Installing Graphic/Video Card In Our PC

If you are wondering about to upgrade your graphic card or if you having one which you wanna to get installed in your computer then you are at the correct web page this time because in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to do it in a correct way by taking our step by step guide tutorial.

Installing a graphic card is such an easy task to do, you’ll just replace the new one at the place of old one.

If you don’t have a graphic card yet and wondering about to about to buy a new one then we’ll gonna also help you to out to find a perfect one for you by the tutorial link given below.

>>>How to Choose a Graphic Card to buy?

So Let’s Attach A Graphic Card

Here’s are two important things what I want you to know before this installation –

  • Graphics card are very delicate so, don’t break and drop them.
  • There are sharp silver dots at the behind of every graphic card so, be careful.

STEP 1 – Turn Off Your Computer

Shut down your computer, if you are using it and unplug the power cable which is connected to your computer’s back.

STEP 2 – Open Your Computer Case

Open your computer case by removing the screws. After that, it’s better to use an air blower to clean up all the dust off to your computer.

STEP 3 – Finding The Slot

Your motherboard should have a “PCI x16” slot to plug in a new graphic card. If you have a computer which already has a graphic card installed in it then you’ll need to unplug it first.

Note: It must be plugged in “pcix16” or “AGP” slot on your motherboard:

STEP 4 – Creating Space For Your New Graphic Card

  • Remove the metal cover– Remove the metal cover by unscrewing the screw which holding the cabinet’s card cover.

  •  Removing old card– Remove the old card if you have installed in your computer by unscrewing the screw which holding your graphic card to the cabinet. After that push down the card’s holder to release out your graphic card from it.

STEP 5 – Installing New Card

Hold the card by its edges and position it over the correct slot and push down the card slowly into the slot. Don’t force it, just try to do it gently. When the card fits into the slot, install a screw to letting it hold the card in that place.

STEP 6 – Connect The External Power (If Needed)

If you have a higher end graphic card it must require the external source of power to run itself. So, connect the power connector to your graphic card from SMPS to give power the supply to your newly installed card.

STEP 7 – Connect The Video Cable

Connect your video cable to your graphic card and start up your computer to test your new card. Normally your motherboard will usually recognize newly installed card and shows you the startup display.

Sometimes our video cable doesn’t support the other slot which your card is contained, in that case, you can use a connector to use your cable perfectly.

STEP 8 – Assemble Back

If everything works fine then put your PC’s cover back and start up your computer. If something goes wrong, turn off your computer and make sure you’ve sat down the card correctly.

STEP 9 – Install Drivers

Install the drivers by CD which already comes with your graphic card’s box. Or you can Visit the manufacturer’s Website to download and install the latest drivers.

If your computer DVD reader is broken or you don’t want to waste your time on the manufacturer’s website then you can do it our way. Open the link below and we will help you out with your driver installation tutorial.

>>How to Find and download your computer hardware Driver ?<<

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