like carbon and the solder junks. Giving an alcohol bath to your motherboard is fully safe and it’s also the common way to save a dead motherboard. Mostly all the repair shops also giving an alcohol bath to the motherboard for this cleaning process.

For hard cleaning, we are using isopropyl alcohol because it’s non-conductive and it also dries fast. I’ll suggest you to use 90% alcohol because 60-70 % contains more water than 90% and it’s harmful to your computer and also creates an electric shorting.

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