List of Top i3 CPUs Which You Can Buy for Gaming, Business & Budget Build

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A human without a brain is a zombie (i.e. dead), in the same way, the computer without a processor is dead.

And nowadays, only having a processor isn’t sufficient, but having a perfect processor in your PC is a matter of fact now;

A perfect processor does not means, that the processor must be always high end, but the perfect means, that the work which you wish and wanted to do on your computer must be handled perfectly by the processor.

Whether it’s gaming or some official work, the processor must need to do that work perfectly.

A lot of people asks me about “How Do We Know Which Processor Is Perfect For Us?” and I always say, it’s fully depending upon your own computer use.

And you know, there are actually a lot more factors just to find the perfect CPU for our PC;

But In case, if you still isn’t able to decide which CPU did you wanted for yourself, then you can check out my this article about >> How To Buy A Perfect Processor (CPU) For Desktop PC?“.

Let’s Come To The i3 Now;

The i3 processor was considered to be the budget processor when it was mainly launched. But time to time the processor gets advanced, and right now the specifications of the latest i3 processor got upgraded pretty much.

The first i3 Processor was launched in 2010 and from then, new processor in higher generations still launch time to time

Mainly, till now the i3 processor are launched in 7 different generation and the 1st Gen has 3 Processors in it. The 2nd Gen or Sandy Bridge has 4 Processors in it. The 3rd Gen or Ivy Bridge has 5 Processors in it. The 4th Gen or Haswell has 10 Processors in it. The 5th Gen or Broadwell has 2 Processors in it. The 6th Gen Or Skylake has 9 Processors in it. The 7th Gen or Kaby Lake has 5 Processor in it;

And still some processors of the 7th Gen i3 aren’t available in the market.

I3 processor can be a perfect processor for any person who mostly does the normal stuff on his computer;

Suppose that you only do Internet surfing, watching movies, playing songs, making office’s presentation or spreadsheets and much like that and If you buying an i5 or i7 processor for this type of work;

Then no doubt you are just wasting your money because an i3 can do all that work too. Thus, buying an i3 is perfect for that class of computer users.

Every i3 processor have 2 cores or I can say that the i3 are dual cores CPUs, and you know, normally dual core processors can able to processor all the normal task easily;

A lot of people also asks me, that they can do gaming on the i3 processor?

And the answers is, Of Course, Yes!!!

You know, the 7th generation CPU can give you the frames rate for about 45-58 FPS on most of the heavy graphics games at 1080p.

So, Let’s See How Many Best i3 Processors Are Available In The Market, In This Month:

The latest generation CPUs of i3 is actually the greatest, under 200 dollars you can actually get the top end processors of the i3 Series, which can even overclockable;

That’s right!! Now in 2017, i3 is also overclockable too;

So, stay continue to know more.

#Before Gets Start, Let Me Tell You One More Important Thing;

Everybody knows that upgrading your old processor to a new one is a great idea. You’ll get more performance, better results and best experience.

But in case, if you are searching for the i3 processors for your new hardware upgradation;

Then you’ll have to make sure about that your motherboard is compatible with a new i3 processor or not because all the processors mentioned in the list are from 6th and 7th Generation, which actually doesn’t work on any old Generation Motherboard.

To check the compatibility, you’ll need to look for that the socket of the processor matches with your motherboard’s socket, because it will only install on your motherboard if the socket matches.

And just like socket compatibility, you’ll also need to look for the chipset compatibility too.

So, let’s start with the;

Top 4th CPU – Intel® Core™ i3-6100T Processor

Product Details

  • Numbers of Cores and Threads – 2 Cores / 4 Threads
  • Processor Base Frequency – 3.20 GHz
  • Cache – 3 MB SmartCache
  • Max Memory Size – 64 GB DDR4-2133/2400, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V
  • Max Numbers of PCI Express Lanes – 16
  • Socket Support – LGA 1151

About It: This is the 6th Gen or I can say a Skylake processor. It was launched in 2015. It’s basically a budget processor which can fulfill all the basics demands of its user.

This processor has 2 cores which can clock at the speed of 3.20 GHz.

This product comes with a cache memory of 3 MB, and the best thing about the cache memory is, that it’s the Smart Cache Memory which is great for performance.

It can support memory up to 64 GB of both DDR3L as well as DDR4.

If you didn’t plan to buy a graphics card, even then this processor can display some amazing graphics on your PC’s screen, as it has an Integrated Graphics chip of Intel HD Graphics 530.

The graphics chip can clock up to 950MHz. It also supports latest DirectX 12;

So you can enjoy your gaming to the maximum.

This processor has 16 number of PCI lanes. So you can connect your graphics card, LAN card or maybe if you have a studio then you can also connect a sound card to it too.

Now let’s come to the gaming performance;

The gaming performance was not so satisfying. I would not recommend this for gaming because of its low performance. But for any type of normal work, this processor can show you its greatness, but just not for gaming.

Just grab it, if you need something worth-full under the budget.

Top 3rd CPU – Intel® Core™ i3-7100 Processor

Product Details

  • Numbers of Cores and Threads – 2 Cores / 4 Threads
  • Processor Base Frequency – 3.90 GHz
  • Cache – 3 MB SmartCache
  • Max Memory Size – 64 GB DDR4-2133/2400, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V
  • Max Numbers of PCI Express Lanes  16
  • Socket Support – LGA 1151

About It: This is the 7th Gen or I can say a Kaby Lake processor. It’s the latest class of i3 Processors and was released in this current Year (2017).

