Fixing A Dead Laptop Which Won’t Turn ON

I know it surely can be a bad day when you get up in the morning and trying to turn up your laptop and it remains still.

It’s hard to take, but that’s your sure that something got blown-up;

Whatever it’s some capacitor or your battery, or maybe the charger you are using. Anything possible and it all depends on how bad your day is. But on a bright side, I have a list of troubleshooting steps that you can follow to save the engineers payout and spend that money on the hardware which needs to be fixed.

Dead means, that nothing comes up on the laptop screen when you press the power button. Not a single notification LED is ON, no beep, no BIOS, even the charging light is OFF, and that’s what we called a dead computer.

In case if you still didn’t try to use your laptop’s charger on another socket yet, then it quite possible that the socket isn’t working which left the battery to all drained out and now there is no power to start the laptop.

But in case if you think that your laptop looks dead just because the charging and notification LEDs is ON, but still there is nothing on the display. Then that’s the whole different condition and I think now you should need to continue with this How to Fix Black Blank or No Display Laptop’s Problem?” article.

Not fully dead, in case If your laptop’s charging light is ON, but not any single notification LED indicates that’s the system is ON. Then you can also follow these troubleshooting steps and some might get helpful for you.

So, start with;

#Colleting the Compatible hardware;

To fix a hardware you’ll definitely need some proper tools to initiate anything. But as a suppose you a beginner, I made this tutorial in that way so don’t have to test anything with any high-tech testing components and you can do all by just using some different but compatible battery and charger.

You can borrow the charger and battery from some of your friend who have the same laptop. Or even if you can’t be able to find the identical battery, you can still some other brand compatible adaptor who looks same and has same running output wattage supply.

To properly check if you can use another brand charger for testing, you’ll need to look for the same identical charging Pin. Nothing useful if pin can’t be same;

And the second most important thing is the output wattage. Knowing about watt is important, the SI unit of power, equivalent to one joule per second, corresponding to the rate of consumption of energy in an electric circuit where the potential difference is one volt and the current one ampere’ can actually tell about how much power that adaptor will going to supply to the laptop. Make sure the wattage is matched with your laptops adaptor, or otherwise you’ll take this problem to the other level.

Most of the adaptor doesn’t have the wattage information on its sticker. But you can quickly calculate it by multiplying the output Volt and Ampere.

If you still can’t find anything useful then I don’t think I can help you completely but at least you can try the first solution, and maybe should need to visit the professional to get a complete checkup.

Solution 1# – Troubleshooting the Input Power

By the time now, you should also need to unplug all the peripheral devices connected to the computer, whatever it’s some Flash Drive or a Docking Station. Just disconnect everything.

Just like a desktop computer, you can also run your laptop without the battery by just using the power cord, and I want you to do that too. If something is wrong with the battery then that’s for sure the laptop will turn ON immediately when you press the power button.

If you still can’t find anything useful then this the time where you need to use the borrowed adaptor, to cross-test the adaptor. Just like most of the time, the laptop will power ON because 90% it’s the adaptor who’s causing the issue;

And if that’s the case with you, then grab your wallet and take your laptop to the shopping.

Suggested link: How to Buy Compatible Power Adapter for our Laptop?

Solution 2# – Troubleshooting the Power Jack

There is a chance that your laptop’s power jack might be broken from the inside and aren’t able to make a connection. And if that happened to your laptop, even the working charger or battery doesn’t work.

The perfect way to troubleshoot this scenario, you need to use the borrowed compatible battery (which you have to make sure it’s charged) at the place of your old battery and look for any sign of power.

You can try to use your battery in your friend’s laptop to cross-check the battery;

And if the borrowed battery seems to work fine, then it’s for sure that the power jack is faulty from the inside, or maybe the charging section of your laptop’s motherboard got blown-up.

Solution 3# – Troubleshooting the Other Possibilities

If your laptop only shows you the charging LED or maybe it starts for a second and turned-off, then it’s quite possible that the problem from the bad BIOS software (which mainly installed in BIOS Chip).

BIOS is the one who actually starts your computer from the beginning and best part is you can easily reset it too.

I have a proper guide to reset BIOS in laptops, which you can check here; How to Reset Bios, Laptop and Desktop Both?

But in the article, you’ll only need to follow the ‘Method Number 3#’ which describes you to about how to rest BIOS by disconnecting the CMOS battery, where I want you to try to start your laptop with the CMOS-Battery if just resting it doesn’t work for you.    

If still nothing works, then the BIOS need to be flash by Flashing Hardware which can be only done by some professional.

“That’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the article, in the comments down below.” 🙂


  1. Last day while working the laptop it stops working and suddenly shutdown. After that i try to on the laptop but the laptop doesn’t turns on. I tried my best but it doesn’t turn on. I plugged the charger but still it not turn on. .how to fix this issue?


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