List Of Best External SSD What You Can Buy For Your Windows, PS4 Or Xbox one

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If you do not have the budget to buy a new computer system with enhanced storage specifications, then you still have affordable means of increasing the overall storage of your system. You can achieve the same by bringing home some great SSDs that could suffice the memory requirements of your system.

There are also several portable drives that can be used as primary or secondary memory on your computer system. Nowadays, most of the portable drives come along with flash drives that make use of the same NAND flash technology like that of an SSD that you would like to install in your system.

So, you should just ensure that you see the SSD label on the product page while buying one.

#An SSD will Transform Your Overall Experience

In addition to being physically robust, smaller, lighter and highly smart, the big incentive that you could go in case of the SSDs is the sheer performance offered by the same.

You can simply read and write the data several times faster from the electronic modes of non-volatile memory.

The speed factor offered by the modern SSDs enhance the overall user experience as the applications get launched in no matter of time, the web pages are displayed within fractions of seconds and the file copying actions are carried out at an instant.

On an overall basis, the entire computer system responds to your requests with a single touch or click.

When you are on your shopping spree for an SSD, you must look out for various factors. The warranty period along with the high-data read & write limits must top your list of considerations. These are important considerations if you go for data integrity on your computer system.

Some SSDs tend to demand more power than the others. Therefore, you can take this factor too as a driving force while going for an SSD shopping.

You can also look out for the manufacturers that are able to support your computer system by making the firmware updates quite possible on the platform.

If you happen to have an older version of the MacBook Pro that comes with a built-in CD/DVD drive, then you can replace the optical drive with a customized adapter into which an SSD can be installed.

This would keep the existing hard disk for getting filled with bulk storage, while you can install the applications and OS on the faster SSDs.

So, Let’s See How Many Best External Solid State Drives Are Available In The Market:

Top 4th – PNY Elite

  • Max Sequential Read – Up to 430MB/s
  • Max Sequential Write – Up to 400MB/s
  • Interface – USB 3.0
  • Warranty – 3 Years
  • Price Tag – Around 110$ (240GB)
  • Cost Per GB – 110/240 GB = Around 45¢/GB

Short Review:  However, this small external SSD drive might not look like a SanD, however, its functionalities are commendable. The drive is about the size of a cigarette lighter with sleek rounded corners with a small logo on its side.

With a capacity range of 240 GB or 480 GB, the highly durable aluminum casing protects the contents of the users properly.

The SSD offers a sequential reading speed of 430 MB per second and a sequential writing speed of 400 MB per second.

PNY Elite SSD comes with a built-in Acronis Data protection software that can be used to create backups of both the individual files and bulk folders in a go.

It is highly power saving with its size and technology. The smaller bulk also pushes it to make use of the Type-C interface that lets the users to connect to even the thinnest of notebooks and MacBook in a hassle-free manner.

PNY Elite external SSD also offers a three-year guarantee to its users for great usability.

Top 3rd – ADATA SD700

  • Max Sequential Read – Up to 440MB/s
  • Max Sequential Write – Up to 430MB/s
  • Interface – USB 3.1 Gen 1
  • Warranty – 3 Years
  • Price Tag – Around 105$ (256GB)
  • Cost Per GB – 105/256 GB = Around 41¢/GB

Short Review:  If you wish to go for the rough and tough appearance of the external SSD for your computer system, then ADATA SD700 can be the perfect choice for you. With ultimate protection provided by this SSD, it comes with an IP68 external drive.

In addition to this, the ADATA SD700 external SSD also boasts waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof features. The SSD comes with a flash memory of 3D NAND technology that is rubber coated along with being highly impervious to the climatic conditions.

It offers military-grade security to the content stored inside it. It would still work even if you would drown it in water or bury under the sand. The SSD is highly portable and small enough for fitting your pockets well.

To top it all, the rubber encasing firmly closes on top of USB port that does not let it fall off immediately.

The SSD is highly compatible with different versions of the operating system including Windows, Android, and OS X.

