All About – What’s A Microphone and How To Use It;

As the technological world continues to move forward, the devices people utilize for entertainment purpose also changes continuously.

Before the extensive acceptance of computers and the progression of their proficiencies, several people who required microphones were those people who loved to play music or needed something to increase their voice or other resonances.

Because of software like VoIP clients, microphones have now become a common addition for computers. At times also called as mic, a microphone is hardware exterior initially designed by Emile Berliner in the year 1877.

It permits the computer users to transfer the audio data into their computers. PC microphones are a necessary accessory for conference rooms and meeting halls.

Uses of a microphone on a computer: Given below is a list of different uses of a microphone on a computer.

  • For audio purpose when watching a video
  • Voice recorder
  • VoIP
  • Voice recognition system
  • Playing games on computer
  • Online audio and video chatting
  • Voice recording for transcription, singing, etc.
  • Recording soundtracks

#How to Choose the Best Microphone for Your PC?

It doesn’t matter what you do, playing multiplayer games, chatting with family or friends, or working from home, you will always require a good quality microphone.

You possibly will have one already, however, it is debatable whether your microphone is good or not. Given below are the types of computer microphones from which you can pick the best as per your requirements:

#Types of Computer Microphones

Headsets Microphone: Computer headsets comprise of headphones using which a user can listen to audio output coming from the computer along with a microphone that the user can utilize to speak and generate audio input.

Usual analog headsets comprising of two 3.5 mm plugs and they are similar to the plug that are used by regular headphones.

For the reason that the plugs are detached, the user can make use of the microphone without the headphones.

Customers can also procure the USB headsets that can be attached by the use of the computer’s USB port and pass on the audio data in a digital form.

Stand Alone Microphone: A Standalone microphone that is attached on a foundation that is placed on the desk of the user. These microphones usually have an elongated and slender form.

These kinds of computer microphone generally generate additional white noise as compared to the headset microphones and their lightweight designs can lead them to lose their balance in case somebody or something bumps into the desk or device.

Some types of stand-alone microphones may possibly consist of an apparatus that help in posting the microphone on the computer, as a result it would not have to sit on the desktop and some of them also have modifiable height.

By and large, stand-alone microphones are connected to your computer with the 3.5 mm plug.

Webcam Microphones: A lot of corporations that create Web cameras for computers also design the camera models that consist of microphone aptitude.

Customers can buy these kinds of web camera cum microphone as a replacement for buying both the products individually.

These webcam microphones help the user save space and they are particularly beneficial when user want to do video chats and internet calls.

Lots of these devices are attached to the upper part or sideways of the desktop monitor with a clip with the purpose of facing the camera in such a way that the Webcam’s face is towards the user, catching audio and video. These devices are in digital format that depends on the USB port to join with the user’s computer.

Integrated Microphones: Some types of desktops and laptops, together with all kind of Macs, have inbuilt microphones that do not need any added purchase of components or setting up.

Users can refer to their computer guide in order to find out whether their system contains an incorporated microphone or not.

Computers systems that do comprise of an integrated microphone might have one or more than one small-sized holes placed close to the top or bottom part of the monitor and, perhaps, a microphone image might also appear to point out the existence of the device.

Computer operators who wish for the superior quality of audio input can purchase a separate microphone so as to use with their computers.

#How Do You Connect A Microphone With Your Computer?

The position where you can connect a microphone to your computer relies on the connector that is used by the microphone. In general speaking manner, there are two categories of microphone connectors, the mini-plug, and the USB.

Both sorts of connectors can be connected to just about any computer as most of the devices together with certain laptops and Chromebooks are compatible with both the categories. Proceeding further, you can have a look at the types of connectors your microphone utilizes.

  • USB microphone
  • Mini-plug microphone

USB Microphone: First step is to find any USB port that is available in your system and then plug your microphone into it. After you have connected it, the computer ought to automatically identify the microphone’s presence and set up the required drivers for it.

Once the software has been installed, you will be able to validate that the microphone is all set to use by going to the Sound settings box and search through the given options.

In case your computer does not detect the mic automatically- If you are have plugged in your USB microphone to the top or front side of your computer, then try to connect it to the backside of the computer. It might only work in certain conditions when connected to the rear end of the computer.

If your system still does not detect the microphone automatically even after you have installed the necessary software’s, then you should try to download the drivers by yourself and see it works or not.  And if it still doesn’t work, you can take the help of someone who is expert in such things.

Mini-plug Microphone: Several microphones also use mini-plug connector. It is very similar to what you can find on cell phones, tablets, or iPods. Talking about a desktop computer, the microphone connector is generally placed on the rear side and is represented by pink colour.

Nevertheless, microphone connector can also be set on the top or front side of the computer system. Several laptop computers and Chromebooks have an inbuilt microphone with them.

However, if your computer is unable to detect your microphone automatically and even when the software has been installed, similar to USB microphone, here also you should try downloading the drivers by yourself.


When you are looking for new microphones, you will be able to find an extensive range of microphones covering a vast array of prices.

The excess of specifications and features related with the several advanced available models can be quite puzzling. It is believed that the price of a microphone shows the quality of the device.

Nevertheless, if you go a little dipper, you will find that there are ample of economically priced microphones that can perform in a better way, fulfilling all your needs.

It is important to understand how different types of microphones work and what is the purpose of their specific design as it will help you find the right microphone for your computer or laptop.

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