Reflow Soldering Of Graphic Card

As like every old graphics card, it’s possible you’ve might getting some problems in your computer and it’s be like, no display on the screen or getting lines on your display or maybe any other display related issue.

These are the kind of problem your graphic made when its GPU chip loses the solder joint connection of PCB (printed circuit board), yes it does, due to overuse of a card for a long time can lose the solder joints and make the card effect display related problems.

The main thing is, graphic cards are so expensive and its kinda hard to bear when we find our graphics card is dead now.

So, that’s why I made this tutorial to teach you how you can easily fix your desktops graphics card by reflowing the solder under the GPU chip.

we are using the baking method by providing direct 200-degree celsius heat to do a simple reflow on the cards printed circuit board to re-joint the broken connections by melting solder under the graphic chip.

If you wanna to know more about reflow then check out the link below:

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If your graphic card is still in under warranty then you shouldn’t try to do anything on our own, just remove the card from the computer and give it to the manufacturer service center or maybe you try to call to the manufacturer customer care for support.

There are no guaranteed you can fix your card perfectly but this tutorial work’s 95% for all time and at past it was worked for me too.

Helper link is given below, if you’ve having blank black display problem with your computer:

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So Let’s See

 Step 1 – Remove The Faulty Graphic Card.

First, you’ll have to open your computer side case and unscrew the graphic card screws and remove your card gently without making any of damages.

Step 2 – Remove The Graphic Card Heat Sink.

After removing the card from your computer, remove the graphics card heat sink by unscrewing some screws which hold the heat sink to the Card’s PCB.

Step 3 – Clean Your Graphics Card.

After removing the heatsink from the PCB you’ll need to clean your graphics card by the use of Isopropyl alcohol to remove the old dry thermal paste.

Step 4 – Preheat Your Oven.

Now you’ll need to preheat your oven at the minimim temperature of 150C for 3-5 min and that will make our reflow more effective.

>Caution – Do Not Use Microwave Oven.

Step 5 – Getting Things Ready.

Now take your graphic card and put it on a tray and after that give it a support by using foil paper balls under it.

Step 6 – Put The Card Into The Oven.

Now put your card into the oven and close the oven door and set the heating for about 8 min at 200C.

Note – GPU Chip Side is Always on Top.

Caution – Don’t Over Heat the Card.

Step 7 – Let The Card Cool’s Down.

After 8 min take out your graphic card and let it cool down for some minutes.


Step 8 – Get The Card Ready. 

After the card cools down, put the new thermal paste on the GPU chip and screw back the fan heat sink.

Step 9 – Testing.

After doing everything, now test your graphic card is working or not.

If the graphic card is still not working you may repeat this process again and might need to increase the heating time.

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