Replacing Or Changing A Broken/Faulty Laptop Display Screen

Because of a great portability somehow, it’s possible that you do break your laptop, even when you are talking a good care of it. And I know things get worst when you have kids or pets around you.

For those peoples who are thinking that their display got dead just because it’s look black, then here are some links which might help you out to get rid of confusions:

So, if you have a broken, cracked, dead or burned pixel display screen on your laptop and wanted to change it all by yourself, then now you shouldn’t need to don’t worry about it because in this tutorial I’m definitely going to help you out to do things all by yourself with just using a single screwdriver.

So, Lets See How to Do It;

The first thing what you’ll need to do is to buy an original or compatible display screen for your broken screen laptop. For that, you can browse the online stores to get the best deal and don’t forget to buy a screwdriver kit, in case if you don’t have any.

Whatever your laptop support, either it’s LCD or LED, but the procedure is same for every type or screen. Read this tutorial carefully and repeat the steps properly whatever it shows you.

Step 1– Switch Off Power: Now it’s time to turn off your laptop and remove the power adaptor cable & the battery too.

Step 2 Remove Rubber Protector: Then remove the rubber protector cover with the help of your nails, which was normally pasted on the front panel screws.

Step 3 Remove the Screws: Now remove the screws by using the screwdriver and in case if you don’t find any screws on the display panel, then you can skip this step and move on to next one.

Step 4 Open the Casing: Open the display case by taking help of your fingernails or you can use a flat (-) screwdriver. And after that unmatch the base cover too.

Step 5 Unscrew the Hinge: Display is mainly screwed to the laptop’s hinge. So, you need to un-screw then in order to take display out from its casing. Mainly all the screws are visible, but you can find some on above the display and on the right & left side of the hinges;

And one more thing, make sure you don’t mess with the webcam cable. Just leave it as it is, or you can disconnect it, in case if the cable is stuck with the old display (you can easily un-stick it when the screen is properly de-assembled).

Step 6 Remove the Video Connector: Lay down the screen on the keyboard and just remove the video connector by pulling it outside (it’s possible that a transparent tape is covering the video connector).

Step 7 Remove the CCFL Power Connector: Now you need to disconnect the CCFL power connector from the bottom of your LCD screen. But in case if your laptop has a LED screen installed in it, then you can’t be able to find that power connect under your LED screen because LED actually doesn’t need it.

SAD NEWS!! But Yes, you can’t you LED in the place of OLD LCD (Vice Versa).

Step 8 Install the New LCD/LED: Now the times come when you need to install the new LCD or LED and reconnect the old video cable and CCFL power connector (if needed).

Step 9 Assemble Back the Laptop: Install the Screws Back to the Hinge and Frame and then reattach the front casing.

Step 10 Testing: The installation is done now, and to check your display you really don’t need to install any other software or compatibility drivers in order to use it.

So, Plug back the Battery and Turn ON your laptop, and starts to continue your important work what you’ve waited for to do it.

“That’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the article, in the comments down below.” 🙂


  1. Basically i did not try to change my laptop screen if something wrong on it, i generally go to service center to sort it out, but i love your guidance for solution.


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