Laptop’s Display Problem Test by Using an External Monitor

A broken or faulty laptop screen may put you in a fix because you may have a lot of crucial data saved on your system. Besides you also need to verify that your hardware isn’t damaged and is working.

You can connect your laptop to an external monitor to test its proper functioning. However, the procedure would be possible only if the laptop is not broken internally.

To make a connection with an external monitor you definitely need a video cable – HDMI DVI, or a VGA whichever is compatible with your laptop and Monitor.

#Let’s See How To Test It;

  • Now Turn OFF the power of your laptop and the external monitor.
  • Plug-in one end of the video cable into your laptop’s video output, which mainly located on its side or at the back of some laptops and the next end into the video input slot of your external monitor which is located at the back or its side.
  • Turn ON the external monitor you are using.
  • Now Turn ON your laptop and let it boot. Wait for some time, until you stop hearing the sound that it makes while booting. Every individual is familiar with the average time that his/her laptop takes to boot. Since you cannot see the screen you need to analyze the time that it usually takes to boot and then proceed to the next step.
  • Next, click on “Fn” and “CRT/LCD” buttons on your laptop’s keyboard. Laptops will have the CRT/LCD Button as “F3,” “F5,” “F8” or “F9”. The button will have a small Display/LCD icon made on it, so you can understand which key is the right one. Keep pressing the buttons till content of your laptop is displayed on the external monitor.

Once you have tested your laptop on the external monitor and know that all its data and hardware is safe you can save your data and have your laptop screen repaired or changed. You can change the screen on your own too. Follow these easy steps if you have a replacement LCD screen and a small screwdriver.

  • Disconnect the power supply and remove the battery.
  • Locate the screws that hold the bezel in its place for some laptops the screws are hidden below small cushions which need to be removed to access the screws.
  • Use a very thin metal blade and pop one of the corners to reveal the brackets of LCD mounting brackets.
  • Remove the screws which secure the lid and place the display on the keyboard and disconnect the cable.
  • A LED-backlit LCD will have one cable but those using an older version which has been manufactured before 2010 then there would be two cables. So, just disconnect it.
  • Connect the new panel to the cable, place the panel in the lid and secure the screws back.
  • Re-attach the bezel, reconnect the battery and turn on your laptop.

Changing an LCD screen isn’t quite tough, follow the above guidelines and have your laptop screen fixed.

For Full Guide: How To Replace Or Change A Broken Or Faulty Laptop’s Display Screen?

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