A Proper Way to Clean a Computers Motherboard

The motherboard is the main part of the computer, be it a desktop or a laptop. And the performance of the PC depends completely on that. So, we need to ensure that the motherboard is in good condition. A small damage in the motherboard and it will affect the entire performance of your system (or maybe can it DEAD!!).

And this is why you should regularly clean the motherboard to keep it in good working condition. Dust, spill and sticky substances get collected on the motherboard over time which eventually can affect the lifespan of the PC. So, we have explained in this article that how to clean desktop motherboard.

Things required for cleaning the motherboard:

  • Screwdriver
  • Compressed Air, Makeup Brush, Vacuum with attachments
  • Cotton
  • Isopropyl Alcohol 99% (or any 90%+)

Before going ahead to clean the motherboard, ensure all these things are ready with you.

So, Let’s See How to Do It;

Now follow the step by step process here to clean the desktop motherboard:

Step 1: Power off the PC: The first and foremost thing you should do to clean the motherboard is to turn off your system completely. Once you have turned off the PC, the next task is to unplug the entire power source from the desktop PC.

Step 2: Remove the case and disassemble the PC: Now remove the case from the back side of the processor using the screwdrivers. Take out the motherboard from there and then place it on a flat clean surface. Best is to keep it on a clean cloth. You can also use the vacuum first if you found some heavy dirt all over it.

Step 3: Clean: Now cleaning task starts off! First, go for a basic cleaning. Use the compressed Air to remove the dust and dirt from the motherboard. You can also use a vacuum attachment to get rid of stubborn dust. But if you are using the vacuum attachment, ensure to keep them few inches away for the best result. Next use the Makeup Brush & Compressed Air Can for the best cleaning results.

Step 4: Deep clean (Only try when your motherboard is faulty or dead): If you feel that basic clean is not enough to clean your motherboard then go for a deep clean. It requires you use the 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. In case the motherboard is filled with sticky substances and solders junks, a cleaning with alcohol is the best solution for that. Take a 1L bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol 99% in a small container and then gently put the motherboard in it to give a proper alcohol bath (try to shake it slowly when it’s dipped properly). The stubborn and sticky particles will eventually go off to leave the motherboard as a new one.

Note: Make sure you remove the CMOS battery before giving your motherboard a bath.

Step 5: Assemble back: Once the cleaning process is done, allow the motherboard to dry completely after the alcohol bath. This step is highly required to prevent any further damage. Anyways, alcohol will get dried easily as it is evaporated.  Now, reinstall the motherboard on the proper area and attach the case properly with the screwdrivers. Power the unit again and turn it on to check if it is working.

So, that’s it. The process to clean the desktop motherboard is much simple and will take hardly any time. But, if you do not know to disassemble or assemble the PC, take the help of your friends.

“That’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the article, in the comments down below.” 🙂


  1. this post is amazing.
    not everyone talks about cleaning the mobo with 99% isopropyl alcohol.
    i had never heard about this method.

  2. It should be okay to clean all of your computer with isopropyl alchohol. The alchohol vaporises at room temperature, so just make sure it is completely dry before connecting the power again. I’d be carefull which paper towels you use, as some paper towels tend to leave behind small traces of paper.

  3. This is really a good content I you can say that if you really want to take care your computer then you must clean it properly. I can say this is really great thing to see.

  4. Thanks for explaining how 99% isopropyl alcohol is best for giving your motherboard a deep clean. I’ve never cleaned a motherboard before but mine has a lot of gunk on it. I’ll follow your steps closely and if I need to, I’ll just go buy a new one.

  5. Sir my friends mobo was spilled with printer ink, can i used this method? do i need to remove the cmos battery and the cpu sir? can i used 70% alcohol?


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