You can transfer all the files and data in one go and then move the same among different devices with great ease. The SSD is available in a capacity range of 256 GB up to 1 TB. It offers a sequential reading speed of around 440 MB per second and 430 MB per second sequential writing speed.

The ADATA SD700 SSD weighs around 75 g and is a go-to solution to those who need an efficient backup of their data with much ease. The external SSD does not make compromises with respect to the exterior security of the SSD itself as well as available in 2 different colors.

Top 2nd – SanDisk Extreme 510

  • Max Sequential Read – Up to 430MB/s
  • Max Sequential Write – Up to 400MB/s
  • Interface – USB 3.0
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Price Tag – Around 218$ (480GB)
  • Cost Per GB – 160/480 GB = Around 33¢/GB

Short Review:  SanDisk launched the Extreme 510 external SSD model at the 2016 CES. The striking feature of this SSD model is the capacity as it comes with an attractive storage capacity of around 480 GB.

There is also the provision of dust and water resistance because of the rubber bumper around the entire unit. The SSD also carries an IP55 rating and is targeted towards content creators who wish to have rugged high capacity storage in the market.

The Extreme 510 480 GB model is based on the Ultra II that sports a Marvel Renoir 88SS9189 SSD controller along with the 2nd generation 128-Gbit 19nm TLC NAND offered by SanDisk.

The SanDisk Extreme 510 is of a similar appearance and size to its previous version. It tops the list in the “all-terrain” durability along with shock-resistance, dust-resistance, and temperature resistance at its best. The SSD is also highly portable and can be carried anywhere with much ease. Be it a desert, mountain or even terrains –without a worry in the world.

SanDisk claims a reading speed of up to 430 MB per second and a sequential writing speed of around 400 MB per second. Like the other SanDisk products, the SanDisk 510 480 GB SSD also comes with SecureAccess software for ensuring 256-bit AES encryption that can be specified to different folders inside the drive as per your choice.

The SSD is also compatible across the operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android and OS X. You can expect durability, portability, ease of accessibility, speed and security –all wrapped in one SSD package offered by SanDisk.

Top 1st – Samsung T3SAMSUNG T3 Portable 250GB USB 3.0 External Solid State Drive

  • Max Sequential Read – Up to 450MB/s
  • Max Sequential Write – Up to 440MB/s
  • Interface – USB 3.1
  • Warranty – 3 Years
  • Price Tag – Around 120$ (250GB)
  • Cost Per GB – 120/250 GB = Around 48¢/GB

Short Review: Samsung T3 SSD series has lived up to the market success of its T1 series. It comes with four new improvements:

  • Increase in the maximum capacity from 1 TB in T1 series to 2 TB in T3 series
  • Transfer from a micro-USB connector in the T1 to a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C interface in the T3 series
  • Great compatibility with Android secured with AES-256
  • Presence of partial metal enclosure to improve the dissipation of heat in T3 as compared to all-plastic T1 model

Compared to T1, the Samsung T3 SSD is much easier to disassemble. The interesting components include that of the flash packages and the controller.

As the controller seems to be the standard version of MGX controller, there are four flash packages in the system.

With the whopping 2 TB capacity, you can be convinced of mega storage availability on your computer system. At dimensions of 2.3” Width, 3” length, and 0.4” thickness, the T3 series is slightly larger than T1 series.

It comes with a new lavish velvety touch. The T3 carries a three-year warranty and is potentially three times faster than T1.

You can expect some interesting speeds of reading at 450 Mb per second and sequential writing speed around 440 MB per second.

If you are really speed-oriented, then this is the best external SSD out there for you. There is an internal password-protection system to ensure security to the users.

If you are out on your shopping spree for the best and the most reliable SSD for your computer system, then you can go through this list of the best SSDs in the technology market.

You can enhance the storage needs of your computer system along with its overall performance with the help of the most affordable range of the SSDs as mentioned in the list above.

All of them are high on speed, durability, efficiency and security that can be great for the users. Go for it!

That’s our basic rundown on the top 4 External SSD Drives for you. Stay tuned for more! – So, what will you pick, if you wanted one for yourself? Let me know in the comments below:

Happy Shopping!!!


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