Replacing Or Changing A Broken Laptop Display Screen

If you having a broken, cracked, dead or burned pixel display screen in your laptop and you are thinking about to change it by yourself, then don’t worry about it because in this tutorial I’m defiantly gonna help you to do things by yourself with just using a screwdriver.

If your laptop’s display doesn’t show you anything that doesn’t mean your display got dead you’ll have to make sure about your screen by connecting it to the other external monitor. Here is a short tutorial to show you “How to Attach a Broken Screen Laptop to an External Monitor?”

So Let’s See

Either you have an LCD or LED display in your laptop, the procedure is same for every type or screen. So watch and read this tutorial carefully and repeat the steps what I show you.

Step 1- Switch Off Power

The first thing is to do is turn off your laptop and remove the power adaptor cable and battery also.

Step 2 – Removing Rubber Protector

Remove the rubber protector cover by the help of your nails which was pasted on the screws.

Step 3 – Remove the Screws

Remove the screws by using the screwdriver. If you don’t find any of screws on the display cover then  you can skip this step and move on to next.

Step 4 – Open the Casing

Open the display case by the use of your fingernails and a flat screwdriver.

And after that unmatched the base cover.

Step 5 – Remove the Frame Screws.

Step 6 – Remove The Hinge Screws From The Left And Right Side, Both.

Step 7 – Remove the Video Connecter.

Lay down the screen on the keyboard and remove the video connector.

Step 8 – Remove the CCFL Power Connector.

Disconnect the CCFL power connector from the bottom of your LCD screen. If you having a LED screen then you’ll never able to find that power connect because the led doesn’t need it.

Note: It’s also not possible to install LED in the place of LCD.

Step 9 – Install the New LCD/LED.

Now install the new LCD or LED and reconnect the video cable and CCFL power connector.

Step 10 – Install the Screws Back to the Hinge and the Frame.

Step 11 – Reattach the Display Case and Install Back the Screws.

Step 12 – Testing.

Now you’ve done with the installation of your display screen. Plug back the battery and turn on your laptop.

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