Fixing No Sound On Computer Problem

Having no sound from your computer’s or laptop’s speaker is a common problem and most of this issue came from a faulty audio cable or a misconfigured windows driver setting.

Actually, solving a sound problem isn’t that hard how it looks like and by this tutorial I’m gonna make it lot easier for you.

Normally there are three possible reasons why your Computer isn’t able to give you the audio output and those are –

  1. Cable Fault
  2. Windows Sound Drivers fault
  3. Windows fault

Now you see there are numbers of possible reasons for this problem and as I know there are also numbers of possible solutions in order to fix this “NO Sound” problem.

So, you’ll just need to follow the given step by step troubleshooting guide written down below until you’ve fixed your problem.

  1. If Speakers Cable Got Faulty

1.1 Sound Configuration – Make sure your Computer’s, Headphone’s or Speaker’s sound setting is set on minimum listenable Volume configuration because sometimes some people forgot to volume up the devices.

1.2 Cable Properly Attached – Make sure your speaker’s or headphone cable is attached properly because a broken connection can cause “no sound” problem. So, check your cable is connected properly and also connected in a proper audio output jack.

1.3 Cable fault – If your speaker’s wire got faulty it’s fully possible you won’t able to hear anything from your speaker or headphone until you’ve replaced your speaker’s wire. It’s normal a cable got faulty by stretching, aging or overtime use of audio wire so, it’s better to confirm it is a cable’s problem or not by attaching a new cable to the computer from speakers.

  1. If Windows Sound Drivers got faulty

2.1 Sound troubleshooting – The first thing I want you to do in this 2nd guide of this tutorial is to run a windows troubleshooting program because this problem will automatically find and solve your audio problem just in 2 min (Only if it’s able to) or otherwise it will show you which thing is causing this problem.

To open windows sound troubleshooter you’ll just need to go to this control panel directory given below and after that click on “Troubleshoot Audio Playback”.

Control Panel >> All Control Panel Items >> Troubleshooting

After when the troubleshooter opens up, just click on the “Next” button and follow the instruction given on your computers screen.

If this step works for you, then that’s great, if not or did your troubleshooter gives you drivers or hardware related problem then move on to the next step.

2.2 Windows Drivers Got Disable – Sometimes windows audio drivers got disable automatically by some viruses or malware software and start to creating this sound problem.

To identify does your sound drivers is really got disabled you’ll just need to open your “Windows Device Manager” and check for your audio sound drivers listing.

To open windows device manager you’ll need to type this “devmgmt.msc” run command on the run commander and that will open your windows device manager for you.

After when the device manager opens up, Expand the “Sound, video and game controllers” tab to see does your sound drivers is really got disabled or not.

If you find your sound drivers is disabled then quickly enable it by selecting the drivers and click on the given enable button on device manager.

If you find your sound drivers is already enabled or you so see a yellow sign on your sound drivers or maybe you can’t find any audio drivers then it’s possible your drivers might get faulty and need to get an update.

2.3 Drivers got faulty – If you can’t find your audio drivers in the device manager list or maybe your sound driver’s looks corrupted ‘cos of a yellow warning sign stick beside your driver’s name like a given picture below then it’s time to reinstall or update your sound drivers in order to fix this problem.


To update or reinstall your sound drivers you’ll need to download the supported audio driver’s from the internet first and after that just run the program and install the supported drivers into your computer.

If you don’t know how to find and download the drivers then the given link below will helps you out with that.

How To Find And Download Our Computer, Laptop, Printer & Pc Hardware Drivers?

  1. If Your Windows Got Faulty

It’s possible your windows got that much corrupted, even it won’t able to update the system drivers itself or manually.

In this condition, there are only two things you can do to fix your problem.

  1. Restore windows to the earlier time by system restore.
  2. Reinstall windows and install latest updated audio drivers.

Before you do a windows reinstallation I want you to know this “No Sound” problem is also caused by a faulty audio jack of your laptop or desktop and reinstallation of windows will confirm this 100% but reinstallation takes time and work and I don’t want to waste your time. That’s why there is a cheap product named “USB Sound Card” you can buy to completely identify it’s an audio jack problem or not.

USB Sound Card Test To Prevent Windows Installation – USB sound card is a USB device normally used for alternate jack when an audio jack got broken or faulty.

If you do wanna to use USB sound card for testing purpose, then that’s great and after buying that card just connect it and install that card’s drivers and after that plug a speaker or headphone wire into it and test does audio is working or not.

  • If audio works that mean your jack is faulty and you’ll don’t need to reinstall your windows.
  • If your audio won’t works either that means maybe you should try to reinstall your computers windows.

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  1. Thanks for your sharing. I updated my Windows from 7 to 10 this week and everything seems to work fine but the driver problems. My Realtek audio is not working and was told a driver error occurred. I tried windows fix but to no avail. Finally I installed a different version of realtek driver by Driver Talent with one click. It is very helpful!

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