Fixing A Laptop GPU By Reflow Graphic Chip

If your laptop screen shows you no display, vertical lines, horizontal lines, or creating dots on the display that mean you having a laptop with a bad GPU’s chip in it.

GPU is a graphic chip which was soldered on your laptop’s motherboard and when you run your laptop for a long time that graphic chip (GPU) solder got starts to separate from the motherboard and that cause video failure.

This problem can occur with any graphic chip based laptop either you have Nvidia or AMD. We are fixing this chip by the reflow method, reflow means providing particular heat on the GPU chip to melt the solder and re-joint itself to the circuit board and that will fix your problem.

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If you just having a “no display” problem with your laptop then I’ll highly suggest you to check our this tutorial first before you do anything

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It’s because sometimes the problem can be generating just because of some minor hardware failure and it’s best to do some troubleshoot for that minor fault before disassembling your laptop.


  1. There is no guaranty that you will fix your laptop.
  2. Proceed at your own risk; we are not responsible for any hardware damage.
  3. If your laptop is in under warranty then take your laptop to the manufacturer’s service center.

 So Let’s See

There are lots of different ways to reflow your GPU chip but we doing it by the use of a heat gun. So you will need a heat gun, foil paper, and the laptops disassemble tools kit.

Step 1 – Disassemble laptop

The first step is to do is disassemble your laptop completely and take your motherboard off from the laptop’s body. I suggest you to see some disassembly tutorial video on the internet to disassemble your laptop in a right way and I’ll prefer you to search a disassembly video on YouTube because on YouTube there are a variety of videos to show you how to do it practically. Here is an example below.

Step 2 – Preparation

Now put your laptop on a clean table and start covering your laptop’s motherboard by the use of foil paper and leave the GPU chip out.

Step 3 – Heating (Reflowing)

Now Turn ON your heat gun and set the temperature at 220c with the low air pressure and preheat the gun for about 30sec. After that provide the heat on the GPU at the distance of 2 inches for 1 min.

Note- Rotate the gun clockwise and anti-clockwise while proving the heat to the GPU, don’t hold it still.

Make sure you’ve set the air pressure low; if you don’t then the heat gun will blow all the small components off from the GPU chip.

After that do the reflow at the back side of gpu just only for 30 sec.

Step 4 – Assemble back

Now assemble back your laptop and test it. Mine was working fine, look.

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  1. Hello I have a dell inspiron 15R SE 7520. When I want to start it shows a green screen with a single horizontal white stripe and beeping eight times until i shut it down. I got it checked by dell but went in vain. They suggested a screen replacement but with new one the same problem exists. I think it might be a problem in motherboard(part no: CN-04P57C). Can you suggest where exactly is the problem and is a motherboard replacement is the only solution? If it is in GPU then a GPU reflow may not be the permanent solution as it may in bad shape again in 6 months.

    Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards

  2. My Dell Inspiron 15-3537 Laptop first 3 three times restarts automatically then next 4th times gives 7 beeps error with no display. I do the usually process of reboiling but the problem not solved… what i do ????

  3. I did the reflow process but after that when I press power button only the display blinks for less than 1 sec My laptop is Dell studio 1555

  4. Hello friend.
    i have a problem with may packard bell is a common problem( black screen) during booting up.everything is working except the video.need your help please

  5. Hi, can i reflow card using only ordinary fan? Does it heat up to needed temperature or is it to low? I dont have proper equipment,,


  7. Hello, Madhur TJ
    I have Acer Aspire 5783zg with mother board JV.50-MV DDR3 M96 MADISON MB 09925-1 48.4cg10.011
    there was this problem with horizontal lines but after a wile they disappeared, the problem got worse and now it dose not even want to boot and there is blue screen. The lap top restart and nothing change. I can start it in safe mode but the screen is all in square any suggestions. Is It Reflowing or Reballing or something else? The message on the blue screen was something about DVB not sure i have been told that there is a problem with my graphic processor and i start looking for mother board. I am waiting to hear from you Rosen. Thanks

  8. This is not a fix once a chip fails like this nothing can repair it dont waste time on some ovens and heat guns trow your laptop in the garbage and don’t buy from the shity manufacturer again.

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