Finding Game Compatibility With Our Motherboard?

Every day I got lots of emails about people asking me, how to know does my computer or graphic card can run that game or how to know does my computer will able to meet the latest game requirements? And it’s hard to reply the same answer to all of those questions. So, I decided to write an article about it and give you a simple suggestion to know how you can easily find that.

Buying a game for your PC isn’t that simple as compared to console because you’ll have to check and compare the game requirements to your computers specification. If you are going to buy a new computer, then compare your new computer’s specification with the game what you wanna to play on it. So let’s see how to find your computer’s game compatibility.

There are two ways to check that –

  1. Do It Manually
  2. Do It Automatically

Do It Manually

STEP 1 – Note Computer’s Specification

First, open your run command by pressing “Windows + R” key and type “dxdiag” to open your DirectX diagnostic tool. When the DirectX window got opened write down your computer’s specification on a notepad.

Then click “OK” to open.

STEP 2 – Comparing

After writing your computer’s specification on the notepad. Open your internet browser and find the minimum requirements of that game what you want to play on your computer and compare it both side by side.

Here’s my system’s specification also with the game requirements which I’m comparing. You can click on the image to open it widely.

Now you can see my computer can able to play that “prototype” game but it’s not able to play “COD Ghost” because of lower configuration. That is how you can easily check does your computer or laptop have that configuration to play that game what you want to play.

Do It Automatically

Recently I’ve found a website where you can select your favorite game and that website will show you, does your computer will be able to play that game or not by scanning your computer’s hardware automatically.

Link >>>

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