It also has 2 cores or you can say Dual core for double performance. The cores can be clockable up to 3.90 GHz, which is actually higher as compared to the 4th one!

It also has the 3MB SmartCache memory.

The memory is required most when a gamer wanted to do heavy gaming and no just gaming, maybe somebody wants to run some heavy process who takes the higher memory usage;

In all condition, this budget CPU will do the task even without having any trouble for you, as this processor can support up to 64 Gb of DDR4 and DDR3L Ram Sticks.

So, I don’t think you’ll run out of memory

The integrated graphics chip is also good too, and you know in all the 7th Gen CPU comes with the latest “Intel HD Graphics 630”. Where in CPU it can clock upto 1.10 GHz.

The graphics provided by the CPU is Ultimate!! You can actually, connects any 4K display to your computer, even without having any graphic card in your computer;

And of course not, I’m not talking about the 4K gaming.

It also has 16 lanes and supports the latest Windows 10 DirectX 12. And the gaming on this processor was quite amazing!!

When I paired it with GTX 1060, and I observed the games like GTA V were running at the frame rates of around 63 FPS;

Isn’t it great for a 120$!

Top 2nd CPU – Intel® Core™ i3-7300 Processor

Product Details

  • Numbers of Cores and Threads – 2 Cores / 4 Threads
  • Processor Base Frequency – 4.00 GHz
  • Cache – 4 MB SmartCache
  • Max Memory Size – 64 GB DDR4-2133/2400, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V
  • Max Numbers of PCI Express Lanes – 16
  • Socket Support – LGA 1151

About It: Another 7th Gen or Kaby Lake processor of my list, it’s also the latest and released in this current year.

This processor is very popular for gaming.

It’s a Dual Core processor and each core can clock up to 4.0 GHz with the 4 MB SmartCache, which is quite a great deal under 140 Dollars.  

Just like the above one, It also supports RAM up to 64 GB of DDR4 and DDR3L memory type.

It also integrated with the graphics chip of Intel HD Graphics 630, but as compare i3 7100, this one clocked up to 1.15 GHz and it also supports the high resolution up to 4K at 60 Hz, and as same the DirectX 12 too.

When it comes to gaming;

This processor does some great jobs!!

You can actually play all the latest games on this processor, with much better-detailed graphics and performance.

And you know, when I fixed this processor with my GTX 1060, the results were amazing. All games were running at completely lag-free, even when the graphics settings of the games is on ultra-high at 1080p.

And I got frames rates of about 68-70, which is amazingly good for a low-cost processor like this, and for sure I can say this is the best processor which you can buy for some extra performance by just only adding some more 20$ in your budget because this CPU is available, for just around 140 dollars.

Top 1st CPU – Intel® Core™ i3-7350K Processor

Product Details

  • Numbers of Cores and Threads – 2 Cores / 4 Threads
  • Processor Base Frequency – 4.20 GHz
  • Cache – 4 MB SmartCache
  • Max Memory Size – 64 GB DDR4-2133/2400, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V
  • Max Numbers of PCI Express Lanes – 16
  • Socket Support – LGA 1151

About It: Here comes the boss of the I3 Series Processors. It is the best and the latest processor of the i3 Series.

The performance offered by this CPU is undoubtedly, and not just that, this one is also the best performer CPU of the i3 Series Processors.

Just like last two, this one also a 7th Gen or you can say a Kaby Lake Dual Core Processor, but the difference in this CPU which really makes it different from the others CPU, Is having the word “K” mentioned at the end of its model no.

Which means hell yeah!! Now you can overclock the I3 too;

It has 4 MB SmartCache memory;

And you know, the Cores can be able to clock to an amazing speed of 4.20 GHz. Since the processor is unlocked i.e. the model number has “K” mentioned, you can increase the performance of this processor by overclocking it.

A lot of people taking on the internal that they overclocked their CPU to the 5.00 GHz, but I just don’t know why;

When I personally overclocked my 7350k, it was only able to get 4.8 GHz performance, which is actually also quite noticeable for a low-class CPU this.   

Like other two, you can also expand your memory up to your need as this processor offers the expansion of memory up to 64 GB of DDR4 and DDR3L RAMs. And just like the above one the graphics chip also can be clockable to 1.15 GHz.

But the great this is, even without connecting a graphics card you can easily watch movies at high resolution as this processor can support high resolution of 4K at 60 Hz.

Let’s come to the gaming now;

This processor is the boss, by connecting this CPU with GTX 1060, you can actually play any Ultra-High Definition Graphics game with ultra setting on the FullHD 1080p display.

The latest games like Rise of Tomb Raider, I got frames rate of about 90 FPS, The Division got 63 Avg. FPS, Battlefield 1 got 84 Avg. FPS and other games also got FPS of around 75-79 FPS Average, which is insanely good for a low-cost CPU like this.

So, if need the best in class I3 Processor, then just go it;

And if you bought it as per my recommendation, then I can surely say’s that this processor never let you down in any type of performance needy condition.

I did my best and all these processors are just best in their respective class! And now it’s all upon you to choose which one of them for your own computer. Thank You!! 🙂

Happy Shopping !!!

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